Monday, August 16, 2010

60 Years Of Horrible Backward Changes

1950: The total U.S. national debt is about 257 million dollars.
2010: The U.S. national debt is increasing by over 4 billion dollars per day.
1950: If a member of Congress doesn't tell the truth it is a felony.
2010: If a member of Congress doesn't tell the truth they are just playing politics.
1950: Americans dress up in suits and dresses to get on an airplane.
2010: Americans are forced to walk through full body security scanners that give gawking security workers a clear view of their naked bodies before they can get on an airplane.
1950: American schoolchildren openly read the Word of God and pray in public schools.
2010: Attempting to read your Bible or pray in a public school will get you slapped with a lawsuit by the ACLU.
1950: Wealth redistribution is considered communist and anti-American.
2010: Wealth redistribution is the official policy of the U.S. government.
1950: The U.S. Constitution is deeply loved and highly revered.
2010: Federal authorities are instructed to be on the lookout for anyone who talks about the U.S. Constitution too much because they might be a domestic terrorist.
1950: The American people are extremely well read and are deeply interested in politics.
2010: The American people are obsessed with American Idol, Dancing With The Stars and with how their favorite sports teams are doing.
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  1. America has lost its way in the world. I am looking to move abroad sometime in 2011. I've has it with the gridlocked and corrupt government. Time to move to a more affordable country.

  2. America is a dump. Or more accurately put, America is populated by dumpy people.

  3. America is economically declining, politically declining, culturally declining and moral declining.
    LBJ killed 2 million Vietnamese like he was walking in a park. Bush killed over 40 thousand Iraqis liking he was having another day at Burger King. Yet these politicians believed in God.

  4. !950's? It's weird how Americans still do see it's moral bankruptcy in that time. Any one remember Jim crow? Give me a break.

  5. One Angry Person...August 16, 2010 at 7:34 AM

    Add just a few more here (out of thousands perhaps):

    - There are third graders who can't name any presidents, and there are college freshmen who can only read at a third grade level. Quite a difference from 1950.

    - In 1950 only two sexually transmitted diseases were recognized, today there are over 40. One out of four women have Herpes alone.

    - Alcohol consumption has increased by 400% since 1970.

    - Today it's normal for children to cuss at adults or even teachers and get away with it.

    - Today you're viewed as weird for being concerned about the condition of your country. You're told to just take it easy and "live life" by people who bury theirs in myspace, youtube, American Idol, or other forms of dope.

    This country is fucked.

  6. 4:29,

    Most people were not racist if that's what you mean by that.

  7. 4:29 there was good and bad throughout history. We can do away with the bed and keep the good we practic3ed back then.
    I love it when liberals naively scream such things, and accuse others of wanting to take the country backward or "re-institute slavery", or other nonsense. They think of the worst thing that comes to mind about Ye Olden Days, and just stop thinking right there. It's like they're 5 years old.

  8. 4:29, in the 1950's a white could walk pass a group of black youths late at night and still have their wallet and/or their life.

  9. All hope is gone, as a retiree I can see the changes thru the decades..things really went downhill in the 60's on. Voting is for morons as all politicians are crooked scumbags, puppets and liars, for ex: this week GOP gov Crist of Fla. went along with the mosque in NYC. Churches are corrupt and won't take a stand for/against anything. None can be trusted, live for self/family and enjoy what time is left. We're down the sewer big time.

  10. The article had a mistake as debt in 1950 was $260 billion, 90% of GDP!

  11. Take a step back and consider the facts more closely. In 1950, the top rate of income tax was 88 percent, and yet the personal exemption was so large that many people in full time employment didn't pay income tax. Wealth redistribution was the official policy of the country. Now, in 2010, if you add up all federal, state and local taxes including income, property and sales, it approximates almost to a flat tax, although unfortunately a very complicated one. You've got it completely backwards on that point. We've moved away from wealth redistribution, and instead we now have a system that's just needlessly complicated.

    You also have a typo, the 1950 national debt was $257 Billion with a b, not million. Doesn't excuse the current situation though, but important to point out.

    1950 wasn't any harder on crooked politicians than today. To take two examples, Sen. Kefauver of Tennessee used to have sex with his secretaries in the elevators at the Russell Building on Capital Hill. Connecticut seemed to serially produce crooked senators (Prescott Bush, Thomas Dodd). Not much different there, then.

    1952: Eisenhower ran an election campaign with a signing cartoon commercial that repeated "I like Ike" over and over again. Not much in the well read and deeply interested department there, even if it was a cute commercial.

    Don't get overly sentimental about the past, or you'll never understand the present.

  12. Well, this is to be expected with our open borders policy. You let the whole world come in and your culture is going to change. Once a Judaeo/Christian nation and now we are letting mosques go up where people of the same faith killed three thousand of our people.

  13. the point
    open borders destruction of jobs
    goverment bs about war and more wars
    does anyone one with half a brain think that we wont be reaping the whirl wind

    thier right to read the consitution and stand up for it your a terroists

    i live eat and bread american
    and will watch her be destroyed
    by the the congress and the senate and the presidents who are traitors

    many are fooled but few are chosen
    prepare wait

    god be with you
    as for wall street and congress
    hell is real and satan is no joke
    his time is here and now

  14. Kill the commies, bring back the bible and the word of god into schools. The constitution will protect us. It has magical powers! Pray harder. Youll be saved. Jesus was a muscle-builder.

  15. 6.25. Really? Whites do that now. I see it every day in Dc, Maryland and Virginia. You watch way too much Fox.

    All of a sudden the country has gone to the dogs? Dems and Rep are realing what they have sown. Americans are reaping what they have sown. Secular humanism and apostate protestantism working together.


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