Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Commodity Trader: U.S. President Is Only A Puppet

RW: I think that could be true. I really believe that 80%–90% of the American public is regularly sold a bill of goods by the Wall Street media from New York and Washington. It just keeps coming day after day and, after awhile, it wears them out. I think the majority of Americans still believe a lot of this information. From my point of view, a good portion of it is just nonsense.

TGR: If you could speak directly to the public and tell them what you believe they should know, what would you tell them?

RW: Well, I would say that the U.S. president is not really the man in charge. The people who are in charge of world economics, world currencies, governments and corporations are a shadow political group that has a great deal of power. Presidents in the U.S. are just puppets. They're selected for their ability to do what they're told. Congress is basically just a tool for these corporations and outsiders to manipulate the rules to get what they want. I think that's obvious when you look at what's happened with all the offshoring of American jobs. The issue that's got a lot of people disturbed right now is the open border between Mexico and the United States. That exists because corporations want cheap labor. And there are obviously a lot of people involved in the Mexican drug trade. There's a sheriff in Arizona who said that even members of Congress are involved. Until the teeth are taken out of pharmaceutical economics, these things are going to continue.

Recently it's become much worse because of what's happened with the global banks and derivatives market. That's what caused the Lehman Brothers collapse and took down the global economy. To make it worse, then–Treasury Secretary Henry (Hank) Paulson basically took government taxpayer money and gave it to the banks. He conjectured that, if we didn't, the global financial system would implode. Quite frankly, I think it would've been better if we had taken our medicine and just moved on. But what's happened now is that 90% of the toxic debt in those banks remains in those banks. They've taken it off balance sheets and put it into other corporations or partnerships (i.e., offshored it). They're just holding the money given to them by the U.S. government earning bond interest. They're not making loans to improve the economy.

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  1. i am not surprise on how little i know about how everything is manipulated.

  2. Some of this is true.. and some goes off the deep end, like believe that any US Senator or Congressman is benefiting directly from drug trade over the Mexican border.

  3. 4:36 you're certain on the drug trade congressman thing? Or is this conjecture on your part? Your belief? Any facts to back up your claim?

    1. Just do a web search on Mena Arkansas and then Governor Bill Clinton's involvement in the drug trade.

  4. )Oh ! That loser W Bush !

    He begat Katrina - he started this all

    He started all the killing !

    Loser W Bush !

    I'm so - so


  5. thats the most honest truthful post or article I've ever read anywhere. Yes. The usa govmernet is a shill puppet commodity for the banksters. Its so obvious now even my 80 year old mother should figure it out. BUt she won't. CAsue she wants to live in lala land like alot of stupid americans.

  6. yeah the older gen still believes..different times they lived

  7. My Goodness, Can you not see that politicians are just that, liasons between the corporate world and the real world that most of us live in, further. those who remain inbetween are selected for their fiedeilty to one or another compnent?

    If people really want to uninte and make a difference for themselves, then it would be wise for them topay attention to the past. The problem is that hard working, responsible citizens (of whatever state or country) will always be downplayed, if you work hard without an ounce of ability to muster up the collective courage of your peers, you wil never receive adequate representation. This is part of the reason why so many of us have become as independent as possible from the system, the system does not forward our means. The idea that there two parties in the US is pretty much silly, and designed to create disagreement within the middle and lower classes, it is all a scam.

    I do not advocate socialism, however I find democracy and capitolism to be at least as offensive, none of these three exist in their true form after being manipulated by greedy power hungry individuals. Strong, small scale representative government that only gains power as it moves towards the top could possibly be a better solution.

    But, the bottom line is that I strongly suspect that our cultural innovativeness curve and the resulting population jump has by far skipped ahead of our ability as a culture to attempt to govern it in any way. And, the focus on independence and brilliance has complicated the situation.

    there are many of us with the knowledge and awareness of those making world decisions, yet our compassion would allow for a different scenerio. We are not warriors, but I imagine that there are many of us who will hold out for our rights, especially when we are Americans and have such a strong constitution protecting us.

  8. "We are not warriors, but I imagine that there are many of us who will hold out for our rights, especially when we are Americans and have such a strong constitution protecting us."

    every read any of those executive orders and patriot acts ?
    This is wartime .
    semi-monarchial rule OK?
    The prez can do what he likes.
    conficate anything and even treat anybody like as as they were ex-communicated by the church , to prevent anybody helping or trading with anybody named as suspected of harming america its trade or business etc etc.
    just Like those ex-communicated by a pope.
    even feeding them would be a crime resulting in your own sectet excommunication from scociety.
    Is that your "strong" constitution?

  9. The Laughter of SocratesAugust 30, 2010 at 11:15 PM

    The predicament the nation is in right now, to say it is on the brink of collapse is to give it too much sugar coating.

    System ---> Crashing
    Masses ---> Miserable, Divided, Fat, Lazy, Dumb.
    Older People = Mentally trapped in dead system.
    Youth = Drugged down, depressed, alcohol obsessed, ignorant, lol-ing their way to retardation.

    Generation Z ---> Future Barbarians.
    USA ---> Future Land of Barbarians.

    I believe intellectual disquisition or philosophical specualtion is utterly futile. The cards are dealt, whoever is awake is awake, whoever is still watching MSNBC or American Idol is a vegetable for good. Prayer? If the Universe has a plan I don't believe your wishes/dislikes will change that; you might be able to work with it - but against?

    It seems each and every one of us, including those in "power" are absolutely powerless to stop what is inevitable.

  10. Sounds like 4:36 is saying that's a hard one to believe.

    If half of it is true, then it's up to We The People to begin a violent revolution and restore this country to a Constitutional Republic, of The People, by The People, and for The People.

    We the People are the largest Army on the planet. No one can defeat us! Not Obozo, not Congress, not The Federal Reserve, not the clowns of the NWO, CFR, and all the other alphabet groups who think they are in charge.

    This is not the USA I want my future grandkids to live in.

  11. who didnt' know the usa was run by corporate elite thugs at wall street and london. Its been this way for decades now. Systimatic gain of control over the usa population so the corporate elites rule over us. They are kings. WE are serfs or slaves. THats what the plan was all along.

  12. The judges are even worse. They don't even attempt to hide that they're bought.

  13. I read the rest of the article. RW recommends buying gold and silver as opposed to investing in the stock market. Apparently (as I have often said before) it's better to own a physical object that qualifies as an asset. Do not buy a paper certificate that says your gold and silver are in some vault somewhere, because that's a scam.

    I have never bought stocks and bonds; I don't trust them and anyway I'm not an insider who knows how to manipulate the market. I prefer objects of value and I have always done well in terms of antiques, collectibles, and jewelry.


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