Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Las Vegas: Home Of The Underground Homeless

(CBS)  Fortunes are won and lost in Las Vegas all the time. But the city itself has been on the losing end of the foreclosure crisis. The city's homeless population has grown from nearly 12,000 two years ago to nearly 14,000 today. Yet there are fewer than 1,000 beds in shelters, forcing many to go to extremes in seeking shelter. CBS News correspondent Seth Doane goes underneath the Vegas strip.

Las Vegas was built on the dream of striking it rich. But beneath the bright lights is a much darker world for those who've struck out.

"When we come down here a lot of times, we don't know what to expect," said Macheo Willis of HELP of Southern Nevada.

Armed with flashlights, Willis took CBS News correspondent Seth Doane into the tunnels underneath Las Vegas. They journeyed deep into a labyrinth of flood tunnels that snake for more than 200 miles, up to 20 feet below the ritzy casinos.

Down here, hundreds, maybe even a thousand, homeless people escape the desert heat and the pressures of the world above.
Mike, who's hooked on meth, says tunnel life was an adventure at first. But now, eight years later?
"What a big mistake I made," he said.
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Cuts to Food Stamps to Fund $26B Aid Bill
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  1. while michelle antoinette vacations in a cost to the taxpayers of 75k per day....

  2. Ah, the new "America". The corporate bastards of course are still living large while their government stooges do their bidding.

    One day all debts will be paid in full, with interest.

  3. This does not suprise me at all. I suspect there will many more families that will have no other choice but to seek shelter in this way.

    As this story continues to unfold, it will not just be the druggies, prostitutes and the mentally ill, it will be communities that will seek out each other for support and survival.

    Yet today, Detroit is tearing down many structures that could best be served as housing.
    Yes I know that the hard liners balk at this, because of housing ordinances, community guidelines, but would it not be better that "underground", Brings to mind the movie "Soylent Green".

    What the hell are we beginning to become. The next 5-10 years will be an eye opener for many of us who at least have shelter and a job? At least for now!

  4. Mere sensaltionalism. Cuts to food stamps have no immediate effect and return to food stamp program to pre-stimulous level. No one has been deprived of food stamps. Plus, I remember De Lauro before from H-1B visa outrage; she talked but made nothing happen for doing away with H-1B visas. It seems like she's just getting in front of a camera; all talk and no action.

  5. 8:22 you wouldn't know if a bat hit you the side ah yo head. The Government is swinging for the fence on all accounts. Better to deprive the poor than to take from the rich, its easier, they have no lawyers.

  6. As someone who has almost always lived in the armpits of California...The kind of areas where you didn't want to be outside when it got dark let me tell you bleeding hearts something:

    1. A large percentage of stamps are misspent on junk food

    2. A large percentage of stamps are traded in for cash in order to buy cigs/liquor/pot or other essential items...(sarcasm).

    3. A large percentage of stamps are used by people who have never worked yet have 2-3 kids

    4. A large percentage of stamps go to undeserving people with cars and possibly homes who since no one really checks will go on using them until they are taken away

    I don't speak with malice...I speak from experience of going to the local lil stores in the ghetto or the barrio.

    Make birth control/getting your GED and driver's license/community hours part of the deal.

    Things given away for free are NOT appreciated.

  7. To 10:03 am: sleep late much? I was up at 5:30 am today. For 10:19 am. Yes, but it can always be worse; I agree with birth control and GED, I'm just saying you don't know how much worse it could be. If you shop with every shopper and inspect their carts as they check out, good for you but I doubt it. I still think De Lauro just thinks it's her time [of the month] to get in front of a camera.

  8. 3:21 True I don't inspect people's carts but ever been in line behind someone buying this and that and this and that and at the end they pop up the stamps?

    I have...Plllleeeeeeennnntttttty of times...and in my own UNSCIENTIFIC way have to say that at least 1/3 of the groceries I usually see seem to be things that people would consider unhealthy or fattening.

    It's a cycle of fatness/sadness and poverty...

    They're poor--->They get stamps--->They don't understand nutrition--->So they eat crap--->They get fat and tired all the time--->So they get sad--->They get sad so they don't try as hard to succeed--->They stay poor.

    BUUUUTTTT nutritional help is ALL over tv shows...BUT they don't like those type of shows...It's on NPR and other radio stations...BUT they like Top 40 not talk radio...They could find the info at school or while reading...BUT they don't appreciate school nor like to read.

    Not all of course...But a large percentage I would say.

    Just for kicks I'd like to know the obesity rate among those on Stamps...I'm going with 50%...All ripe for diabetes/cancers/heart disease.

    What ever happened to tuna and rice? Beans and rice? Fruit and veggies? Chicken soup with barely? Etc etc...No that takes effort my bad.

  9. The place I work at in vegas needs employees so bad especially for grave shift but applicant after applicant fail the drug test or background check or simply don't want to work so they can retain unemployment. These people in tunnels are rats and roaches lazy when just above them is an opportunity. I don't feel bad for these scum of vegas bringing our city down.

  10. Its not the people who work for the corporations its the people who run them IE the board and the CEO like one bank merging with another then to decide how to spread the workload so guess what they sack people they get fired. just as the US government with inadequate healthcare, public housing, expensive university education, and so on no wonder why your country is falling apart with everyone in debt and foreclosing with an unreasonable level of homelessness 18000 is our the total number of all homeless people combined in Australia


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