Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lawyers Getting Outsourced To...India

NOIDA, India — As an assistant attorney general for New York State, Christopher Wheeler used to spend most of his time arguing in courtrooms in New York City.
Today, he works in a sprawling, unfinished planned suburb of New Delhi, where office buildings are sprouting from empty lots and dirt roads are fringed with fresh juice stalls and construction rubble. At Pangea3, a legal outsourcing firm, Mr. Wheeler manages a team of 110 Indian lawyers who do the grunt work traditionally assigned to young lawyers in the United States — at a fraction of the cost.
India’s legal outsourcing industry has grown in recent years from an experimental endeavor to a small but mainstream part of the global business of law. Cash-conscious Wall Street banks, mining giants, insurance firms and industrial conglomerates are hiring lawyers in India for document review, due diligence, contract management and more.
Now, to win new clients and take on more sophisticated work, legal outsourcing firms in India are actively recruiting experienced lawyers from the West. And American and British lawyers — who might once have turned up their noses at the idea of moving to India, or harbored an outright hostility to outsourcing legal work in principle — are re-evaluating the sector.
The number of legal outsourcing companies in India has mushroomed to more than 140 at the end of 2009, from 40 in 2005, according to Valuenotes, a consulting firm in Pune, India. Revenue at India’s legal outsourcing firms is expected to grow to $440 million this year, up 38 percent from 2008, and should surpass $1 billion by 2014, Valuenotes estimates.
“This is not a blip, this is a big historical movement,” said David B. Wilkins, director of Harvard Law School’s program on the legal profession.


  1. HA HA HA, I wish this was true, sounds like some type of disinfo to make us sheeple slaves think the poor US lawyers are suffering...

  2. this is true, lawyers need work, the poor here cannot afford a lawyer, maybe over there they can. 259 is the disinfo

  3. @2:59

    You are either an Idiot or a troll from India.

    These maggots from India are stealing away all the jobs in America in incremental fashion. The best solution would be to nuke India. I hope the rebels in India are able to get one and set it off!

  4. 337
    If we end the federal reserve bank we would not be outsourcing jobs.

  5. Anonymous said...

    "You are either an Idiot or a troll from India.

    These maggots from India are stealing away all 3.37 said :the jobs in America in incremental fashion. The best solution would be to nuke India. I hope the rebels in India are able to get one and set it off!"

    On thing for sure you are definatly a racist genocodal psyhcopathic american idiot, that thinks the world owes you a high living with no understanding of economics at all and no feelings for common humanity and its values.

    A typical psychopatic product of American empire education and its MSM and holywood fascist conditioning!
    a fine example of American culture.
    And definately a troll for the NWO of the elites ,hoping that you as an american , can continue to hitch a ride for a high waged bribe job serving the american empire .

    It is your beloved "Free trade" system of the capitalist empire elite that sends these jobs to India .
    Indian 'maggots" are not "stealing" these jobs they are a gift from your American elite to cheaper labor.
    But you Elite ass licker NWO troll, do not want to point to that reality, on behalf of your bailed out masters,that have created american capitalist overpopulation and unemloyment for millions of americans as the great Ponzi economy collapsed.
    you would rater blame the Indians or some other Asians as a diversion from the real economic class war going on in america doday.
    The ruling elite class is looting the middle class of its remaining assets and creating unemployment for millions on food stamps.

    Are you working in the finance sector foreclosing on the housing assets of millions of americans ?
    Or ,in the military industrial or patriotic "law and order" police ,prison
    warders and lawyer sector of the economy.
    You, are the right wing variety of the two party NWO sytem ,the 'right" counterpart to "left" liberal patriotic Obama NWO apointee, Kagan to the supreme court.
    Obama is already busy working on the expanding war business for empire in the third world for you.
    Afghanistan, iraq, threatening Pakistan,Iran and others on behalf of his NWO masters and you want to nuke India too!
    So,not as quick and as much war as your wet dream ,open warmongering Mc Cain and Isreal would have?
    Definately an american racist idiot and NWO warmongering troll.
    Does some country pays you for posting this anti-american people ,racist ant-humanity propaganda troll stuff, or do you just do it for serving empire out of some perceived 'patriotic"service duty to the American elite, as you have nothing to do because that same elite has taken away "your" job and sent it to india or china?
    when people in the rest of the world read this kind of open american racist eliteist stuff ,no wonder hatred for americans and the american system and its culture grows worldwide .

  6. Thank You. Please come again.

  7. @659
    I agree w 259. I too will cheer when the rebels nuke your precious india! thank you, come again!

  8. Indians are generally stupid in nature. They are stuck in 6,000 years of senseless traditions.

    At least America is only trapped in 50 years of mental destruction.

  9. I don't know about this story, but tonight I tried to change a hotel reservation in Hot Springs, SD of all places, and I got some call center in India-this was a Best Western hotel, now how phucking sad is that?

  10. Ah, but there is quantative and qualitative changes. 9.18!
    The qualitative changes in Americans ability to think as a result of 24 hours a day
    brainwashing by the elite over the last 50 years , is such, that the gegenerates are now unable to grasp the extent of their own individualist spupidity and mistake it for superior race cleverness.

    As a result some now degenerate anti- human American Psychopaths abandon their own human species and mistake themselves for center of the universe , self appointed chosen ones as gods country in a NWO .

    For just how many decades did America deliver its labor aristocracy the good life before turning them into hereditary Dept Peons in a collapsed economy?
    Since WW2?
    what happened to the "american century"?
    American working people living on wages haven’t increased the real value of their incomes ,inflation adjusted ,since 1972 ,although this is hidden by their ability to purchase cheaper foreign imported commodities. TVs and “Chinese crap”,that Americans can no longer make themselves, even with their wife working now too .
    They handed over, since 1972, all profit from productivity gains over to their elite class and then the lickkspittles gave the elites tax cuts !
    They didn’t even get a decent Medicare and social security benefits system
    like other civilised high income rich world countries.
    You can see how stupid the MSM makes them.
    First they voted for a Bush and then for a Bush 3 called Obama because he promised them hope and change .
    A pretty dumb ,now stupid lot, Americans and a pretty short record of achievement by such a “great system” in delivering a good life to Americans.
    And you want to sneer at a “60000” year culture?
    After India and Iran , what about nuking Mexico and China in a last ditch effort to save your job , so you do not have to work hard .
    Who believe Americans after bombing the civilian population of Hiroshima now
    have the right to bomb the peoples of the whole world into cheap labor and cheap resources supply submission.

  11. World`s biggest hydro thieves...they wrap coathangers together and hotwire them to their neighbor`s tv antennas so they can all watch The Archie Bunker Show together. If the racist bastards had more lawyers around, that shit wouldn`t happen.

  12. May Vishnu strike millions of indians dead in a natural disaster unlike any other!

  13. The ruling elite of the hindu religion created a lifetime caste system in india with the Brahmins on top as the ruling caste.
    Slaves,peasants , untouchables castes (dalits)permanently on the bottom and conditioned to acceptence of this society by non-violence religious notions encouraged by the Brahmins .
    The Brahmin like tribe of wall st.,of international capitalists are building such a caste system in america.
    A caste of heriditary Debt Peons dependents enslaved by the necessity to survive on credit supply or food stamp charity.
    They control the state after a coup and by their lobby in congress to seize contol of the national treasury that they plunder at will for hanouts of tribute taxes paid by their religions supporters using a printing press .
    this theocracy of money worships The god of capitalist Usury .
    Gold has long since been looted from fort knox by these scammers .
    They too like the ruling Brahmin caste preach acceptence and non-violence -no fight back- against their system .

    'sustainability" for this set up is all they ask .
    The god of Usury arranges "natural disasters" like in the GOM as required by its casino capitalism free trade Churches .
    Vishnu is a mere piker and weakling in comparison to the Usury god.

  14. India instituted their caste system and it still flourishes today after five thousand years. Main Street Americans are starting to feel the bite of Wall Streeters' thefts after three decades of theft and may very well overturn the whole apple-cart in the next couple of elections. Good luck, India, with that democracy thing.

  15. In the traditional Indian way of life, the Bramin may step over a starving Untouchable child with complete impunity. Indeed, to do otherwise violates their ancient, sacrosanct 'peaceful' philosophy of life. Any effort to change the traditions that permit this are viewed with aversion by millions in India yet today.

    True, America is fat and lazy and stupidity has become the norm. But the American tradition calls for aid to those in need. Indeed, the political gamesters have taken that laudable trait and used it to gain power. The result has been the erosion of the work ethic that raised America to greatness in the first place.

    That may be about to change for the better.

    Please, India, do not sneer at those temporarily discomfited, albeit by their own foolishness.

  16. This has been going on for awhile. Much like many other industries, the legal industry has been propped up by hype, falsity and deception. The average salary for an attorney was about $50-60k even during the earlier part of this decade, when we weren't in a recession. TV however has convinced the average sheeple that this is a great profession and a ticket to at least a middle class life.

    So the law school scam industry takes young people and loads them up with serious debt, then they graduate and have very little prospects. Only about 53.7% of Law graduates actually held a job in the legal industry since the 1960s, according to the BLS statistics. I suspect that now that number will go down even more and the student loan lending bubble will burst next.

    Once the mass defaults start, you will see the government bailout access group, sallie mae and the other student loan companies. That won't solve the problem of no jobs. The sheeple are in denial and will simply let it happen and giggle stupidly about it, while everything continues to fall apart.

  17. Americans wish no harm to India, the nasty cracks by trolls notwithstanding. The informed here view India as an ally, compatible with Western views and a thriving democracy and look hopefully toward your economic advance.

    We who know your history do not hate you, India, nor do we fear you. Please do not misinterpret the misguided enthusiasm, rattled nerves and maliciousness you find here as any guide to the true American intent toward India.

  18. India sucks ass, it's a POS toilet of a country!

  19. India does suck, Imperial Britain stripped it of virtually everything when it ruled. India has had a long road to recovery, but they are now an emerging power in the world.

    I am of the opinion that India and China will be the next super powers, as the US falls apart. Unless we do something drastic of course, and that is go to war with India and China and strip them of all their resources again. That is the only way a capitalistic society like the US with this financial system can continue, by thoroughly exploiting others. Fortunately we have just the military to do that, and we can convince the rest of the world that the Indians and Chinese are trying to take over everything, and we are acting in self defense.

  20. We can outsource many things in America. For example we could even outsource the Prez. from a third world country like Indonesia or even a poor corrupt country like Kenya to save a few Billion on electing new Prezidints! Oh wait we just did!

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  22. Outsourcing from US will move to Africa from India


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