Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Manifesto Of The Illuminati

The first step to acquiring real power is to invent the medium of financial exchange. Precious metals actually work fine but they are finite and the supply cannot be controlled and monopolized. Money is the invention. 
To coerce people to give up all of their money, the illuminati would have to infiltrate both society and the psyche of society. The psyche is the easy part. If a person has $100 dollars and the bank loans them another $100 dollars, the person 'feels' richer. Perhaps they can now buy a new TV or some other form of intellectual destruction like rap music. Everyone wants to 'feel' richer, right? 
It takes time. If a group wants absolute control, it must dumb down the population. Education must be stifled. History must be re-written and sanitized. The US now has a 69% on-time high school graduation rate. Only a quarter or so of the population has a college degree. Television is dumbed down to a bunch of reality shows portraying the lives of idiots that are supposed to amuse us.
Helmand Province in Afghanistan is where 90% of the world's heroin comes from. That's why the latest military 'surge' was focused in that region. Control the drugs and one controls the intoxicants.
Society is better controlled behind bars. Intoxification has to be criminalized. Drugs are illegal. If a large segment of society is imprisoned, there is less of a threat to the power. This may be depressing, but we must understand the facts.
Government control is institutionalization. When the government imposes absolute power over society, no one questions the government's mandates for fear of penalty. Freedom's have to be curtailed.
Poor education and bouts of incarceration lead to impoverishment. Give them a big TV and sporty car to drive, and the impoverished won't rebel against the power.
Those who avoid any of the above, will surely fall victim to indebtedness. From the institutionalized lie that we could all live better if we just had access to more credit, our society has become more indebted than ever before.
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Wheat put in its biggest gain for one month since 1973 during this past month of July, 2010. 
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  1. Interesting. I would definitely change something there however.

    The part about dumbing down the population he seems to imply that those with college degrees don't count among those who are dumb. Anytime I meet someone with a degree they seem to be no different than any other person, sometimes they can be bigger idiots. People with or without degrees are the same. They are differentiated by how much they read independently and how well they process the information they have acquired.

    School is a construct of the "Illuminati" dating back to the empires in Ancient Mesopotamia. In the United States through the 1800s they decided to make schools a place where children would learn to conform together like cattle. Those who did not conform were considered abnormal (free thinking individuals). In the United States schools have NEVER been a place to learn things or focus on academics.

    The focus today is obvious; countless social programs, after school activities, sports, etc. There's also school psychologists to notice children who act "anti social". Send your children to school for five to seven hours and they'll receive about 20 minutes of academics in that time period. It's just babysitting.

    The whole class time is spent as the rare few kids who want to learn are sharing the same class with those who are throwing pencils, having to be yelled at by the teacher, needing to be told not to text message, and so forth.

    In a real education system, like the one Holland has, kids move up in grade based on capability. If you're 10 years old and can do the math of a ninth grader then that's where you'll be placed. If you're 14 and can do calculus you can start college.

    In the United States college offers ninth grade math to many college aged students (algebra). All kids in each grade have to share the same curriculum regardless of their intelligence or skill differences. Oh and you pretty much have to be 18 when you start college (a few exceptions) because all of these academic setbacks means one has to go through 12 pointless grades before getting their diploma!

    And what I just described is not anywhere near as bad as the reality of the American Education System. This country is fucked.

  2. Don't confuse education for intelligence. The schools, colleges, universities and such in this country are simply designed to indoctrinate the people. That is why it is so easy to get schooling now.

    A nation full of plumbers, carpenters and the like are far harder to control than a nation of white collar workers. The skilled trades can survive without the government and can ignore the media, the college educated are incapable of this.

    I have a graduate degree myself. I don't post this as jealousy of not having it, but more as someone that does have it and has gone through it but understands what schooling really is.

  3. great posts
    also i find americans like the delusion
    of wealth we are a nation of bullies
    if thier doing worse we are better
    thier fore we are better
    these will be my best years
    but ive prepared for the depression for ten years now
    we are deluded by the delusion of wealth
    im happy to walk and talk and not worry about bills
    keep your ipods cars and vacations
    ill keep my goodnight sleep and sanity
    also this will be my best year
    things though will only get worse
    irony god help us
    because it will come quick
    got gold?

  4. 7:07

    yeah keep waiting....

    years will come and go...

  5. people we are in the middle of this year if something was to happen would it not have happened?

  6. if it would happen it would not happen? Tomorrow the sun will come up? What about when it goes down>

  7. The last golden jackpot illusion for the suckers.
    This scam I promoted for the illuminati elite with good intentions or not by gold and silver bugs.

    "Gold is the only true money /value !"

    The great Ponzi ,the dollar hegemony of fiat paper organised by the central bankers
    is imploding in a sea of paper debts. The americans have exported phoney AAA dud bonds and other financial debts to the extent that they bankrupted banks in all the known universe. The US stock market is now simply a fake value market manipulated by the PPT and Bankster Computers trading mainly amongst themselves.
    And the gold market is not?
    Or cannot be manipulated in the future?
    That FDR did did not confiscate gold and only after that re-priced gold up in paper dollars. That Nixon did not default on international gold value fixed in paper dollars etc
    As the article says :
    “The point is this. The casino is now controlled by the central bankers who only act when the casino lights begin to flicker. They jolt the indices with buy programs and instigate rallies. Why? The casino is the ultimate illusion. As long as the casino keeps the light on, the part of society that is not yet institutionalized thinks they have a chance to make the slot machine pay off. Occasionally, the perpetrators allow three oranges to appear. They have to. Otherwise, we would all go away and they couldn't even afford to keep the casino operating. We either believe the illusion or not. If so, we keep playing. If not, the PPT 'creates' a winner replete with buzzers and whistles and pontificators and prevaricators blaring the virtues of investing right down our greedy little ear canals. If we plan to keep any of our gold, we must understand the rules of the war.”
    To rebuild confidence in a system whereby credit based on ownership titles to past accumulated wealth assets including gold is used to dominate and exploit the living for profit will be a difficult task .But before there was fractional reserve banking in paper currencies the elite knows their was ‘confidence”in fractional reserve banking backed by gold.
    A World paper currency of some form may be attempted and gold owing to lack of faith in paper may be useful to the elite as a sham backing of real value.
    But there are other alternatives that can be seen as a store of wealth in international
    trade E.G. a basket of oil, food grains etc.Even a “carbon emission trading” credit racket.
    The ruling elite has invested a part of its wealth in real gold as insurance for the future if that appears necessary to buy up the assets cheaply in the future reset .
    They own or control most of the gold looted from most of the worlds central banks. Most of the gold market stocks are trades in paper gold. It does not allow the Feds supposed gold, its tungsten bars , to be audited for example .
    Some small owners of gold think that they will be suddenly allowed to get rich with their small change invested in the world gold stocks when three gold oranges or three flying golden winged pigs suddenly appear temporarily on screen as the currencies are rebuilt by the elite .
    Yes, golden pigs will fly!
    Got Gold?
    Heritage seeds as advertised on this website for example appear to me to be a more reasonable investment as a store of wealth for production and exchange value

  8. People only believe the reality they create for themselves..

    The American Sheeple will never get a clue! It's not the president past or present. Nor is it the government. It's the European Central banks, the international oil cartels and the Industrial Military Complex! All who propped up the Federal Reserve to take over America back in 1913! (Read The Creature From Jekyll Island.) America is not even a country! It never was! That was the illusion that the so called founding fathers propped up to trick the population into fighting the American Revolutionary war! America was design to be a Corporation. The International share holders made tons of money off this country for the past 200 years. Now it's time to cash out and Dump the shares! That's what’s going on with the economy. That's why a lot people are loosing everything! This country's national debt is larger than the GDP of the whole planet! President Obama like every President before him is just a CEO of the American company! He has to borrow $2Trillion Dollars a year from the Chinese Just to keep this economy afloat! Foolish Americans don't read books! That's why they do not know about this! They are brainwashed by too much television! And the garbage reality shows and the BS from the media! All politicians are bought and paid for by the International share holders of America. The Federal Reserve's Charter lease is going to expire in another two years. They will not renew it because of the debt they owe. The IMF will take over and will become the Federal Reserve for the whole world. America will get consolidated with every other debt broke nation in the world. There will be a new form of currency. Controlled by one world central bank. Controlled by the Queen of England and other Royal ruling families. If you want to get an idea of what will happen to America? Look at what happen to the Soviet Union back in 1989. They went bankrupt because of too much debt! The share holders ran that country into the ground then they cashed out! And left the citizens holding the bill. That is what is happening to America right now! Remember the bank bail outs? Do Americans even know that we bailed out Greece? Next year America will get hit with the biggest tax increase in human history! More business will collapse and unemployment will be far worst then the Great Depression of the 1930's. America will be reduced to a 3rd world country like Mexico! So Arizona will not have to worry about the Illegals crossing the boarder. Because there will be no more boarders! And all this talk about war with Iran and North Korea is smoke and fumes! These bastards are no fools! Nobody in the world wants World War 3! Why would they want to blow up their money? They never had it so good here in the physical world! People should not listen to these fools like Alex Jones and many other war fear mongers with disinformation! Remember most of these fools are trying to sell you something. I am not I'm just telling you the truth! The best way to survive this nightmare system. Is to pray and get out of debt ASAP! Cut house hold spending and do not live beyond your means! Many times I have told many fools of what I know and they said I was crazy or over exaggerated. Well they are not saying that now! Job lay offs, House foreclosures, wage cuts, and repossessions. I could be here all day and give names and dates! People only believe the reality they create for themselves. The powers that be know this! And they have successfully used that knowledge against the fools of America!


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