Sunday, August 29, 2010

The National Debt Will Be Paid In The Form Of The Much Greater Depression.

If you still think we have a two party system in this country please look at the above chart.
Carter (not on chart) far outspent all previous presidents and put us into hyperinflation. Pseudoconservative Reagan outspent all previous presidents. Bush Sr. outspent him. Clinton went nuts. Bush Jr. continued the insanity. Obama is now King of the Spenders. The National Debt will be paid in the form of the Much Greater Depression. Each man, woman and child in America owes $200,000. Every family of four (including infants) owes $800,000. It’s hopeless folks. All debts get paid in the end, either by the buyer or the seller. Always.

TriOptima just reported there are $450 trillion in derivatives worldwide.  Derivatives are basically a complex scam based on smoke and mirrors. The whole $450 trillion dollar house of cards is falling apart as you read this. The entire GNP of the U.S. is a mere $12 trillion and is the largest in the world. We can’t even define what a “derivative” is and they have never existed before on the face of the earth. They are all coming unwound as you read this. The entire world economy is collapsing.  There are far more derivatives than the entire yearly worldwide GNP. This is completely and totally insane of course. If you think this isn’t End Times please think again. Just open your eyes and you’ll see the hopelessness of it all.

Look at the chart below. Gold and silver skyrocket while real estate and the stock markets go completely to hell. Only gold and silver will save you and silver is four times better.

Look at the CPI in the last 40 years. Inflation has robbed you of your savings. It will just get worse from here. The second round of “quantitative easing” (QE2) is coming and more Monopoly money will be printed. HYPERINFLATION IS YOUR FUTURE. Food prices will go from 10% of your salary to at least 30%.  Prices on everything (except real estate and stocks) will go to the moon as the dollar continues to collapse. Your author is still massively short the U.S. dollar. The dollar is worthless. “Debt monetization” is another fraud where the government buys and sells to itself. The idea of a “jobless recovery” is too stupid to discuss, but the sheeple continue to lap it up.

Price Increases Are Costing Millions of People their Health
"Let em pay the price or starve"
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  1. You lost me at Obama is a Kenyan!

  2. 10:50 which part about Obama born in a another country did you not understand? In the youtube video it was admitted time after time.

  3. It's futile to try to beat the system with the purchase of gold, silver and the like. The House of Rothschild holds the gold and makes all the rules. Moreover, the U.S. government has very long tentacles and can confiscate or heavily tax all private possessions of gold, silver and other precious metals. No, it's useless to attempt to store those metals off shore; Uncle Sam will seize them.

  4. If gold and silver is no longer precious because of confiscation then lead will take their place.

  5. Dear Rick,

    For the 20 zilienth time !

    If you have a $50.00 bill hidden in your ice cube tray amd I; the Fed's show up at your fronydoor - because we are 'siezing" all currency.

    Now rick old buddy, ole pal of mine - this is not multiple choice there ole coon hound. There is only ONE way them there ole Fed's is a gonna find that Lil Ole fifty

    That's if you tell them

    Now; that would be right smart of you wouldn't it now Ricky ?

    "Cause Ricky - at that point - the fact that they're on your doorstep means there according to them - your outcome is the same.

    personally' I like the scenario where I say " why No" ! I've never even seen a Gold Eagle!
    As I draw my made in the USA Ruger Redhawk and the discussion comes to an abrupt end.

  6. If gold and silver is no longer precious because of confiscation then lead will take their place.

    I accumulate that, too. Just picked up another 200 rounds, and I've got 850 more arriving via UPS on Monday. More lead!! More gold!! More silver!! Love those metals!!

  7. What? !~

    Do you actually mean to tell me that loser W Bush is NOT the last of the Duchebags?!@

    Say It ain't so - please !

    We have a "new" and improved Loser folks !

    His name is --------------------------------

    Blundering barry

    Oh shit we are screwed. blued and Tattooed all in one motion

  8. It sounds like a secret world gangsters making out like cowboys ravaging a bank in the mid 19 century.In this case all of us the people will have to pay for some groups of different debt makers.You pay for it,not them!...Problem with gold and silver is every one is going to want it in tough times.

  9. laughing...I remember when this current person was elected, all my coworkers driving up and down the yard blaring their horns in a parade-serious. Now they hardly say a word and 1 even apologized. funny. yeah, those flashbulbs going off!..the roar of the crowds!...and what a reader of a teleprompter! rockstars!.."brings tears to my eye's I'm so happy"! maybe the next will be one indeed, or another actor, and money, if he gets the "groups" approval he'll have all the money needed. didn't B Clinton say that by time your elected prez all the important decisions are already made for you?
    and those interveiws with palin, those where funny...1 would think it was staged! lol-I know about russia too, if I step out my door and look at the sky and envision going..that'a way for awhile youknow..then veer this'a way youknow and slow up I'll be in russia no?

  10. you are going to hear of wars and reports of wars; see that YOU are not terrified. For these things must take place, but the end is not yet.Mt24:6 "For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another. Mt24:7 All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress.Mt:24:8 But he that has endured to the end is the one that will be saved.Mt24:13 And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth fo a witness to all the nations;and then the end will come.mt24:14
    The warning is being sounded.

  11. Anonymous: I don't make the rules; I just try to follow them. Make no mistake, some who advocate the holding of gold, silver and other metals may have only the best of intentions but they are inadvertently placing a wager against the House (of Rothschild). Unfortunately, the House (of Rothschild) in this hand holds all of the Aces. I can assure you that if the President orders the confiscation of certain types of metals from private holdings, you (along with others) will comply. Ask any survivor of the 1930's on that point.

  12. 3:49 The Presidential Executive Orders might also be used to confiscate your house, your car, and anything you own --- that is if the Bank has not already confiscated it. So you comments not only apply to gold and silver but to anything.

    Why confiscate god and silver when they can take your job and your home.

    Most Americans have no gold or silver so they will take your pensions, IRAs, 401K's, checking & savings accounts, etc...

  13. 10:50 You was lost even before you found this article....and you still are...its ok though, go back to sleep, your lord and savor will take good care of America and so will the federal reserve.....They love you as much as the rest of Americans as long as you still have the money they can loot from you! By the way, when you are homeless and on the sidewalk asking for money or a place to stay, be sure to tell the people who are willing to help you out, that Obama and the federal reserve said things are getting better. And be sure to tell those people that nobody has to think for themselves, or fix the problems with Government or the country, becuse Barry, er, I mean Obama has it under control..

  14. Anonymous: Yes, you are correct. The President by executive order can confiscate stock holdings, jewelry, and other properties along with gold and silver. I'm afraid that the situation can only get very very ugly as you have already alluded to. The federal government will soon be left with no other option other than to follow Argentina's lead and assume most or all of the nation's pension plans.

  15. I just LOVE this great site! It keeps fanning the flames of rage within me, and I keep on stashing the three metals, gold, silver, and above all, LEAD. I simply cannot wait until I hear the signal that all bets are off, and I can start blasting every man, animal, plant and mineral within my bullet trajectory range! Good luck to all of you!!!

  16. From the article: "Stupid, brain dead Americans wanted ‘free” health care and this is the nightmare they’ll get."

    I LOVE IT!!! - Americans are F*cking stupid. They did want free health care. Now, they obviously didn't get that, and they're too stupid to know better. They just hope this thing is going to assume more of their personal responsibility they can't handle.


    Why do you think Obama acts like he doesn't care if he gets re-elected? Do you really think he's just going to lose an election and give up power? He's your dictator for life, like Hugo Chavez. Don't bet on any elections in 2011-12. THey'll be cancelled for "safety reasons."

    Forget about the 2012 election. It either won't happen or it will be totally rigged. Obama is your dictator for a LOOONNNGGG Time.

  17. Video of President Obama Saying That He Was Born in Kenya- Fiction!

    Summary of the eRumor:
    This is a link to video on the YouTube web site that shows President Obama saying that he was born in Kenya.

    The Truth:
    This is a digital manipulation of video footage with edited audio inserted to make it appear like a Presidential admission of his birthplace.

    The first part of the fictitious video was found on the White House media web site and was taken of President Obama addressing students in Turkey on April 7, 2009. The audio in the original White House Video is not the same as the audio in the You Tube Video.

  18. 5:25 it doesn't matter anymore, check out the DRUDGE headline. Click on the link then read the comments. Everyone hates the guy.

  19. Ga Damn it Rick ! Get on the same page Dude!

    The other poster don't get it eithyer!

    Your car, your 401, your house & your spouse --

    All have paper trails.

    PMs have no trail - NOBODY in the world knows you have them until you open yer damn mouth.

    How the hell is somebody gonna take something they don't even know is there ?????????

    Cmon - you be dat smart ain't cha??

  20. "The-President-Talks-with-Students-in-Turkey"

    Did he show them his long form birth cerificate to prove how even an upjumped community organiser could got promoted to President ?

    Or, just explain with acting skills even a "muslim commie", corporate state socialist even if Turkish, could get support from Gollum Sach bankster types to get elected anywhere , with the CIA running identity cover up?
    As long as the ruling elite thought he would be the most effective sock puppet

    Obama could stop this, born here, born there bullshit, by just producing his full birth certificate .

    He preffers contempt, to laugh at the American people even asking guestions.

  21. Fake doctored up videos are great !
    Some like this "kenyan" video only existed to muddy the waters.
    But ,check out all the great Osama videos on the web since 911.
    truly great technology!
    Dead men can speak to admit their guilt even without underging rendition and water torture
    and can beven have different facial features.
    what a techno-blast!

  22. . I can assure you that if the President orders the confiscation of certain types of metals from private holdings, you (along with others) will comply. Ask any survivor of the 1930's on that point.

    Do your homework, braniac.

    Statistics are given which suggest that 13.9 million ounces of gold were still in circulation in January 1934 and that only about 21.9% of the gold in circulation had been handed in.

    The bulk of the gold was not turned in.

  23. In lieu of the penalty of $10,000 and/or 10 years imprisonment in 1933 for non-compliance with FDR's gold and silver confiscation order, I have the utmost confidence that there was full compliance with FDR's directive.
    Moreover, the ownership of gold bullion and gold bullion coins in the United States is subject to stringent government reporting requirements and I suspect that this is the case with silver bullion and silver bullion coins as well.
    My best advice to those who hold any precious metals is to fold their hand now and cash in their chips. Yes, the dollar is going to devalue 70% within the next 5 years so I would suggest the purchase of government inflation-protected securities such as U.S. Series I Savings Bonds or perhaps TIPS.
    It's better to be 'burned' by holding these securities than 'raped' with government confiscation orders.

  24. In the 30's the dollar was backed by gold and there was a reason for the Gov't to recall gold. Today, the fiat dollar has been printed so much without gold backing that it would of no real value for the gov't to confiscate gold or silver - it is no longer pegged to paper dollars. If the gov't upped the price of gold to the equivalent of the 30's ratio and declared dollars again backed by gold, then confiscation would be worthwhile. Otherwise, not a major value to the Gov't now as it was in the 30's, not even close.

  25. In lieu of the penalty of $10,000 and/or 10 years imprisonment in 1933 for non-compliance with FDR's gold and silver confiscation order, I have the utmost confidence that there was full compliance with FDR's directive.

    How many people were prosected for failure to comply? None (for all practical purposes)
    How many paid the fine or served time for failure to comply? None.

    I have the utmost confidence that there was full compliance with FDR's directive
    "Utmost Confidence" is not a replacement for DATA and FACTS.

    Your naivete is showing. I recommend reading FOFOA.

  26. Anything ordered by this Kenyan impostor is mute.

    Anyone dressed all black with their face covered up is a criminal and will be dealt with as such.

    I do not succumb to threats made by my employees.

    You slaves are free to comply if these ass wipes try and seize PMs.

    Any questions?

  27. You need to recognize that in general it is the social programs that no president can touch which cause our deficit. To simply attribute all increases in the debt to the president in office is naive. What we need to do is get congress to do their job and repel the laws that prevent congress and the president from controlling these run away social programs.

  28. Anonymous (#1): The events that would propel the price of gold and silver to lofty positions would actually create the very circumstances for the federal government to confiscate the metals in a desperate attempt to bolster a collapsing dollar with some version of gold and silver backing.

    Anonymous (#2): By your own admission (virtually no reported cases of imprisonment or fines for failure to comply with FDR's Order), isn't it rather obvious then that the people in 1933 complied with FDR's directive? You can be sure that the very last thing the people thought back then was that FDR's confiscation directive was a bluff.

  29. hahaha The FBI vets all candidates who run for US Senate. They vetted Obama. The Republican senators all know the process and stay silent b/c fools who listen to Rush don't know the difference between Rush, a hole in the ground, and Republican senators. The long form birth certificate is the legal document. The short form birth certificate is not a legal document. It has one or two administrative uses, and out of respect for Birthers who make fools out of themselves, I'm not revealing it here.

  30. Rick.




    Good NITE


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