Saturday, August 21, 2010

States Desperate: New Taxes For Owning A Driveway?

What if you owned a small business?  What if you owned a small business and your customers came to your store or office?  What if you owned a small business where your customers came to your store or office, and parked in your parking lot?  What if you owned a small business where your customers came to your store or office, parked in your parking lot, and the government made you pay taxes for each and every car?
Would you still own a small business?
These may sound like hypothetical questions, but for a city in Kansas, they have become reality.  Last night, the city of Mission passed a new tax on driveways.   Yes, driveways.  Home owners will pay $72 each year for having a driveway.
Business owners, though, take the biggest hit in this new tax, which is being hailed as “revolutionary” and “ground-breaking.”  Beginning in December, all businesses will be taxed a fee of at least $3,558 per year.
But wait- it gets better…  Let’s say that you own a local bank, where customers come in to see you for home loans, business improvement packages, or simply to put money aside for the future.  You could owe the city $5,659 per year.  Maybe you own a local fast food franchise- do you have an extra $12,200 sitting around?  Because that’s how much you could be paying.  Maybe you work at a local Target- where the annual tax would amount to a whopping $64,750 per year.
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  1. Sounds like desperate Cities to me.

  2. They send in S.W.A.T. and a watercannon if they see a kid setting up a lemonade stand in the driveway.

  3. Sounds like they should digg up the driveway and offer only delivery service.

  4. So Mission Kansas thinks it's citizens are undertaxed. They can't find any cuts in the city budget. Maybe the voters need to vote out the mayor and others.

  5. Sounds like a tax they'd have to pry from my cold dead hand. Stand up citizens for your rights. Tyranny must be pushed back.

  6. Time to just say no. Stop paying taxes and the currant government is defeated.

  7. Maybe we should start sending the government a bill for being incompetent and ruining our economy.

    Better yet we should FIRE THEM ALL if they cannot do a good job then we as employeers have the right to fire them. I think Ross Perot said something similar to this.

  8. Yeah buddy !

    This is change

    Real change you can believe in

    We ain't seen nuthin' yet!

  9. yeah buddy w bush was such a good pres, Not, that a black man became president, bush was change to laugh at

  10. Time for another Boston Tea Party.....time is short.

  11. The sidewalks in Los Angeles residential neighborhoods are owned by the city. The trees they plant nest to the sidewalks are city owned. Now if a city owned tree causes damage to the city owned sidewalk (root damage to the concrete) and this tree and sidewalk is in front of your house, YOU GET TO PAY FOR THE REPAIRS!

  12. Yeah Buddy said:

    You 2 need to listen to Mr.O whne he gives his big speech tomorrow nite.

    It will tell both of you everything you need to know.

    Namely; that Both Bush's were white shoe boys with personal agendas and minds that were stuck in 9yh grade.

    And Mr.O who is a black shoe boy community organizer that also couldn't run a gas station profitably; let alone a country

    Losers - both of them. And here we sit with our collective thumbs up our asses arguingh baout which one was/is/will be the bigger loser of the 2


  13. They are also going to tax bloggers in Philadelphia. A 1,000 little taxes. Death by a thousand cuts. More taxes than the British inflicted on the colonies.

    More and more reason for CIVIL WAR 2 in 2015.

    Civil War 2, it's coming. We have to do what the Romanians did and get the Army on our side against the Federal forces. That's not a stretch. Army guys come from the civilian life and have civilian family and spouses. IF the feds are f*cking wiht their family, the army is going to snap dragon on them.

    Get the army on your side and you have a chance for a new America.

  14. The military has generally been the hope for the people against the elites, as generally the military is made up of the people, it comes from the people and it usually connects with the people.

    However, the media, and the stupid people, have been ruining that by constantly attacking the members in the armed forces and causing a rift. So the military may not be as closely aligned with the people as it would have been historically. It is still made up primarily of the middle and lower classes, so there is still some hope. But it is rather dim these days.

    I do not expect a coup or anything else to happen. The vast majority of sheeple have no idea.

  15. As a nurse, I had to pay to park in the hospital lot simply to work a shift. That was ridiculous enough. Now this> Pretty soon we will have to have a special passport or visa simply to cross the street in this so-called 'free' country. :(

  16. Hell, next thing they'll try taxing Santa Claus for parking on the roof to deliver his gifts to kids... if they REALLY wanna do something, tax the government idiots for taking up space, wasting our time and money, and accomplishing nothing. Of course, you'll have to find someone in their offices who speaks English first.


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