Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Recovery" Lies Are Worldwide

When a new supermarket opened today in Auckland it created 150 new jobs, but that was a small comfort for the 2550 people who applied for jobs there and missed out, Labour leader Phil Goff said today.
Mr Goff today opened a New World supermarket in his Mt Roskill electorate, where the owner operator had told him 2700 people had applied for the 150 positions created in the new store.
"I had to ask the question -- where is John Key's recovery for the ordinary people in my electorate."
Mr Goff said supermarket owners had told him this was the worst period they could remember in retailing and they were concerned about further impacts from the rise in GST, which will increase from 12.5 to 15 percent on October 1.
"People are finding it hard to make ends meet now, that extra ... on top of all their groceries is just going to make life harder for them."
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  1. The leaders all got together in a basement and had a lesson on how to lie to the general public. The most proficient liar received a massive bonus from the FEDERAL RESERVE liar fund.

  2. Everyone already knows all of this. This is nothing new, just more of the same news everyone is already well aware of.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPkd9ZQOtbI

  4. 8:36,

    is that from Gladiator about the busy bees?


    there are people who are unaware of this, they are the ones who watch MSNBC and CNN. You can also find the whole network of them on myspace in utter lololol land as they add 300 strangers to their friends list each day.

    I don't know why I get so irritated at that. LOL!

    Anyways I'm just going to listen to Jim Morrison sing about the End as I laugh at everyone making comments about what is happening while I wonder what the fuck is happening.

  5. Indians suck, esp. those from bangalore.

  6. everyone sucks if we think about how we are driven by our greeds, desire... apathy.. non-involvement..selfishness.. the age of innocent bystanders is dissipating faster than you can blink.

    and all we have to do is be aware and live true to ourselves instead of what the system provides...

  7. Worldwide? Then how do you explain the booming economies of Brazil, China, Singapore, Vietnam and so on? And surprise surprise, they are ALL either Communist or run by socialists!
    So turns out Lenin and Marx WERE right, Communism did beat Capitalism in the end, ey? Maybe it's time to start learning Mandarin and move OUT of USA to seek your land of opportunity, eh?

  8. Grow cannabis, hemp and use gold, silver and cannabis as money. Eliminate monopolistic control, turn off the tv (your programming by the elite) make love, not war, talk to people and share a drink. Make your own economies. Build a place in the woods and start spending time there. Realize that if you can live without earning, spending and using Federal Reserve Notes, 100% of your profits are yours, no hidden taxes!

  9. If Capitalism is a ponzi system, which it looks like it is, then of course Communism is a better system.

    The thing is Capitalism wasn't supposed to go this route. Oh well, it did. Too much greed, too much fake debt, too much screwing the masses over.

    The real problem is that oligarchies are always bad, and most Republics eventually turn into oligarchies. This place really does not look any different than Rome, the US was actually probably always weaker than Rome.


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