Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gerald Celente It's All Over Now, Are You Prepared?

(snippet points) Starts at 29 seconds:
China, India and Europe are done. The direction to go is less is more. The U.S. is going in the wrong direction. There is a lot of opportunity for young people with new technology available. We cannot continue to service other countries. The only way this country can come back is for people to buy from each other. Buy local. Get in shape, get healthy. Go back to the great depression pictures. They are respectful, dignified and in shape. People today are fixed on the gangster mentality and look. 
Celente's famous saying: When people lose everything they lose it. 
"Rip up that useless lawn and grow food". Get a support group with like-minded people. Prepare for the worst. Banks will close if a terror strike occurs and the dollar will devalue, are you prepared? The education system has collapsed. Only the strong will survive when the financial collapse occurs. Why buy a house now it's only going to get worse! The criminals are in charge of Wall Street. The jobs are overseas, the government has sold us out. We are clerks, cashiers and stock clerks. There IS NO RECOVERY. We will be going to WAR. Anyone who buys stocks is a loser. It's gambling. Paper currency will COLLAPSE.


  1. Fear of Future vs. Aniexty for it just to happen.

    We're all kinda screwed...Even the best prepared people...Some will lose being unprepared making them roam towards the prepared people...Some prepared will be able to fight off the people who come for their stash they shouldn't have bragged about or that a "Friend/Family" who didn't prepare wants a piece of.

    Go to the woods...Good at first but how many will be raped/robbed?

    Stay in the city...How many will be raped/robbed?

    Make alliances...How long will supplies last?

    What is the time frame of "The Long Emergency?"

    Will 300 million panic and go fast collapse Zimbawee style or slowly collapse like Argentina?

    How quick will the military/medical and military be able to slam things down or will they only protect certain areas?

    100 chiefs telling 1 indian what to do...Crime running wild...Services breaking down...Race/class struggles begin.

    Wow! Sounds like a friggen scary movie...But if all these smart men are even 1/2 way right it'll be a very dark history chapter...Right now since I'm semi-young I guess I rather have it happen now than later but man what I wouldn't give to go back in time about 20 years.

  2. 3:16
    nothing beats like the 1990 Rodney King Riot in L.A. i took part in it. it's not that bad if u are part of the riot. it will be fun, like wild party, at first of course. once things settle down and u look around the place was like a war zone. so many things burned.
    i rather be living in the 1950s.

  3. If you can find one - talk with someone who lived thru the great depression.

    Most of them that were "country folk"; share a common theme

    They had no idea that they were dirt poor - because everyone was. And they were fit.

    People like the above poster assume all will fall on unsurmountable hard times and that there are none left that can even survive; let alone flourish; without big brother; the Gubmint.

    Services breaking down? hey man when you live in the country you don't depend on "services" from nobody. That's what's really wrong with this whole picture -

    Services -

    I'll give you a gadamn service - here's a friggin' shovel - go dig a poop pit - you gonna need it.

    And all this rape and rob shit - brother; they ain't a fucking gang banger in L.A. that would last 10 minutes in Libby Montana.

    I can't speak for the cities; having give up on them some 23 odd years ago - but I'm sure not much has changed - the average "man" has more in common with his hairdresser than a wood maul.

    I go to the local library twice a month and always visit this site - that way I can be vigilant for the first gang banger to come thru the pass!

    AIM HIGH AND SEMPER FI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The article is a bit incoherent honestly, it makes good points but then gives a strange run on that seems to skip sentences. It makes too many bold statements that aren't certain but seems to shout loudly that it is.

    Like here:

    "The U.S. is going in the wrong direction. There is a lot of opportunity for young people with new technology available. We cannot continue to service other countries."

    WHAT!? The US is in the wrong direction but somehow the new technology is opportunity for young people? Young people are getting hit worse than anyone because of this depression. Get out of college you'll be moving back in with your parents. If you're in your teens there might be a Taco Bell hiring. You could get an arduous job waiting tables and make even less.

    People in their teens and 20s, sadly, their lives are going to be based on surviving the most horrific period in human history. Those who are unborn or small children now will have no clue what they went through or what they saw transpire. They'll think the stories the old people tell them at that time are just fairy tales. Those who were responsible for it in the last century and early 21st will be long gone.

  5. weeee
    as in the time of cesar or napoleon
    live in the moment
    prepare pray
    hope for the best prepare for the worst
    herr rahh

  6. This is really sad to me. I have 3 children with their whole lives ahead of them, 1 is a college graduate with a good job. My other 2 are seniors in college who have healthcare degrees. If they do get jobs, the taxes will be unbearable and the social chaos like nothing any of us have ever seen. It is just a very sad time in our history. Pray and prepare is all we can do! I wish you all the best!

  7. I have studied economics for many years and I agree this is by far the worst I've seen our economy, but this article is far fetched. In some areas, you can purchase a foreclosed home for less than the cost of six months rent. There are no facts presented to support the radical negative advice being offered in this article. I would assume this article was written by someone suffering from severe depression or bipolar disorder

  8. Poor Gerald Celente, he's been saying "OMG, It's over!!!" for awhile now. I've been reading/preparing about the coming depression since 2003, 7 f-ing years. I'm anxious for it to come and get over too but let's be realistic and logical, not hysterial and hyperbolic like Celente. It's coming, no doubt, but it will be a slow painful decline. Death by a 1,000 cuts. People like Celente, Jim Rawles, and others can only pray there will be a massive trigger event with an immediate and fast decline. Yeah, that would be more welcome to their anxiety level, but probably not going to happen. It's going to be a much slower, more painful death. Prices will continue to go up as real pay continues to decline. Taxes will go up and government benefits down. Health insurance will become unaffordable for most. Families will move in together. College will become unaffordable. Jobs scarce. It will take 3 or 4 people to support a household. HOusewife hookers. Confiscated private pensions. Revalued currency, lower. Immutable taxes on items trade, grown or made. (have a garden? you'll pay a tax on it). Even if Republicans take the house and executive, they can't fix the problems fast enough. Silver and gold will be taxed to death.

    It will be impossible to work an angle that the government won't beat down with taxes, fees or penalties or outright criminalize.

    I do agree with Celente about one thing. Civil War is coming. Almost guaranteed. I'm expecting it in 2015, about the time the elections are "cancelled" due to "safety reasons."

    Marshall Law, car bombs, American Gestapo, and working harder for less while being a lot poorer than you are now. Welcome to the New Amerika.

  9. "I would assume this article was written by someone suffering from severe depression or bipolar disorder"
    This may be so but this is not surprising.
    i have studied economics for many years too.
    this makes me an expert on psychology too.
    in fact there is a whole country suffering from the growing effect of economic depression and an ideological confusion bi-polar disconnect disorder in a refusal to face the facts of the reality that the capitalist free trade system is a failed ponzi economy.
    And the more sane appear to these economists to be suffering from a mental disorder, because they no longer listen to the economists, who as a proffession proved they know nothing and are just the ideological prizefighters for the systems bullshit.

  10. People are calling this "article" incoherent. That's because "It" isn't an article at all. It's a transcript taken from the video that is posted. The video is 24 minutes long and the article is basically taking quotes from different parts of the video and sticking them together. Don't blame the Celente. Blame whoever wrote the "article".

  11. 4:57...So you speak of places you don't live in or have lived in in 23 years?...You talk about the people who went through the depression and compare them to the people of today?...Like you said yourself it's not the same.

    Hey old timer things have changed...As far as shooting and toughness? Have been shot and stabbed before still here...BUUUT just had a mentally challenged man stabbed to death about 300 feet from girl's apartment in Modesto...1 block away in my apartment in Seaside there was a drive by with what sounded like a 45...3 months ago I heard as a neighbor was shot to death in Salinas at the time.

    So yeah I DO worry about riots and crime...Doesn't make me quiver but yeah I do worry...Can I stop bullets with my Superman Pajamas old man?

    Remember we all don't live in Montana...So you sound like a douchebag...You are comparing oranges to apples...About how tough you are waaaaaaay up there.

    As for services I spoke of I ment police and fire...Jeez old man come by my neighborhood and lets see how long YOU last.

    You would stick out in a heartbeat...Remember no one man can be an island...So yeah at that point you'll watch your mouth.

  12. Celente is an ASS!!1

    Prediction 2003: US Military defeated by Iraq.

    Piss on you Celente the "futurist.".

    Prediction 2008: By Christmas 20009 we'd be reduced to giving each other fruit-bread!

    What an ASS.

    Prediction 2010: The GOM oil-leak would turn into some supper fuel-air explosive destroying most human life on the gulf-coast!

    What an ASS!

  13. prediction 2003: iraq war will cost american taxpayers at least 1 trillion dollars. it was true then and it is true today. america is bankrupt by wars

  14. What do you tell your children? My 16 year old should not have the burden of this hanging over her. How do you prep your kids for this?

  15. 6.57---- Tell em the truth,nobody else will.

  16. We are being run by a bunch of criminals in the government and this is all part of the big PLAN. We have outsourced our manufacturing and there are NO jobs left. China owns us and the military industrial complex is killing us.Americans are too dumbed down to understand what has happened.

  17. right on, 9:56.

    9:04, in 7 years, the price of gold has appreciated mightily, and the economy has gone in the other direction despite the efforts of the plunge protection team. i'm staying with celente a little longer...

  18. 4:46 kinda agree with you and I too remember those predictions you mentioned...BUUUTTT...I also see total manipulation of the market and cash flow.

    Without the manipulation all his theories are on the dot...There's another site that follows food totals and every year it's worse and worse,,,In fact there is no National reserves of soy/cooking oil/rice/cheese etc etc.

    We're one major disaster away from a fucked up situation...Seems they keep feeding the system fake paper for solid goods and will continue to till someone finally says "I'm NOT taking dollars anymore!"

    When that day happens it all goes to hell and all his predictions come true...300 mostly uneducated/unprepared/pampered/low moraled/bit lazy people all will get a rude awakening.

    There's a good core group of people who will make it but who needs paper pushers or those with soft hands when the system falters even for a few months?

    I often get mad at my girl who won't eat this or that and I wonder what will happen to her if I hadn't stored things away? She' not the only one...Survival skils among the urban and city folk is next to nothing...They will loot though but all that will be wasted or used quickly.

    Celeste's mistake is using history to predict...As long as the illusion that we're ok goes on we actually will go on...They're evil but semi-geniuses when it comes to manipulation.

  19. Celente said to prepare for the worst but hope it doesn't happen. We're already learning to live on less. I made it through last winter without central heating. Meanwhile I'm trying to buy 2nd hand gold and silver at flea markets so I'll have items for barter. If things don't fall apart, I'll still have plenty of useful things that I can sell for cash. One thing you should keep in mind: bartering and buying/selling with cash doesn't leave a paper trail--so the government won't know what you're up to.

  20. Guys, you can make fun of celente all you want, and he , like other trend forcasters isn't perfect. But his observations are based on what he sees, and his judgement call on the outcome. I start paying attention to people like him, when virtually every other economist, forcaster, or whatever you want to call them, are saying the same thing. And they ARE basically saying the same thing. Only some MSM shill, who says what he's paid to say talks any different. I get sick of these so called experts on the networks who can take absolutely horrible economic data, and tell you we've turned the corner on this recession. What a crock. A school age child can figure out that something is wrong from simply looking around, and seeing a local store closed that was open six months ago, and seeing a small local strip mall that is shuttered up now. Anyone with a brain can figure out as a nation, we are in for some serious bad times ahead. Get ready for trouble, because if you don't, it will find you. If you believe anything this governent tells you, you deserve the pain you'll get. They are here to pick your pockets, not help you. Have you seen any of the bailout money create any jobs?? What a crock.

    Do your own checking, and research, don't believe anything anyone says, if your digilent, you'll figure out just how bad it's going to be.

  21. Great points, 6:59.

  22. The most interesting post, to me, questioned whether we'd have a slow collapse or a fast trigger event. I've been hoping for a slow one, of course, but I don't know... I recently read The Fourth Turning. Just as the Roaring Twenties (shady banking, stock-market mania, an economy built on bubbles and bad debt) led us into the Great Depression and WWII, we had the 1980s and 1990s, the Greed is Good Era. When everyone could be a house-flipping Gordon Gecko. The authors call the periods from about 1910-1929, and from about 1985- 2008 "Unraveling" periods,and they have occurred in roughly 80-year intervals pretty much throughout Western history going back to about the 1600s, with only a few exceptions. Unravelings are just like they sound-- everyone is out for themselves, there is little or no national unity, and everyone is divided into hostile factions. There is also immense personal freedom, a wild west marketplace, and a lot of people making a lot of money. Sound familiar? Gordon Gecko anyone? Well, Crisis periods ALWAYS follow Unraveling periods, and Crisis periods usually involve major wars.

    The book was written in 1997, and predicted a Crisis period beginning about 2005, based only on the length of time these cycles usually take. Pretty impressive, I'd say. They didn't know the nature of our present crisis, but assured us there would be one. It's pretty obvious we entered the Crisis phase in 2007/2008.

    When things spin out of control in the Unraveling periods ("the center cannot hold" to quote another prophecy), it usually results in war. Wars that occur in Crisis periods are, according to the authors, noted for their apocalyptic nature. They are all-out, bare knuckles, winner-take-all kinds of wars. None of your Grenadas, Vietnams, or Iraqs. Everyone is involved in these wars. The Crisis/war period destroys the dead, rotten system and reshuffles the entire deck. After the Crisis period of about 20 years, the rebuilding period begins. So it's not just civil unrest we should consider-- if a major war broke out in the middle east, involving you-know-who, things will change in a heartbeat. The first thing to go will be your gasoline and oil. We only produce 65% of what we need in this country, and if supplies are disrupted, I would think the military/govt. will take control of that meager supply.

    So, cut Celente some slack. He doesn't have a crystal ball, and he's wrong sometimes, but he is making people aware of the general drift of things. He's an antidote to the loudmouthed fools pining for the Reagan years, stuck in the past like faded movie queens hoping for a comeback. Yep, it's Sunset Boulevard allright.

    One last thing, to the poster from Montana: I hope you make it, man, I really do. Good luck to you.

  23. Whoops, I have to correct myself. We only produce 35- 40% of the oil we use in this country. We import 60- 65%, mostly from countries that are hostile to us. If supply disruptions occur for any reason, I don't think getting you and me to work will be a national priority.

  24. Hey,Mister "Celente is an ASS", how do we know Celente wasn't right about Iraq? Maybe they did kick our butts in 2003, and the papers lied. They always do these days. In any case, if Iraq didn't defeat us, how come didn't we defeat them? Was it a tie? We're leaving Iraq now-- I'm just curious, what exactly did we win?

  25. Health is wealth - Qi gong and yoga are free.

    Forget the hollywood scenarios, if you are not prepared, you are going down. Try getting out the city if you have no petrol in the car, no money to pay for it and the petrol station is closed.

    try raping and robbing someone when you are dehydrated, have no real way of getting clean water, and are potentially wasting resources on someone who may not have anything.

    When it happens, gather your gear, gather your team, get out of town and dontlook back.

  26. As a child of the fifties, I've been an observer of a great many "booms" but I was always wary. Rarely do human histories follow one steady stream of affluence and I've long expected everything to explode. During the eighties, I recall hearing a young woman decry the fact that her soon to be husband lived in a house that had an avocado green stove and she couldn't possibly cook on such a stove. I knew her meaning but I also silently kept the thought that the day would come when she would be grateful to live in a house much less be picky about the color of her appliances.

  27. THIS is the same old krap over and over. quit griping and do something. only 15 percent of americans fought in the civil war. the rest sat and watched. it only takes a few to start a revolution. LOOK AT JESUS. HE STOOD UP TO THE MASSES . set an example for your kids. make them proud of their dad. stand up or shut up.

  28. 7.46 is a dickhead

  29. Gerald Celente is great.his critics are a bunch of wankers

  30. Why does 12.56 keep making ageist remarks,most street gangs are not very tough,12.56 probably wears womens clothes in his room at his moms house.


  32. Gerald is on the money again, if you cant feel it, if you haven't studied and researched it than your living in another world, maybe too many people are lost in their reality tv shows. I have given the coming depression a lot of thought and listened to knowledgable people like Mr Celente talk, how much more proof is needed, just look at every day life and the raving stupidity coming from governments around the world. When it hits I would get trusted people togeather to help support and protect each other it's amazing what a band of people can achieve when they put their resources togeather, just don"t do it on your own the chances of failure are too great. Good luck everyone god held us all.

  33. We've been waiting for this collapse for several years. The bankers are keeping it going for as long as they can. it's like an alcoholic going to new bars and they are just about to drop dead. that's were our economy is right now, on the verge of collapse.

  34. I think we will see a collapse at the end of 2012. Gerald Celente is right ..he is just early.

  35. I always buy in quantity things I use frequently. When they're on sale I buy cases and cases of stuff. I've been living like a prepper for some time. I don't wanna scramble for stuff when the shiet finally hits the fan.

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