Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Riots Breakout As 30,000 Fight For Federal Housing Assistance

A crowd of people hoping to get federal housing assistance became unruly Wednesday morning with reports of fights breaking out in the crowd.
Crowds line up for housing vouchers in East Point on Wednesday morning.
Mike Morris/AJC, Mike Morris/AJC Crowds line up for housing vouchers in East Point on Wednesday morning.
Thousands of people were lined up at the Tri-Cities shopping center, hoping to apply for a voucher from the East Point Housing Authority that will give them a discount on their rent.
People began lining up at the shopping center two days ago, and by Wednesday morning the crowd had grown to over several thousand people. East Point police, some wearing riot helmets, were patrolling the area. Firefighters and EMTs were attending to people who were overheating in the sun. Police from College Park, Hapeville, Fulton County and MARTA assisted in crowd control.
Felecia McGhee told the AJC she arrived around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday. She said the major problem began when people started breaking into the line and officials started moving the areas where they were handing out applications. She said she saw at least two small children trampled when the crowd rushed the building where the applications were to be handed out.
"It's a real mess out here," she said.
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  1. And so it begins.

  2. Gee, accept for the Police and Organizers there all Black, looks like a Rap concert. Who would have guessed.

  3. Was this in Africa?

  4. Pretty much, Atlanta.

  5. Pretty incredible how the blacks, who voted for OBAMA, get paid back for their "votes"..isn't it?

  6. The CNN article was insulting. Aiding the public is not bribing the public. The government is supposed to look out for ALL of its citizens, not just the rich ones.

    Atlanta is just the beginning. Unemployment among blacks is thought to be about 40%, which is double what it is for whites.

    And since Congress just cut back on food stamps, those riots will be next.

  7. The Federal government is NOT there to "look after all of its citizens." It has defined and limited obligations and powers delineated in the constitution, and the more it attempts to spread the wealth around, the more dependency it creates.

  8. Yeah buddy - we be spreadin' it round and round allright - but as several of the posters above have noted; they are spreadin' it to mainly 3rd and sometimes 4th generation blacks that will NEVER be off Uncle Sugas gravy train.

    Ain't it great ! I kill myself working for 45 years so these crackheads can poop out more of the same

  9. This story would be better if AJC inserted a backgound audio file with Blue Suede playing "Hooked on a feeling" - the Ooga-chucka song.

    What do you think is going to happen when food is 2X what it is right now and gas $7 per gallon? Ooga chucka, ooga ooga, ooga chucka...

  10. All they need are the blue helmets handing out 80 lb. bags of rice.

    Some things never change.

  11. Sharonsj, You are right!

  12. A foreign observer laughs at the race divisions promoted by the ruling Elite in America.
    Some object here to the rights of American people to affordable housing in a failed economy and raise a “race” card.
    The pretence that Blacks are “africans”
    not Americans. Race since the constitution was written plays an important place in the American classes life. American capitalism was built on the profits cheap labor of the Blacks slaves and immigrants. The earlier white settler farmers class were converted into a labor aristocracy as America changed from agriculture to industrial production. The lower wages for the Blacks and the newly arriving immigrants subsidised the higher wages of the more already economically established and more highly educated Whites. During WW2 a lot of blacks actually got jobs in industry in these southern citieslike atlanta they came under attack by the L.A.
    America as the dominant world manufacturing power in the 50s and 60s after destroying the industry of competing imperialist powers in world War 2, had a long economic boom . A worldwide competition develop between the capitalist and alternative socialist development models as could be seen in the USSR and China.
    Because of racial discrimination white working people were the primary beneficiaries
    of the long boom in wages particulary the unionised sector creating a labor aristocracy an a division of the people along racial lines.
    America was a profitable manufacturing superpower .
    It was believed that what was good for GM was good for America .
    The benefits included federal subsidies for housing in the suburbs for the whites, the ‘american dream”. While the lower waged Blacks were left in the inner city ghettos.
    Oppression breeds resistance and to demands for equality and for living security fairer wages and housing benefits of the social democrat type of capitalism and even to ‘anti-american” dreams of socialism.
    The Blacks began to fight for a more democratic America ,some even on Black national lines with the rise of the Black Panthers. Some of the more moderate”
    Uncle Tom” Blacks with faith in America organised along Civil Rghts lines led by Reverends of The Martin Luther King type, praying for a chance to partake in the American dream equally. Thus a division in the civil rights movement occurred.
    In order to preserve the system and the Union of the states and the capitalist system
    concessions were required to prevent riots and even a revolutionary situation developing . The Federal State imposed these concessions to Democracy on the reactionaries in the labor aristocracy class who attempted to fight back for preserving the labour aristocracy privileges along racial lines.
    America is no longer a profitable manufacturing power it was converted into a de- industrialised Ponzi economy . That old economy based on the dollar hegemony and military power has now imploded in a sea of debts as foreign credit supply dried up Now The American Elite can no longer afford its overpaid and subsidised labor aristocracy Black or white. America is now overpopulated as capital cannot supply the work or the promised Mc mansions on credit as it did in the last decade.
    Some Tea party labor aristocracy types think that they will be just fine if only they can steal or grab a cheap labor cleaning job off the illegal immigrants.
    They should formalise their Tea party movement into a National Union of American shoe cleaners ,lawnmowers ,cleaners , anti-immigrant worker job stealers . After all there is a limited number of jobs in the military –now –privatised war contractor sector of imperialism as the military is mostly “Hispanic”and Black patriot now.
    The dream of industrial development and capitalist progress and the old labor aristocracy is now dead in an insolvent Ponzi Zombiestan economy running on printed paper .

  13. When the blacks drop the hyphen "African-" and become Americans... Maybe just maybe... Nah, easier to play victum and live off the race card.

    Nobody alive today in America was a slave or slave owner, time to move on. Plenty of both in Africa though.

  14. We Americans are getting what we deserve. We allow ANY minority to designated themselves as either Italian-American, Irish-Americans or African American, just to name a few.

    Our gov't leaders, somewhere in time, allowed this lineage of stupidity to transform itself into a 800 lbs. gorilla that now no one wants to confront. Politically correctness.

    Well, what you have seen ove the past several decades should tell you what we are all to expect. Watts, L.A.,Detroit, Harlem, is there any need to to identify more?

    As the video was showing yesterday, the vast majority of these people had Ipods, cell phones, Yet, the American taxpayer is forking out monies to support this joke?

    Yes, there is a civil war brewing, it is coming fast. And for all of the Ivory towered recluses, they will be coming for you.

  15. All you have to do is watch the tapes from Katrina. Blacks wading through the flood waters to loot big screens, not food or survival supplies. But big friggin screen tvs.... to do what? What the hell do you do with those when your "home" is under 9 ft of polluted water?

    They have played out the woe is me race card. Nobody is going to give a crap when shtf.

  16. 11:02, i agree, these folks have just about run the course, in my opinion, of the "I feel so sorry for the blacks, they have been so mistreated", well get off you cabooses and try to make your situation better. For the past 40 years, America (white, as they say) has oppressed them to prisons, no jobs, low housing, well boo-hoo. Someday soon, there will be no bailouts for these people, no SS, no Medicare, no WIC, not entitlements, you know why? Because YOUR presaident will have raped the entire nation. And for all of you pea brains that will turn this around and blame GW.

    This jack leg in the WH knew what the situation with the economy was prior to him running, he promised Hope and Change, nothing new still screwed up, HE was the one who said HE could this country up and running, he screwed that up, HE said he would end the war(s) within a year, he screwed that up, I could go on and on, what would it prove? HE is a loser, he is a puppet, he is incapable of governing, He couldn't lead an ants to a honey pot one foot away.

    One thing he said he was going to do and he did it, he said he was going to spread the wealth and damn if he hasn't. He wanted a "welfare state", well, he definately is getting that, bailouts, now the 26B for teachers/police/fireman unions.

    Good job mr. president (lower case indended) you doing a bang up job!

  17. 10:40 Oh bullshit in your handbasket - if it was 30,000 white people the majority of Americans would call them out on it as well.

    But it ain't now is it?

    And funny enough; whenever this type of shit goes down - it always seems to be the same M.O.


  18. 5.18 said
    10:40 Oh bullshit in your handbasket - if it was 30,000 white people the majority of Americans would call them out on it as well."

    yeh ,right just like Katrina?
    a caring american middle class?

    But the point of 10.40 comment was that in a failed capitalist economy that couldnt deliver a good life for all was the comments posted were about "race" not the class reality and its historical developement in america includuing in Atlanta shipyards in WW2.

    it is not the poor that is looting the assets of the middle class and the labor aristocracy
    but the ruling class elite.
    Corruption and fraud is the order of the day for this elite under cover of constitutional rule , where laws are legaly bought to protect corruption and the looting of the middle class by the lobbyists and paid politicos of the elite.And nobody in that elite class goes to jail.
    Their economic Ponzi frauds and losses are bailed out by the trillions $.
    The poor and particularly the Blacks
    sector of the working people -and I did not call them 'afro-americans" but poorer
    americans who are black-
    are denied jobs in an unproductive services based economy .
    The US was living on credit Their are very few profitable for capital jobs in the US today , The economy runs on paper $ stimulus for the Ponzi elites schemes 'recovery" of their Profits .

    Those denied jobs Black or white have no alternitive but to seek handouts like third world peoples , living in economies that have been converted to export of wealth "developement" model economies, to the advantage of their own ruling elites corrupted by the First world imperialists .
    That is because the american economy is being restuctured to recover the Great Ponzi profits
    as a third world economy too.
    An economy run for the rich that seeks to deny even survival handouts to the poorer in society. To do this they have to create division fights along racial lines.

    The american industrial economy will not be rebuilt by attempts at recovery of the great Ponzi at the expense of the poorer classes with 'austerity" and 'sustainability" of profits for the elite TBTF frauds and the promotion of civil war along racial lines.
    I laugh at the middle class and labor aristocratswho fall for the racial crap and the cost of maintaining the poorer.
    Christians denying the need "charity" 'handouts "
    for the poor may say " god helps those who help themselves" and delclare them lazy as an excuse to turn away. But an actual job is needed for people to help themselves by working.
    The american Ponzi economy cannot provide those high waged jobs .
    While the elite and their self satisfied supporters the middle class "taxpayers"
    help themselves to all the advantages they can hold onto and the elite ,all that they can loot while pointing the finger at the lazy.

  19. I notice there are a lot of very fat and obese people in these pictures which would tell me they are sitting around stuffing their fat faces all day. A picture does tell a thousand words, doesn't it?


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