Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Staring Into the Abyss by Martin Armstrong: The End Of Western Civilization

Staring Into the Abyss by Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong is probably the top economist in the world. Even Jim Sinclair bows to his prognostications and we all know how smart Sinclair is. Armstrong is presently in jail for refusing to give the government the software he created that was able to uncover the formula for what makes the world markets work and thus predict future market action with accuracy. He writes letters from Jail....when he can. This latest letter needs to be read and understood by all. He tells us what we all mostly know and that is that we are on the verge of the end of western civilization...

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The purpose of these reports is to broaden the understanding that is so vital to our personal survival. Government cannot save us, and will only assist the very economic disaster we face. This is a Sovereign Debt Crisis that threatens our core survival.

There is no plan to ever pay off debts. The majority of debt increase- is paying interest perpetually to roll over without any long-term plan. What you see in Greece and in the States is that we have run out of other people's money.

The Socialists keep pointing to the rich. But to fund the deficits, we need to borrow now from foreign lands. We ran out of money domestically and to support the current system, like Greece, we need foreign capital. But all governments are facing the same crisis and we are on the verge of another widespread government default. Adam Smith warned in his Wealth of Nations that in 1776, no government ever paid off their debt and had always defaulted. We will have no choice either.

There is no hope that politicians will save us, for they only form committees to investigate after the shtf. They will NOT risk their career for a future problem that may hit on someone else's watch. There was a politician and a average man standing on top of the Sears‘ Tower when a gust of wind blew them off.The average man being a realistic pessimist, immediately sees he is about to die and begins praying. The politicians, the ultimate optimist, can-be heard saying -"Well so far so good!" as he passes the 4th floor.

At Princeton Economics, our mission was simply to gather global data and to bring that together to create the world's largest and most comprehensive computer system and model that would monitor the world capital flows. By creating that model, all the fallacies of market and economic theories were revealed. The world is far more dynamic and every change even in a distant land can alter the course of the global economy.

Just as has been shown with the turmoil in Greece, a CONTAGION takes place and now capital begins to look around at all countries. We can no more comprehend the future by looking only at domestic issues today than we can do so in every other area, such as disease and the spread of flu.

We live in a NEW DYNAMIC GLOBAL ECONOMY where capital rushes around fleeing political changes and taxes just as it is attracted by prosperity. All the people who migrated to the United States in the 19th and 20th Centuries, came for the same reasons as those still coming from Mexico - jobs and prosperity. In the 19th Century, America was said to have so much wealth, its streets were paved in gold. We must now look to both the past and the entire world to understand where we now are today.

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  1. Link to the letter does not work.

  2. Copy + paste = works

  3. Interesting read, NO govt has ever paid its debts in history. Makes me wonder why China has been buying our debt? Like they didn't know?

    He is predicting the crash in the next 11 months, worldwide. He also says revolution is NOT always good, plus he says some stocks will do fine after the crash, though I will stick to gold and silver.

    We are at the cusp of what those of us who live in reality have known for years, the big collapse.

    Good Luck!

  4. I'm sure that by the year 2100, everything will be just fine! :)

  5. July 2011 is the collapse? Gold might be a great invest or silver coins. ...

  6. October/November 2010 will be the collapse, the Dow will fall by 3300 in just a week. It will be a good time to buy gold and silver and a good time to short the market.

    Unfortunately for me I have been impacted by this depression so I won't be able to make the moves that I want to.

  7. 7:07 - Considering you are so sure of the date. Should n't you have done a better job planning for it?

  8. October Surprise anyone? To get Obamas numbers up and dem congress numbers up as well.

  9. Interesting how everyone has forgotten so quickly the oil gusher that was supposed to be the end of us all.

  10. 900 interesting how the media has not been mentioning it either, wanna know why? People, Plants and Fish are dying down there, Now that is a hard fact to swallow, eh?

  11. I'm rather surprised it hasn't happened yet.

    The middle class is so screwed, because they will be wiped out first. Since they are taxed so high, they've never been able to really save much or get into the rich elite game.

    Since they have decent jobs, they also don't get the handouts that the poor get, that the middle class is taxed in order to fund.

    Since the only way the poor will stop getting benefits is when the middle class get wiped out, the poor actually won't be the worst off. It's the middle class that will get destroyed and punished, although the poor will soon follow as the rich elite will have zero intention of funding anybody at all, and have never had that intention.

    If people think that will happen in 1 year I guess I can get on board. But maybe it will happen in a little bit over that...2012 is supposed to be a prophetic date, ironically everything seems to be shaping up to actually cause an economic doomsday on that date.

  12. Armstrong might be gods gift to economic news, but he can't spell worth a damn. I'm calling bullshit.

  13. Weird his lil bio makes it seem like he's a con artist but the way the government behaved and kept him locked up almost 7 years for contempt makes no sense...Then to top it they don't give him credit for the 7 years towards his 5 year sentence?

    I'm going to side with him...His arguements maybe misspelled in parts but the arguements stand...Plus why would the gov still be demanding a program that supposedly didn't work?

    Kinda reminds me of the movie "Pi."

    I don't know what to believe with so many bad news popping up everyday...But I do know that the crash will be soon...What's soon though? Months? Years?...F*ck it lets all roll will 2012 year of the big bad crash.

  14. Don't forget to grab the rest of his pdf files too..

    Strangely, he seems to be contradicting himself between pdfs.
    One says there is no way there will be a depression and another says there will be and it could run 25-35 years !

    Would be nice to get Celente to do an assessment !

  15. A brilliant prophetic analysis based on Adam smiths decleration that governments in trouble default of their debts.
    "debts" arise and the "free markets" inevitably
    decide all must crash.
    But what is this monster "debt" and what is
    the nature of value,of interest -and why does debt jump up and do this seemingly satanic thing ?
    Is the free market satan?
    is satans second name Ponzi?
    Does a free market exist in the stock echange itself ,or is this free market 'that socialist hate"the real world?
    Who cares,about economic analysis, it is clear that the Mayons predicted an end in 2012 and just will not wait for the return of jesus to sort out the sheep and the goats,or all the 140,OOO to be saved jews gathering at a temple in israel.
    Got Gold?

  16. To the poster (August 10, 2010 10:00 PM ) who wrote: "The middle class is so screwed, because they will be wiped out first. Since they are taxed so high, they've never been able to really save much or get into the rich elite game."

    I agree. Preventing others becoming competition was the point - create barriers to entry to prevent competition. What we have had is a Plutocarcy disguised as a democracy.


  17. 9:20 pm. Where did you get your "facts". Show me that they are indeed facts and I will gladly swallow them, eh?

  18. 603 go to u tube and look up kindra arneson in lousiana, a wife of a fisherman family, listen to her and tell me, is she lying?

  19. 2:02. Looked it up. This lady does not seem to me to be a very intelligent person. I cannot put my trust in what she says. Lots of rhetoric.

  20. Babys not crash here,sp 500 maybe down to 950 in november but after up to 115O and choppy market to summer 2011.Then ...


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