Saturday, August 14, 2010

These Charts Show The Destruction Of America

"Creative Destruction is Secular not Cyclical" - What made America great was her unsurpassed ability to innovate.  Equally important was also her ability to rapidly adapt to the change that this innovation fostered. For decades the combination has been a self reinforcing growth dynamic with innovation offering a continuously improving standard of living and higher corporate productivity levels, which the US quickly embraced and adapted to. This in turn financed further innovation. No country in the world could match the American culture that flourished on technology advancements in all areas of human endeavor. However, something serious and major has changed across America.  Daily, more and more are becoming acutely aware of this, but few grasp exactly what it is.  It is called Creative Destruction.
It turns out that what made America great is now killing her!
Our political leaders are presently addressing what they perceive as an intractable cyclical recovery problem when in fact it is a structural problem that is secular in nature. Like generals fighting the last war with outdated perceptions, we face a new and daunting challenge. A challenge that needs to be addressed with the urgency and scope of a Marshall plan that saved Europe from the ravages of a different type of destruction. We need a modern US centric Marshall plan focused on growth, but orders of magnitude larger than the one in the 1940’s. A plan even more brash than Kennedy’s plan in the 60’s to put a man of the moon by the end of the decade. America needs to again think and act boldly. First however, we need to see the enemy. As the great philosopher Pogo said: “I saw the enemy and it was I”.


  1. We already knew these problems were beyond cyclical bud.

    Our political leaders are not addressing the problems we face - they're causing them along with the stupidity epidemic among the masses.

    You can go on about America needing a new path or a new way of looking at the problems we face but the fact is thanks to the above regardless of any kind of economic salvation (which isn't going to happen) we are going to be in for about 30 years of living death.

    The moral fabric of this nation is dead, most people now walk around on drugs or in cyber-stupor, men are focused on going to parties and seeing if they can get the drunkest girl there to go home with them, kids are fixated on violent videos or watching them on youtube 24/7, they want to legalize dope, our education system is nearly the worst in the world (and getting worse), divorce rates are way higher than any other nation's in history, girls have absolutely no self esteem so they just want to pop out babies with whatever abusive guy they can come across. Obesity, mental illness, hit and runs, autism, porn... all this shit is getting progressively worse. We also have to contend with our liberties being taken away as the Constitution and Congress are being systematically wiped out.

    To add to that; Generation Y is a degenerate group of apes. Most are mindless, perverse, compulsive liars that can't avoid five minutes without text messaging and are lazy alcoholics who have no family values.

    Generation Z is going to be 10 times worse.

    The only way we can have any kind of future worth living is if the dollar dies and anarchy spreads.

    And for people that think the economy is in a down phase and will pick up eventually just wait until Obama's little bills take effect in 2011 - 2012. You're going to see a nightmare come to life.

    Thousands of regulations and financial laws deliberately designed to wipe out the country. Healthcare, Wallstreet, and the Immigration Reform have nothing at all to do with healthcare, wallstreet, or immigration. Oh yeah and Cap and Trade is there too... but I think with all the above that's highly insignificant.

    Take a moment of silence for the United States of America. She's dead, accept it.

  2. ^

    Actually the "war on drugs" and criminalizing everything is the problem. Do you honestly think drugs were illegal in America's Golden Age? Do you honestly think cops were patrolling the streets looking to throw people in jail for anything?

    Some of the greatest figures in America were drunkards and used drugs. They also had slaves, and benefited by exploiting them. It's not the rosy picture you have of things in your mind.

    As for violence, people had to fight to eat. Being a brawler was something that people looked up to and respected. Prize fighters like Jack Dempsey were kings among men back then, they were heroes. Violence is not something that was just invented a few years ago. It's a grand American tradition. Only now the government seeks to stop it and stamp it out everywhere, and tries to criminalize or shame people for being interested in it.

    You've gotten part of the problem, but you yourself only know this existence so you don't know what America was like back then. Yes, the regulations are also a problem. Yes the oppressive government is a problem. I agree with a lot of what you wrote, just not all of it, and definitely not the idealized version of it. People are no worse now, things are just a lot less hidden and you're living in it.

  3. I say to this article NO, No, No

    And No

    Actually this is exactly what transpires when you move an entire economy from a manufacturing based one

    To a service sector based one.

    It really is that simple - you can do all the analyzing you want; put four syllable words that
    your think tank just came up with back to back and all that happy shit - it will never change the outcome until said country gets to making stuff !

    I recently went to the Outer Banks N.C. - this is some the most sought after realestate on the east coast - I could not believe the amount of for sale signs! I mean it was incredible!

    Today I see that REMAX is closing it's largest office in Florida and trying to relocate the 170 agents elsewhere - the market is so bad; they have to close it down! When was the last time you heard of that?

    This is all due to mu above point - you can put as many coats of paint on it you want - in the end we have screwed ourselves because in one way or the other we gave away our manufacturing base

  4. Your main points are well taken. You points about younger generations make your article worthless. Did you forget the 1960's? and who is in power now leading us to destruction?

  5. With so much un- and under-employment, and wages stagnant for a decade, who can afford a mortgage? That's a main reason why real estate is tanking (aside from the fraud by banks and mortgage lenders).

    You've got millions of foreclosed homes, bankruptcies galore, and banks hiding their insolvent loans. And every industry connected to housing is tanking too. If the banks weren't so greedy, they would have found a way to keep people in their homes and this economy probably could survive.

    But when you have a huge number of homeless and hungry people, it means the federal and state governments now have to step in and do something. So that's the next "bubble." The banks took our money, the government gave them more, and there's nothing left to help the average citizen without borrowing from China--because the military industrial complex won't stop the two wars.

    Until Congress gets some backbone, we'll just continue going in circles down the drain.

  6. 22.6
    You are right about the cost of the two wars and many earlier wars against the Third World that bankrupted government that needed to service the interest cost of the treasury bonds issued to finance these wars through Defict spending .
    The military industrial complex and wars cost the US at least 1 trillion a year in deficit spending. Government revenues are falling so government cannot afford much more.
    But, your theory that the government needs to "get backbone to help" is a theory that the economic crisis, not just government creating a huge national debt deficit and continual balance of trade deficits , was created by insufficient money for purchasing things by people. A Theory of under-consumption as the cause of the crisis.
    Supposedly because they were robbed 'the banks took our money"
    "If the banks weren't so greedy” things would have been OK?
    'and this economy probably could survive"
    If only there was bailouts for the ordinary people too?
    And pigs might fly.
    Actually what exists is a credit crises caused by OVER consumption by the US of value ,commodities were supplied on credit to and to finance a housing bubble with low interest loans, way beyond the ability to keep up with their interest payments, making capital unprofitable
    The banks will not loan capital because there is no real profits to be got in America.
    They hoard their capital for a future deflation low price buy up t in the next stage of the Ponzi crisis collapse .
    America now is financed by printing money and the profits of the finance sector from looting , The stock market is faked out 70% of the trades are by HFT computers and the people are fleeing the stock markets.
    Your under- consumptionist assumption is that the working people were actually productive of enough real commodity wealth to share and live well just like pre crisis.
    And the american dream would have continued if it wasn’t for greedy (corrupt)banks?
    America is not suffering from a management crisis but a credit crises a collapsed ponzi crises.
    Perhaps a new Republican government could change this situation?
    True not very likely ,but it is clear from actual practice that the Democrat bankster puppet will not!
    America is an insolvent fast de-industrialized country ,an unproductive services based Ponzi economy ,that was running pre crisis on foreign supplied credit equal to the annual after tax dividends of its companies , where consumption -not production -accounted for 72% of GDP.
    Credit supply stopped from the rest of the world particularly the third world.
    2008 as the property bubble imploded collapsing bank ponzis and destroying fictional overvalued assets of the middle class.
    no amount of "keynesian" stimulus help can make an unproductive of real material wealth economy whole again.
    America has chosen to try and get "recovery" of the great Ponzi economy .
    government cannot bail out the difficulties of the people with money printing because it already bails out its banksters and it has Democrat foreign wars to fight.
    The banksters arranged a bi-partizan bailout
    under the republicans and elected Obama to manage that bailout and to continue with the wars.
    Obomber is doing what he was elected to do.
    manage the bailout and the wars for ameruca and its agent Israel.
    Be a good liberal and support your liberal warmonger government , stop whining for handouts as the government is already insolvant ,because the Democrats are bailing out the Rich like Republicans. Why are you spreading these liberal Keynesian illusions about Obama cutting down on war costs to help the ordinary people?
    You know what the score is . Obomber is expanding these wars, a Democrat war-monger ,eager for more warring against The muslim world .
    Iran next because Israel wants war ?
    Obomber cannot serve two masters with the printing press only hand out food stamps in a humane "leftist" way, while the big bucks go to the banksters.


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