Saturday, August 14, 2010

1000 Restaurants And Shops Accepting Gold In Malaysia

Paper money is so old hat. While De La Rue - which makes banknotes for 150 currencies - struggles with production problems and management turmoil, in one part of Malaysia, they are looking at an ancient alternative - gold.
In a move applauded by some local Muslims, the state government of Kelantan said it was introducing a new monetary system featuring standardised gold and silver coins based on the traditional dinar and dirham coins once used by the Ottoman Empire.
Nik Abdul Aziz, the state’s chief minister, spoke in visionary terms of an economy in which state civil servants would be paid in the new sharia currency, and the poor would be protected against inflation by the intrinsic value of the precious metals used to produce it.
About 1,000 shops and restaurants in the state have said they will accept the new currency, which follows an earlier issue of gold dinars in 2006. The coins comply with traditional Islamic teaching on the use of coins with intrinsic value as a medium of exchange, rather than paper money.
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  1. If the Government is issuing these new gold coins then it will work but if the Banksters are involved it will still be a problem. See the video "The Secret of Oz" mentioned in another post on this Blog. Below is cut-n-paste of that post. Note Bill Still has made the whole video available for free.
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  2. where i live we have a local 'pound' that can be used in the town, and ensures we spend money locally which works, but i like the idea of the actual money itself having an intrinsic value as well as a value as a currency.

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  5. It really is coming this time. Prepare it will be upon us by year end.

  6. Please, I've seen you people posting about August 25th, tell me what the hell is going to happen! Stop trying to start something, or be funny. If you're being legit that's fine, now, whats going to occur August 25th. Which year exactly as well, and do you have accredited sources to proof these claims? If noone responds to this, its a sham. But like I've said, I wanna know.

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