Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today is a Sad Day For America

Today is a sad day for America. Last night, Peter Schiff lost the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in the State of Connecticut. Linda McMahon was the winner of the primary with 49% of the vote compared to Rob Simmons at 28% and Peter Schiff at 23%. Peter Schiff received 53% more votes than what the latest Quinnipiac poll had indicated, which showed his support at only 15%.

NIA believes that Peter Schiff understands the upcoming hyperinflationary crisis better than any other candidate who was running for office this year nationwide. He was perhaps our nation's last and only hope to prevent U.S. hyperinflation. It won't take long for the true nature of our country's dollar bubble to become apparent to all and when this time comes, Americans will sadly regret not electing Peter Schiff to the U.S. Senate.

America's tea party movement started out as a libertarian movement but it has recently been hijacked by FOX News and others in the mainstream media. On June 21st, thousands of NIA members wrote to FOX News asking for Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly to feature Peter Schiff on their respective shows. All three of them decided to completely ignore Peter Schiff's senate campaign, despite the fact that Peter Schiff's credentials are stronger than any of the tea party candidates they are supporting.

Glenn Beck previously had Peter Schiff as a guest on his show on several occasions and obviously knew he was running for senate. It appears as though Glenn Beck wants to have Peter Schiff on only when it is supporting his agenda. Glenn Beck doesn't care about helping the public become educated about a true libertarian candidate who would actually make a difference in Washington.

Glenn Beck is not our friend. This is not the first time he has showed his true colors. Back when Ron Paul was running for President, Ron Paul raised a record $4.3 million in a single day "money bomb" all from grassroots supporters. Rather than praising Ron Paul and his supporters for their tremendous accomplishment, Glenn Beck questioned the use of the word "bomb" in "money bomb" and said that Americans who were supporting the "Ron Paul Revolution" were taking the word "revolution" way too seriously. Glenn Beck even said that he feared the U.S. military would one day need to be used domestically against Ron Paul donors.
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  1. So we're supposed to turn against Fox News, the only half-decent news station on television because Glenn Beck didn't advertise some lame Libertarian?

    The Libertarians, like all other idiots on this planet today can do nothing to avert what must come. One little puke getting in office is somehow going to cure the black plague we have surrounding us?

    A bit Messiah Complex if you ask me. Obama was the extreme left (COMMUNIST ANARCHIST) Christ, and he is so far successful = throw the country into chaos. These Libertarians are just the Conservative form of anarchy. Better, but at this point they are awfully inconsequential.

    Libertarians. LOL! Isn't that fatass idiot magician a Libertarian? Penile Teller or whatever? Isn't Ben Stein one too? What a bunch of deuche bags.

  2. to add... this article most likely was written by a person who is opposed to Libertarianism altogether with the Tea Party.

    He most likely is an Obama lover, he may even be George Soros. This is nothing more than an anti Glenn Beck rant. This guy is a fake and he is not "our friend".

  3. I've stopped listening to Glenn Beck over the last month or so. Tired of his praying on the radio. If I want to listing to a preacher, we've got many on the local stations that don't pray to Goldline, the 9/12 project or his August 28 self promotion. He still shows the classic signs of an alcoholic, me me me. Really stopped listening when Glenn attacked Rick Barber. Anyone know how Barber is doing or did?

  4. Damn...I liked Peter and his ideas all made sense.

  5. The point that should be taken from the article is to not blindly follow any person or media agenda. Today, hidden agendas are everywhere. Quantifiable rational has been thrown to the trash bin. We choose "our" candidate/mouth-piece without real investigation of their stance on the issues that best serve "We the people". We choose pretty people. We choose Actors that rehearse "talking points" after panels and focus groups refine and distort what "we" digest as "truth". News is no longer just reported with just the facts. News today is an agenda. Their agenda is one of Divide Them...Then Conquer Them.

    A good introduction to what is actually happening to the United States Economy today.

    Question: Why won't the Federal Government tell the people the truth about the catastrophe, an economic meltdown, about to befall us?

    Answer: Consumer spending accounts for over 70% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)today. Please, read again the last sentence. Let it soak in. Think about it.

    Now try to imagine: "Hyperinflation is a foregone conclusion", "We are Broke", "The days of entitlement are over", "You must work for a living from now on", spoken by President Obama at 8:00 p.m. E.S.T. on all the network channels. This would be the Cause/Effect Trigger that would mark the Final Phase in the destruction of the U.S. Dollar.

    Result: Death, destruction, the end of the world as we know it.

    Got your attention yet? Are you still reading this? If your response is Yes, your a SMALL Minority in the U.S. population. My guesstimate is your a Minority of less then 9% of the population today.

    Now you may ask... What can I do about it? Armed revolt? Anarchy? No! In fact, the answer is the exact opposite. The answer is a return to COMMUNITY. A return to the Values you might remember as a child. Can you remember when your parents knew the names of all your neighbors on your street? Children played on bicycles with other nieghbors' children. I remember! I remember that I was not allowed in the house during the Summer until dinner time. Today, children sit in doors, in front of a Multi Media blitz all day long. Not too long ago neighbors watched out for neighbors. What happened to those days? Did your neighbors values change? Did your values change?

    Short Answer...YES, our values have changed. I know mine have. Emotional Walls up, on guard always. Can't sleep at night. Cat-nape after sunrise. Alarm on, doors always locked. Pistol under pillow. Is this a life that you wanted? Is this living life to its potential? NO.

    1) Let G-D into your life. Live righteously. Understand Karma. Abide by: Don't Lie, Cheat or Steal and demand the same from those that you allow into your life.

    2) Prepare for the storm that's coming. Many Websites available to glean information on Preparedness. First, prepare for yourself. Next prepare for your immediate family. Then prepare for your extended family and friends. Then you can, and should prepare for the neighbors.

    Now your probably thinking to yourself... Why should I prepare for my extended family or my neighbors? I tried to tell them many times about the good times that will be ending soon. They refused to listen. They called you and me crazy behind our back(s). I ate canned tuna on white bread and called it dinner, saving every dollar I could. They had dinner and drinks at a restaurant most every night. Still, it is a choice today that "we the people" must choose...A return to Community or a choice for Anarchy and the coming End Of The World As We Know It.


  6. Glenn Beck is fake. His fake tears are not fooling me. If he wanted change for the better he would have had Peter on his show to get the word out.

  7. August 25th...they are watching

  8. I now am really starting to think whether an economic recovery is coming.

    Have a look at this guys video. He is from OZ & called the market crash back in 2008, and has been spot on since day one. Everyone was laughing at him, but guess who is having the last laugh now...hmmm his video at :-

  9. Glenn Beck is a neocon asshole who gives Libertarians a bad name. His supporters are no different than the Liberals they hate, they are both statists.

  10. What happens August 25th?

    Who is watching Whom?

    Is there an agenda to their watching besides that of intimidation?

    Please be so kind and expand on your 11:34 pm comment.


  11. The "libertarians" of the Austrian school of free trade for capital , pretend that the economic crisis in america is purely a monetary crisis caused by the Fed printing excess paper used for fractional reserve banking .
    They pretend that this practice was not real"pure" capitalism,in acordance with their best theoretical ideal market ideas.

    That the problems of america can all be saved if the banksters could only run again as a fractional reserve system backed by gold.
    And the "entitlement" demands of the Unions and working people could be restricted so a benevolent capitalism could then be more profitable again without regulation by "big"government.
    GOM X 1000.
    Free markets rule for capitalist enterprise OK!
    But no free market for labor!

    The national debts created by government deficit spending for wars and by stealing finance from peoples payments for pensions and social security funds by government IOU,would have occured with a gold backed currency just as easily with a gold backed currency as with the paper dollar scams.

    Government deficit spending was done by borrowing money from the bondholder /bankster class against future tax revenues.
    This process of indebting governments by creating the "public debt" owned by by cental banksters and bondholder Usury began in a time when corrency printing was backed by Gold loaned by banksters. Incfluding by the Fed.
    The banksters and the rich now have a strangle hold over all future tax revenues.
    Americans are now enslaved debt Peons.
    The economic crises in america was caused by the de-industrialisng of america that created an unproductive of real profits Ponzi economy that had no products that could be exchanged for products imported from the rest of the world
    A balance of payment problem has mounted up for decades .
    The US economy and consumption of value was financed by running the government and by consumers using personal credit.
    The principal of these loans was not being repaid but by borrowing more money for interest payments turning the US into a Giant ponzi.
    The interest payments on the government and personal credit such as mortgages were being paid by foreign borrowing ,untill the the Americans were completly maxed out on credit the ponzi then collapsed .
    Changing the currency from printed paper to gold backed money will not wipe out past debts.
    But it might ensure that the value of the loans to the banksters and bondholders could not be so easily be inflated away.
    The Banksters and rich creditors might like that again ,the security of getting their interest paid in real Gold again now the printed paper dollar hegenomy in world trade and international finance is over.
    Gold is very portable and handy for international financiers and dual-national banksters contemplating the exit doors with real exchangable money ,not inflated paper dud $ value.

  12. A national bank issuing credit , ‘printing money of fresh air”, even under capitalism, does not have to have gold reserves, or be privately owned ,or owned by a bankster collective like the US Fed for putting the country into debt that the banksters create .

    Consider the history of the Commonwealth bank in Australia , before it was taken over by the international banksters central bank cabal.
    Even the cental bank of the state capitalist USSR was captured by banksters loans who then crushed the USSR in a debt crisis collapse , much like the creit crisis in the US today .
    President John Adams is quoted as saying, “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” The major conquests today are on the battlefield of debt, a war that is raging globally. Debt forces individuals into financial slavery to the banks, and it forces governments to relinquish their sovereignty to their creditors, which in the end are also private banks, the originators of all non-cash money today. In Great Britain, where the Bank of England is owned by the government, 97% of the money supply is issued privately by banks as loans. In the U.S., where the central bank is owned by a private consortium of banks, the percentage is even higher. The Federal Reserve issues Federal Reserve Notes (or dollar bills) and lends them to other banks, which then lend them at interest to individuals, businesses, and local and federal governments.
    That is true today, but in the past there have been successful models in which the government itself issued the national currency, whether as paper notes or as the credit of the nation. A stellar example of this enlightened approach to money and credit was the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, which operated successfully as a government-owned bank for most of the 20th century. Rather than issuing “sovereign debt” – federal bonds indebting the nation to pay at interest in perpetuity – the government through the Commonwealth Bank issued “sovereign credit,” the credit of the nation advanced to the government and its constituents."

  13. I've been reflecting on the Republican "small government"; my thought is the problem stems back to the GI Bill. I'd like a study to see if military who received military benefits from the government via the GI Bill are the selfsame morons who form the core of the Republican Party, and who espouse "small government."

    Military should be downsized drastically for all benefits. If you go into the military, you get salary, that becomes the basis for your Social Security. Your health care is you're carried on your parents insurance policy or you go to the emergency room in Iraq. No military health care whatsoever. No jobs points, housing, education. No anything else. Let military reflect exactly current civilian conditions that prevail.

    (FOX) IN TX

  15. 3:10 YOU ARE "ATE UP" WITH IT!!!

  16. Haven't lost faith in America the idea yet

    lost ALL faith in the people a long time ago
    this is just one more blatant example of how stupid 99.99% are

    They all deserve what they are getting

  17. They will be watching

    August the 26th 2012

  18. Beck is a dry drunk, FOX News garbage

  19. To 4:24 am: THANKS i just like calling out former military who were sucking on the govt t*t. You manage your money by managing you're biggest expenses first. Align military life with civilian life and the deficit would be whacked.

  20. Ron Paul's only problem is his belief 9/11 was an inside job. Only Rosie and the fringe believe that and it hurts him enough that others think him dangerous. I like Peter Schiff and his reason for running. But he would have been eaten alive once in that pit of vipers. At least he can continue warning the rest of us.

    As for the military rant and aligning it with civilian life, it pretty much is. Not the working poor who have little to nothing to show but of the middle class. Health insurance covering the entire family provided by their employers, social security is taken out of military pay each pay check and many companies pay for continued education. The problem is socialists destroying the middle class, outlawing private health insurance and dismantling manufacturing by allowing the EPA to run a muck and chase them to other countries without severe fines & regulations.

    There's enough blame to go around but the military doesn't deserve the bulk of it. Why some consider it the enemy concerns me greatly. The military is made up of families who still believe in God Country and Family...and it's that belief that carries this nation to greatness.

  21. ALL media has to be questioned, Beck is no different. I'm sick of his prayer crap, but his research and connecting the dots is pretty good. I'm not going to stop watching just because he ignored Schiff.
    Schiff wouldn't have been able to turn things around or stop what's coming! He's ONE person and would have been a junior at that. He's have been stuffed in a corner like Ron Paul by the traditional senators.
    Things will play out, the economy will crash sooner or later and we, the regular people, will get screwed, as usual!

  22. peter schiff does not have enough money to buy ads and votes like linda mchaman. americans are ignorant. they learn the world around them through the main stream media. we need to let america implode so the sheeples can wake up. my brother is a doctor and he does not understand we are in an economic crisis. he thinks everything is fine.

  23. Look up the name Schiff. Not an honorable lineage. He is part of a Banking Family and he doesn't speak for, or on, your behalf. He wants to manipulate you, just as his ancestors manipulated and exploited your ancestors. Spit in his face and crush him beneath your boot heal where he belongs.

  24. Anyone with half a brain knows why Glen Beck is on TV and it is not to tell the whole truth will give you a little but not all of it. Does anyon actually believe that ANY TV NEWS is telling the whole truth.

    Peter would not have been able to fix the problem the Federal Reserve printing press is already ON.

    Glen Beck probably already has bought real estate outside the USA. And is transferring his money into silver, gold, and other hard assets.

  25. I think this article is completely misjudging Glen Beck. While I don't know all the reasons for why or why not he didn't do what he did, I know he's a patriot and loves this country and repeatedly warns that an enconomic crash is coming. This article is very unfair to him.


  27. Why do you want to go after the military so badly? Go after the regular government employees first at least, the teachers, cops, politicians, etc. If you want to screw over the military more, you won't get any talent in the military and the government will start drafting again.

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  29. Yeah, Beck's a patriot, blah, blah, blah. All of the above commentators are corporate shills - all of them. All one has to do is look at their advertisers. Hence, no Schiff.

  30. Beck has some flaws, but he is turning a huge swath of people from blind to seeing. Give him some credit. Yes the praying is getting old.

  31. He needs the praying to keep you religious sheep watching, that is all, he is about as religious as hitler was. Goebbels would have been very proud of beck. Nothing he says is true, all spin and lies and you idiots lap it up, like the sheep you are.


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