Saturday, September 11, 2010


The anger building against the ruling elite on Wall Street and in Washington DC is real. Average Americans feel betrayed by politicians, bankers and corporate America. The Tea party movement is a reflection of that anger. The country certainly hasn’t reached a consensus about which direction the country needs to move, but we are still in the early stages of the Fourth Turning. A threat to our very existence will reveal itself in the near future and generate the consensus necessary to meet the threat.
What is beyond a doubt is that the country is facing extreme peril as it tries to maneuver its way through an economic Depression, a looming peak oil crisis, unresolved long-term fiscal obligations, and antagonism from countries throughout the world. The cycles of history do not reveal the exact nature of the Crisis ahead, but previous Crisis periods give us a flavor of what to expect. Based on our previous Crises periods and knowing which national issues have been ignored for decades, the likely threats to confront the nation over the next decade include:
  • Continued reduction in the national wealth of Americans as home prices drop another 20% and the stock market loses another 30% of its value.
  • A National Debt approaching $20 trillion within the next 5 years, potentially resulting in massive interest expense payments and/or a collapse of the USD.
  • When the Central Bank experiment in fiat currency fails within the next 5 years, a hyperinflationary depression is likely. 
  • The demographic headwinds of a rapidly aging population combined with the gutting of industrial America by corporate chieftains insures that the American economy will be stuck in low gear. The result will be a steady decline in the American standard of living.
  • The diminishing supply of cheap, easily accessible oil will fundamentally change American society. The entire suburban sprawl existence of America, with 260 million automobiles and food trucked from 1,500 miles to grocery stores will disappear practically overnight.
  • The wrenching changes which will be required to localize, combined with the loss of wealth, will likely lead to social chaos, possible revolt, and the use of U.S. military forces against citizens of the United States. Geographic fragmentation of the country is a distinct possibility.
  • The desperate need for oil will provoke wars for precious resources. The Middle East is likely to turn into a battlefield. The combatants are unknown at this point, but China and Russia are likely to be involved. With the proliferation of nuclear weapons, an escalation could lead to a catastrophic worldwide conflagration.
Fourth Turnings always sweep away the old order and replace it with a new order. There is no guarantee that the new order will be better. It could be far worse. 
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  1. Once the Evil Empire dropped out and let down the military industrial complex the invention of a new villain was necessary, enter Al CIA-da.

    Everything went downhill from there. If only we could bring back the good old cold war days...

  2. this whole time predicting a total collapse for this year and now your talking about a slow decline of everything with in the next 5 year?
    your giving me the run-around.
    now that im here explain to me what exactly i should be looking out for so i can have a better idea.

  3. Continuation to 3:15pm:...

    I feel like a child when told that santa claus does not exist.....

  4. 3:16. This is Santa Clause and you will starve if you dont wake up before Christmas. Ho ho ho...wheres all the ho's? Mrs. Clause is a prude! Seriously, do your homeword and read a chart or two. Nothing to cheer about now.

  5. "But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him."

  6. Is the "son of man" going to break into the house?

  7. You Jehova`s Witnesses are supposed to be going door to door banging on peoples doors pissing them off and stepping in wet dogshit in your shiny shoes, not wasting space on these normal people`s blogs.

  8. Hey JW's are people too. We all are watching this together.. Don't get too upset with JW's they just may be your lifeline to get through this time of the end.

  9. Looks to me Obama & Hillary are trying to give power to the scarlet colored beast by sicking it on arizona...

  10. 7:37 here- Hey Dave, that was just a joking dig at you guys-no offence! I meant to put lol behind my statement and overlooked it. I made the statement as blatant and crude as possible to stress the point that we are all the same, all going thru this horror show together and at the end of the day, no matter who we are we all step in the same dog shit as the next guy! lol.

  11. The diminishing supply of cheap, easily accessible oil will fundamentally change American society. The entire suburban sprawl existence of America, with 260 million automobiles and food trucked from 1,500 miles to grocery stores will disappear practically overnight.

    Are you forgetting natural gas? It is extremely abundant and there are already vehicles running on it.

  12. Oh boy !

    Don't mention natural gas! I did once ! Boy that was a mistake. Just let the sheep continue to be bled dry and go your own way.

    I have given up trying to promote this amazing resource - these dumb fucks just tear you up one side and down the other

    Why even bother my friend?

  13. 1:09pm No offense taken. But I do mean it. JW's hold the key to survival this is all going in a direction that will defy the reality we see now. It is more than a change in world domination. This is all about universal rulership. After they establish the NWO and seem to succeed in there plans that is when all falls apart at God's direction He steps in and a exacts justice it takes place as all mankind faces God's wrath. This is even more serious that what the conspiracy theorists say.. Not that they are wrong it just goes even deeper than they know.


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