Sunday, September 19, 2010

All Money Comes From Debt

The truth is that modern Economics has been designed to completely hide the monetary system that hovers above the economy. It assumes money is just a medium of exchange floating through the economy to facilitate a free market and generate wealth. At times that has been true, but today it’s probably the biggest lie of modern history. The current system does not generate wealth and freedom for most people. It generates debt and servitude. And it is not a free market. Today’s money flows from a top-down imperial power system expanding globally. It creates a master-servant relationship because all money comes from privately held debt.
Let me say that again. ALL MONEY COMES FROM DEBT (for those of us who suffered the most indoctrination by attending schools like Harvard, let’s pause here for a moment so we can catch up to the rest of the class). This means in order for governments, businesses, and people to have the liquidity necessary to live, they must agree to sign over a claim on their assets to banks. As the banking system inflates over time passing out credit, which makes everyone feel good with more digits in their accounts, it gathers claims on all the assets in the system for its private capital holders. Admittedly, this is one way of facilitating development (good students would’ve figured out a better way had they not been stifled). But it’s also the method for transferring everyone else’s assets to the balance sheets of the capital holders behind the banks once deflation sets in.
This is what we’re facing today. The global banking system has a claim on most assets in the world (except those in places like Iran, so it’s no surprise the military is gearing up to conquer the region for Wall Street and its Harvard employees…like JP Morgan Chase moving in on the mineral assets seized in Afghanistan because it’s a primary bank that pays the military-industrial complex to conquer territory for it).
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  1. There is an excellent video regarding money as debt on you tube. Check it out here:

  2. "money comes as debt"only in a particular economic system ,with a particular class or elite monopoly in control of money creation dominates.


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