Thursday, September 23, 2010

American Nightmare: Top 10 Cities for Foreclosures

If you drive 32 miles east of Reno, you'll find Fernley, Nevada. The city that limits its dog count to three per address and speaks out about the affects of graffiti on its Website has troublesome news to digest. It has the nation's highest foreclosure rate through August.
While the great recession has wreaked havoc on numerous local economies, Fernley has been the hardest hit. The city has seen more than 3,500 foreclosure filings over a 12-month period among its 17,900 housing units, according to Realty Trac, an online service that collects and aggregates foreclosure data.

It's been an awful time for the real estate market, which was only made worse by recent news. August was the toughest month for homeowners as lenders swooped in and seized more than 95,000 homes across the United States, according to Realty Trac.
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US Walks Out On Ahmadinejad UN Speech 

UNITED NATIONS – The U.S. delegation walked out of the U.N. speech of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday after he said some in the world have speculated that Americans were actually behind the Sept. 11 terror attacks, staged in an attempt to assure Israel's survival.


  1. Ahmadinejad is right. America's "Elite" are overrepresented by Leftist Jewish billionaires who also happen to be rabid conservatives when it comes to Israel. They are all assholes despised at home and abroad.

    You'd have to be a nitwit to believe the trade towers weren't demolished after watching the video replay 24/7 showing the towers implode on themselves. And surprise, Larry Silverstein, the jewish owner of the trade towers filed two separate insurance claims for the maximum amount of coverage just before the attacks. 7 billion dollar net for this scum.

    So I ask: WHOS THE REAL TERRORIST in this whole thing? Look no further than the US Federal Government and organized Jewry.

  2. 2:21 You bet Ahmadinejab is right.. This country thinks it can lie without it coming back.. They did 9/11.. Such a disgraceful act.. I am with you.. Finally the truth comes out in public.. except they will now hate Iran even more.. They will scheme schemes to get him back.. Pure evil indeed..

  3. You guys are living in 2004. America won't attack Iran, the reason is because we are no longer America. We are a nation of pussies who actually laugh this guy off and make believe that he isn't serious about nuking Israel.

    His nuclear program is an immitation of the Russian one which fell apart and caused beta radiation to fill a radius larger than the middle east. His little program is going to wipe out the middle east, it is a disaster waiting to happen.

    Murphy's Law: Things get worse - and whatever can happen will happen.

    There is no such thing as Islamic Fascism though, the kind the Iranians have to put up with under that little piece of shit. Did you know gays are buried under ground there since being gay is a crime worthy of the death penalty?

    What a benevolent government! It loves being munificent to the people and telling them truth.

    American Government = Shit.
    Iranian Government = Death.

  4. 2:55 I don't necessarily support everything the Iranian president stands for but I will say he spoke truth regarding 9/11.. I personally do not feel gays should be allowed to work their evil and corrupt others.. Which is what has been happening with their agenda they have used freedoms to indoctrinate the impressionable and now they have spread their diseased thinking throughout the US.. That is what happens when deviants use the freedoms they have they work to corrupt others..So trying to drum up sympathy from me on that point will not work. Although I think killing them is a bit harsh.. That is God's job, Not ours..


  6. If they nuked Israel, and then someone killed all the Jews in NYC and DC, and Hollywood too, we'd probably be on the road to economic recovery.

    Hitler had the right idea.

  7. funny how the US media tries to control the common viewpoint on 9/11 but in this case they cannot do it. It was nice to see..

  8. Does Judaic /Christian law have a death penalty for homosexuals as well as Muslims?
    Just asking?
    Any way your attempt to drag theological and sexual liberation politics into a discission on 9/11 and promotion of Paranoid Israeli propaganda ,that Iran has an imaginary nuclear bomb program for use against a strongly defended nuclear armed power actualy threatening Iran with nuclear war on a near daily basis ,appears to be a diversion from reality.
    Want to talk about apartheid in Israel too or isnt that good enough sexual diversion politics?

    Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".
    This is probably an Irish saying?

    Not a CIA or ruling Elite story , that they can continue to circulate the same old propaganda bullshit , fooling all the people all the time, forever, as long as they can control the questions and the discussion.
    "funny how the US media tries to control the common viewpoint on 9/11 but in this case they cannot do it. It was nice to see.. "

    Truth will out and facts are indeed stuborn things.

    So, things are certainly going wrong with the beleivability of 19 arabs + cia agent bin Ladin official magical fantasy propaganda story of what happened and who was behind the attack 9. 11 on America.
    People are increasingly seeking the truth from facts and even now looking at scientific laws of physics on controled demolitions.
    Some are even following the money trail and using common sense to ask the old question of probable motive at the crime scene “Who benifited” here?

  9. The wars won't stop until the american military runs out of money and credit. When that happens is the big question.

  10. 3:55
    You are right. Goldman Sachs and other big banks are doing business in Iran now. I highly doubt American will bomb its own banks. Besides, Goldman scum runs American government.

  11. 2:55- And yet is is your job to judge others?
    It is "your" diseased, corrupt way of thinking that has brought this country to where it is today.
    Good Luck- you'll need it.
    Humanities children are coming home!

  12. "Gays work their evil and corrupt others. That's rich coming from an American.

  13. 6:16 it's true.. And yes an american said it. Because it is true. I don't stand by this country in whatever it does I know it is pure evil it does things in a bureaucratic way but it is still an evil product that comes out of it. Don't think all of us over here agree with what happens as a result of the propaganda machine media.. The fact is the gay agenda is trying to destroy the family arrangement. That's the bottom line.

  14. The NWO consists of beings from all races/religions/political groups who are running this world. Picking Jews out in particular is just what they like to see because it diverts ones attention from what's really happening and who's really manipulating the whole drama. Stupid hateful sheep.

  15. 3:42 Normally I would agree and say it is wrong to be racist. But in this situation I must say the Jews (not all jews) are bad. Many are quite nice people. But the ones we are talking about are those who have striven for position in our society they seem to have penetrated every key position and are using those positions to further the interests of the NWO, so for this I say the truth must be known. They are key to the odd changes we see in the economic breakdown and the dismantling of our rights. To me it is so obvious I am surprised I need to explain this.

    I want to make clear jewish people are not evil just those who choose to do evil. You are right their are many other races acting bad as well..

  16. The Iranian President in fact did not blame the "Jews" for 9.11 at the UN ,in fact he named a number of different existing theories on who was responsible ,or behind the events of 9.11 .Lots of americans too now find the official stories and investigations unbelievable.
    The official ,clearly flawed , US "investigatons" came to some laughable conclusiions ,
    A conspiracy theory was popularized , as sacred truth ,that was used as a justification for at least two wars against third world peoples and a world "religious" crusade by the same ruling elite who bought you imaginary weapons of mass destruction in Iraq .
    Certain nations wishing to prevent any scientific discussion and investigation ,homed in just one of the widespead conspiracy theories he listed ,so as to play The 'anti-semitic' card.
    The official conspiracy theory is now given a status as Official , unquestionable ,holy even "Christian" , American ,truth that any Muslim should not be allowed to question .
    Yet many, many Americans too, now demand a real investigation of the facts of 9.11 as the official conspiracy theories are now exposed as full of holes and outright lies.
    In that that sense ,the Iranian president speaks not only in the interests of Iranians in knowing the real truth , but in the interests of all Americans too.
    The American presidents themselves, have been seen as failing in their duty to investigate and prosecute the real criminals.
    So naturaly even strange conspiracy theories will emerge.
    But ,as usual whatever words the Iranian President might actually use are mistranslated in the western MSM to mean something different from what he actualy is saying .So that they appear to be "Ant-semitic" even though his statements on Palestine are supporting the rights of all semitic Palestinians to live in a non -aparthied theocratic state, with equal rights for Jewish ,Christian Palestinians Semitic people ,and Muslims .
    The Iranian president said some time ago words to the effect of:
    “That the map of Israel” , a new colonial state of priveliged predominately Euro settlers imposed on the Palestinian peoples land should “be redrawn”.
    This statement, has been twisted by some self interested paranoic people to have a meaning that redrawing the borders of a state in a non racial manner ,is somehow 'anti-Semitic" and a call to “wipe out all Jews”.
    Yet a people is not a map. that is a deliberate mistranslation.
    After all it is obvious that the imposition of "Two state" ,further land grab solution ,of the Isreal Euro- colonialists 'Semitic” colony, is an only an unworkable fraud against the indigenous Semitic peoples. The US “roadmap” to create Palestinian road kill.
    It is always wise to check out what the Iranian president actually says rather than what is reported in the MSM media on what the US and other supporters of redrawing the map for an expanding Israeli state, claim he said.

    As they deliberately attempt to paint him and by implication every american patriotic concerned about the real facts of 9.11 as an anti-semitic nutter.
    The danger of a rising widespread anti Jewish fascist variety of Anti-semitism in America becomes great , if the American people are prevented from investigating or stating any true facts on 9.11and branded like the Iranian president, who I believe may himself have a partial Jewish family background , as an “anti-Semite” nutter.
    The Jews like all other peoples around the world and in America have both good and bad people. Not all are Zionists or racists .
    Nor are the ordinary Jewish people all in league with plotting evil banksters out to destroy America.
    Investigation of the facts shows that many are just ordinary but often middle class Americans . Your own neighbors , whose assets are also being looted in the financial crisis of the economic system by the ruling ,only some Jewish ,> American < financial elite.

  17. 7:34pm you are correct in your explanations evil just seems to weave it's webs and confuse and divide. Some are profiting from this, much like the way Hitler came to power. It is ironic how power grabbing people always seem to be the instigators in all great evils humanity experiences.. In the end they are just plain ordinary stupid people who end up dying early. You would think people would learn this lesson. It will not be long before these same kinds learn this lesson all over again. History does repeat itself. This is because greed and stupidity is too strong for some to resist. This will all come to a head soon and eventually it will be over completely.. Lies can only be told for so long until they are uncovered and it's time to dance to the music of consequence..

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