Saturday, September 4, 2010

Banks Leave Some Customers in 'Dire Poverty' (UK)

High Street banks have been accused of leaving some customers in "dire poverty" after taking money out of their accounts without permission.
Banks can move cash between different accounts belonging to the same person, and only have to tell them afterwards.
The practice, known as "setting off", typically involves banks moving money from a current account to pay off a credit card account which is overdrawn.
Citizens Advice says it has seen an 80% rise in inquiries about such transfers.
It is not illegal for banks to move money in this way. They only have to tell the customer after they have done it.
"Setting off" typically involves banks moving sums of between £100 and £200, usually to pay off a credit card .
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  1. so visa gets permission to setoff from visa users savings or checking accts in UK...coming oneday to the USA probably


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