Saturday, September 4, 2010

Food Stamps Went to Record 41.3 Million in June

The number of Americans receiving food stamps rose to a record 41.3 million in June as the jobless rate hovered near a 27-year high, the government said.
Recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program subsidies for food purchases jumped 18 percent from a year earlier and increased 1.2 percent from May, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said today in a statement on its website. Participation has set records for 19 straight months.
About 40.5 million people, more than an eighth of the population, will get food stamps each month in the year that began Oct. 1, according to White House estimates. The figure is projected to rise to 43.3 million in 2011.


  1. big deal. we will all be on welfare assistance and living in FEMA camps.

  2. How can you trust the government anymore. I have not watched news in 2 years now, I am sick of the BS that they scream at you. I am sure you agree with me. I am glad for sites like this and others I listen to, to bring the truth. A good one is FFT i think the link is that guys knows what is going on and bring the truth.

  3. Ole Yobama is setting new records and hell bent on breaking old ones - 16 months of double digit unemployment; 19 months of record setting participation in foodstamps

    You know -- all the important stuff like that

    Jobs? Uh - yeah. We're working on that

    How the fuck would he know, never having held one.

  4. Barry Soetoro announced yesterday the recovery is looking good, we just need to create some new jobs, like maybe 20 million.

    War is peace
    Freedom is slavery
    Ignorance is strength

    And the sheeple slaves say "BAAAAAA"

  5. 8:18 Having never held a job is the least of this idiots problems:

    This controlled puppet cannot even complete a press conference without his teleprompter.

    If you took your wife to a play in NYC at a cost of 235,000.00 do you think your 465,000
    salary would cover it?

    If your stock broker reduced the value of your GM stock bt 90% and then turned around and gave the unions a majority stake - would you keep him?

    If you would have made fun of and a joke about the special olympics on national T.V. viewed by millions - do you think there would've been public outrage?

    If you had given the queen of england an iPod containing videos of your speeches wouldn't people say this a bit narcissistic and downright tacky?

    If any other president in american history went over to the king of saudi arabia and bowed would the people approve?

    If your CEO, CFO and top advisers to your business all had tax problems would it make you a little uneasy?

    If, on a rare occasion your caught without said telepromter and you tell the world ther are 57 states; would that make some people say "what"??

    If any other president in our history had journey to Denmark and make a speech about why bringing the olympics to chicago would be the greatest thing since slice bread - would think that president to be a self important, concieted,
    egotistical jerk??

    If you burned 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to go plant one tree on Earth Day would you be labeled a hypocrite?

    If any other president in the history of this country created 32 czars who report directly to themselves; bypassing both House and Senate - would there have been outcry?

    If you were president and you ordered the firing of not one but 2 CEO's of major corporations which is totally unconstitutional
    would we approve of you.


    And ON

    And On

  6. 1047 if you lied and started two wars, saying they have wmd, would that be good?

    If you ignored your pdb and then 911 happened on your watch and you did nothing, would that be good?

    If you let people drown during katrina while doing a fly by you said, wow it looks really bad down there, would that be good?

    If you diverted funds for the New Orleans Levee system and instead sent the funds to fight a fake oil war in iraq, would that be good?

    If you said we have to put food on our families, would that be good?

    If you said mission accomplished and the war was still going 9 years later, would that be good?

    If your vp murderer cheney gave the stand down order on 911 to norad, would that be good?

    If your staff outed a cia agent during wartime, would that be good?

    If you had gays come to the whitehouse disguissed as a journalist, would that be good?

    And On and On And On and on!

  7. 2:19

    If you lived in the past ------

    Would that be good ?

    We are HERE - we are NOW

    Barry enters his 2nd year SOON

    Will you be regurgitating Bush's failures next year as well when barry is working on his 3rd year?

    How about 2012 not that we need to get there; when the clock strikes midnight on 2011 ALL will realize what a complete and utter failure this entire administration is.

    They can do, have done; and will do

    Nothing right


    Next i want you to brush up on ALL Clintons failures ( and brother there are plenty ) because I'm sure we can blame him for alot of this as he's still alive too !

    How about Jimmy the peanut man Carter ! Whoa - we can get some usage outa him!

    Be a fucking man for a change and come to your senses - this idiot makes them all look small time - this dude is taking us D O W N

  8. Barry lovers are racist.

  9. 337 Be a fucking man and realize that bush passed the patriot act, the biggest taking away of our rights in us history. Get a clue loser, bush already took us down, now comes the dagger in the heart, next prez if a repug, like a loser like palin will be the death of the us completely.

  10. 5:50 sorry but BUSH had nothing to do with anything neither does BARRY. The laws were incorporated by LARGE Corporations. They just want life easier so they can control the masses. The prez's are puppets. All you dopes are blaming it on puppets?? Don't you all feel brainwashed and DUMB?

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. A foreign observer says.
    Capitalism must be saved !
    The bailouts and money printing are clearly not doing the job.
    So, many tens of millions in the US are now dependent on food stamps ,unemployment benefits and government handouts , like family support payments and it is expected that these numbers will rapidly double soon.
    Yet , 50% of US citizens especially the top rich strata , despite whining, pay no taxes.While its bankster sector get huge bonuses and tax concessions and wallow in pig like luxury at the taxpayers expence.
    The US is clearly overpopulated with millions of unproductive “Norte-Americans” , the majority of handout dependent people being “White Euro type people” , too stupid or unable to create a profit for capital .
    This is the law of population of economies run on the profit motive.
    To save capitalism the population should be cut from these wasteful benifit systems for 'sustainability' and to preserve the Amercan lifestyles Of those with jobs.
    As millions of these useless mouths are now underemployed or unemployed ,dependent on government for handouts. They are a burden on the elite and the existing well off
    in the failed capitalist economy.

    As America and Americans consume and waste more of the worlds resources than most other countries and peoples in the world and their exchange of services based economy now produces little productive physical content except war materials .As its wild bankrupt ponzi economy and consumption of its people , is dependent on keeping foreign credit supply ,on parasitical consumption of transfers of labor created wealth from the poor third world .the economc situation in this parasitical economy and its costs is fast becoming intolerable for the rest of the world .
    The minimum wage should be immediately cut in half as a first step.
    If the bankrupt government of the US is in need of help perhaps UN aid could be provided The IMF and UN should step and do its duty for humanity to end this over breeding of unproductive Americans as they have been doing in the Third World for many years now.
    To save capitalism,its time for a patriotic population control in the US , like for a start the sterilization of unemployed White males , a one child policy and mandatory sterilization programs being getting food stamp charitable handouts. This would ensure a voluntary willingness of the recipients to join such sterilization programs or force them to get a job with a third world rate of pay.

  13. 9:05

    We will start our new process with you.

    Breathe deep - you won't feel a thing


  14. I fuckin' hate or hated BOTH those presidents, Obama AND Bush. The quality of our elected officials reflects the quality of our populace, and we as a people increasingly suck with each passing election cycle. That's why we get such substandard leaders now.

  15. Anonymous said...

    "We will start our new process with you.

    Breathe deep - you won't feel a thing

    Idiot "

    September 5, 2010 4:42 AM
    Ah ,its good to see there is at least one more patriotic american who agrees with the kool aid Eugenic sterilisation solution, in order to save the system and to restore profitabilty for the middle class and capital of America!


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