Tuesday, September 21, 2010

California Budget 79 Days Late: Many Not Getting Paid

Additionally, the state owes millions of dollars to the hundreds of vendors that provide food for prisons, fuel for the Highway Patrol and other goods and services to the state.

Gupta, whose husband is unable to work because he had open heart surgery in May, said families with kids at the East Palo Alto school - most of them low-income - have stepped up to donate school supplies and other necessities. She wonders, though, how long teachers and administrators will be able to hold on without paychecks.

"For now our daughter is helping us ... (but) how long can we go?" asked Gupta as she watched a class of preschool students play outside on a recent afternoon. "Everybody is still coming to work because if we don't come, these 200 parents won't be able to work either and it will just be worse. We pray that we will get a paycheck."
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  1. no money no service. hahahaaa. i bet the prison guards are stop working too.

  2. Is just a matter of time. Oct 24th will tell the story

  3. Yes, others have very recently alluded to that Oct 24th date and it sounds downright scary!

  4. What's supposed to happen on Oct 24th?

  5. If it wasn't so serious. it would almost be funny.

    We, the people know what works, we;ve seen it under Reagan and again under Clinton and yet these progressive idiots like the Bush's and now Obama insist on giving us wars, bigger goverment, higher deficets more reulation, uncertain new programs that noone understands

    And this time it really has us over a barrel


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