Monday, September 20, 2010

Gold Is Not Going Up: The Dollar Is Collapsing


  1. He is right it is the collapse or fall in value of the US Dollar rather then the rise in price of Gold. People will be able to buy less and less gold or silver with their money as time goes on and also less of other things as well.

  2. History has always fascinated me and to live through the collapse of the US and the other western countries is interesting. I see people who have never had a clue in their whole lives try to explain how things will improve soon. Very funny.
    Folks the country is being destroyed by design. Look it up I am not here to teach. And since everyone is divided over abortion, immigration, health care and other simple issues they will never see they are being led over a cliff.
    Go to the gulf and see how many are puking blood and being eaten by bacteria, or go to a southern state and see the effect of immigration. Money is a means of trade on the one hand and a method of control on the other. Which do you see now? Stay asleep I have a lot of lemonade to sip while I watch the collapse. Sure I sound harsh but living among morons does that to a person.

  3. TV and public schools have turned their minds to mush.

    Go to to protect your (ass)ets today. Dont wait for hyperinflation to destroy your wealth. Silver will be the best to use for food and other similar purchases, buy it now while it is still cheap. WWW.SILVERSNOWBALL.COM/3085

  5. You cannot eat silver. There is no Democracy in the whole world, it is a total lie. We are run by control freaks called politicians. We the sheep vote for wolves to steal and destroy, not only here but overseas.Social security is a corrupt way of buying votes for these wolves, while in turn they destroy their jobs, and their health just look at the food industry.
    We have the technology today to vote directly through email on all issues, so why can't the people vote yes or no to all issues of running the country, instead of a select well lobbied group of self interested politicians who constantly have to toe the party line rather than the interests of their electorate?


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