Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Censored Gulf News: Many Sick, Poisoned , Broke and Dying


  1. BP Gulf still is just another story of government not doing a good job.
    Thousands of pregnant women who took the H1N1 flu shot reported to have miscarry.

  2. So that stack of waivers & liabilty documents

    he quickly signed for a paycheck didn't seem

    to get him a little concerned??? Duh !!

  3. This is all heart wrenching to watch.. These poor people, God help them..

  4. BP has killed the gulf, and is now killing the gulf residents. MSN media will not carry this story. They will promote the gulf region, come on down and eat some fresh seafood and go swimming in the gulf.

    The local news medias in the gulf make me sick, they should be dedicating a majority of their news cast and newspaper to what is really go on.

    And the sheeple slaves have no clue....

  5. I watched Billy the Exterminator, he lives in Louisianna and the people appear to be fine. I know how distorted reality is on television shows but I'd imagine he wouldn't be there himself if the Gulf was causing so much sickness.

    Who knows?

  6. what percentage there will not find their able to return to fishing etc. some will not find the work there anymore at the scale before...I hear damages payments are badly delayed...kicking the can-under the rug...
    as for seafood, it's ok-the gov delivered genetically engineered fish just in time, the 1st of many GE animals to come. Here we used to call a certain species of shark-dogfish, but hey, at least their natural

  7. You watched Bill the exterminator and decided it must be OK down there? Are you serious? That's even more sad than this guy's story.


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