Monday, September 20, 2010

Former Secretary of State: Illegal Migrants Essential

WASHINGTON - Former Secretary of State Colin Powell says illegal immigrants do essential work in the U.S. and he has firsthand knowledge of that because they fix his house.
Powell, a moderate Republican, urged his party Sunday to support immigration generally because it is "what's keeping this country's lifeblood moving forward."

In an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press," he said a path to legal status should be offered to illegal immigrants because they "are doing things we need done in this country."
"They're all over my house, doing things whenever I call for repairs, and I'm sure you've seen them at your house," he said. "We've got to find a way to bring these people out of the darkness and give them some kind of status."
Powell did not say whether he has hired illegal immigrants directly or they showed up with contractors.
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  1. Um...I've never hired an illegal immigrant to work on my house. I've always gone with a trusted local backed by generations in the business. That says a lot about Powell that he didn't do the same.

  2. Must be great having the whip-hand eh Colin?

  3. And to think I once would have considered him running for President under the Republican banner! What a complete disappointment this man turned out to be - a Democrat Socialist. Oh and by the way Colin, you are breaking the US law by hiring or allowing illegals to do work on your house. Jail time anyone??

  4. Colin Powell is a Republican Socialist and a War criminal, dont forget he helped war criminals bush and cheney lie us into two unwinnable wars, hanging anyone for all 3 of those cowards?

  5. and Obozo is all too happy to continue the crime. All of them are traitors and frauds.

    All you little people keep on following them rules now, ya hear.

  6. Powell is a socialist. Stock up on guns, ammo, spam and cotton balls and by gold. Things are going to resemble The Road shortly. Be prepared to harvest human flesh if you have to. Us Patriots will survive.

  7. I've always gone with a trusted local backed by generations in the business.

    All the trusted locals in my area are meth addicted redneck scum. I'll go with the illegals, thank you. They're harder workers, more knowledgeable, better character and trustworthy. Rednecks are dirty maggot pieces of garbage that shouldn't be allowed to procreate.

  8. still the same story, many handymen usa citizens, they work for 15-20 an hrish..illegals work for less, plus if he falls off the roof, depending on severity, he won't say/file anything...slave labor for the rich

  9. Gonna tell yaall a little story about how we have lost.

    40 years ago I met a man name of Clyde Houston.

    Clyde was 35 maybe 40 and I was 12. Clyde was in a wheelchair because when he was 12 he came down with Polio.

    This man not only built his own buggy from parts of an Austin Healy and a Crosley; he built his own house to accomodate a man in a wheelchair and started and operated his own small engine repair business until the day he died just over 4 years ago- and he was damn good at what he did.

    He was best described as a happy go lucky man who wanted nothing from nobody and paid his own way always; had a ton of friends and relatives when in need of anything.

    Todays equal ?

    " I didn't have to pay a penny for my scooter and power chair and lift and house and groceries
    I got them all from Uncle Sugar 'cause he's good".

    That's where we're at and NOTHING will EVER change until the ENTIRE population gets off this damn something for nothing mentality.

    If that takes a depression so deep 3/4 of us starve so be it - as it is pitiful to see what so many have become - not really proud people of a proud nation - but more like slugs feeding off a petri dish

  10. hi im collen powell

    i hire illegals
    help start wars
    and dont care for americans or thier jobs
    i served in the military and like benedict arnold sold my country out.

    americans are a lazy people fat stupid
    and need illegals and paper dollars to feed thier ego
    logic how long will china play patty cakes before they give us the big fu
    and drop the dollar
    also 98 percent of americans are to stupid

    to realize the train left the station.
    proably this is a hs website anyway

    ounce nafta came in it was all over
    this generation will be the dummest in history
    collen powell is an idiot
    id take george patton anyday over that sniveling twit

  11. Fucking idiot mouth piece of the elite.......

  12. Well you have to admit, that in this economy, if I have a quote from Lowes to install my carpet for $1200 and then I get an under the illegal table quote for the same product for $300, who am I going to choose? Which would you choose, are you going to be PC? If ICE won't deport them and the Government won't legalize them, they just become the underclass vampires that suck the working class life blood away...

  13. As a potential Black president "anthrax " Powel lost any credibility by accepting the elites demands to be a lying front man promoting war at the UN.
    Remember this US "military hero", spokesman for the elite fronting for the Bush gang waving round vials of Anthrax and showing slides of "portable poison gas trucks" ,the proof of MSM in Iraq at the UN?
    Like 9/11 the anthrax circus was shown to be made in america a false flag operation.
    The Anthrax came directly out of the US military germ warfare "defence" Labs and it was circulated as an Anti- Muslim terrorist scam. Helping to justify Bush Wars.
    Now ,the MSM bullshit, Powel as Goebels like Americas "Intelligence" is exposed as complete bullshit , but these lies On 9/11 are still promoted by Obama and Neocons .
    The third world and particularly the Moslem world victims now hate America and yes the American "freedom" given to lying spokesmen of the elite like Powel.
    Powel is ,Road kill ,completely discredited as a lying fool puppet.
    Powel, was up till that time being set up as a beleivable "Blackface" 'Right" Republican war hero in the two party Corporate State system .
    As it turned out, in the recent economic crisis The elite was forced to promote a new 'left" Blackface actor as President after the Republicans had became discredited failures in War and at managing the economy.
    And as we can see here once again ,the policy of de-industrializing America and importing "cheap labor" illegal labor ,in order to depress the wages of all American has a bi-partisan elite basis.
    So, now Powel waves another bottle of "Anthrax" at americans, the threat that the continuation of cheap illegal immigrants and resulting "austerity" and wage cuts for official Americans is necessary for Americas very economic survival.
    That ,without the cheap labor, Physically productive labor immigrants ,the economic system will collapse.
    And there is some truth in that .
    America is a bankrupt Ponzi services economy .
    "Official" highly overpaid White and Black Americans ,considered as a whole ,as a bribed Labor Aristocracy , produce no profit for capital.
    Their real world wages values received, have been stagnant for decades ,only inflation and the ability to purchase cheap labor commodities in Wall Mart, create the illusion that they were making progress. They make a living in services, only a tiny few work in wealth productive industries. Except for the war industries ,where official ID American citizens get legal preference for a job. Many workers in the remaining productive industries ,manufacturing and housing are often illegals They are Americas productive backbone.
    Even if some may feel oppressed at work, the only profit the Official americans created in recent years for capital, was as consumers of finance credit in the greatPonzi.
    The "Official" Americans have become a nation of insolvent ,whining ,services working debt Peons looking for a free lunch. Some even hope to solve their unemployment problems, to get a low paid job ,by deporting the illegal bloodsucking cometition competition. While crazily believing that the new job will somehow morph into a high paid job because they are official American citizens ,or White workers.

    There is no real difference between the political "left" and "right" parties in america including any “ left” or “right” Blackface Actor Frontmen , ,or with a White "war hero" like Mc Cain from a family of hereditary elite Admirals ,they all serve the ruling elite and its military industrial complex.

    Powel only intervenes in politics here , in order to promote two party differences and fights between 'official" White and Black Americans and 'Hispanics" as a diversion from the wall St looting of the housing and retirement benefits of the Middle class.

  14. Poor Powel ,after getting a mansion now he cannot even afford to pay High waged American legal Workers for its upkeep.

    This only shows That the military pension For the ex- general elite ,even when supplemented by his other benifits earned from working in government and in company directors fees ( ??) must be very ,very low.

    It is a shameful and shocking thing that Americans treat their military heros like that, turning them into grubby penny pinchers .

    The sheer poverty evident is disgraceful and even forces him to unpatrioticaly find cheap illegal labor to work for him just to preserve his lifestyle as a true American member of the elite.
    It may be now politicaly incorrect to say so ,but excuse me this once ,that is no way to treat an upjumped "house nigger" or uncle tom servant for the elite!


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