Monday, September 20, 2010

Gerald Celente, One Word: Depression

With one word to describe the US economy, Gerald Celente says “depression.” He speaks with RT about billionaire quotes, unemployment, and China.

“Nothing is going to change in this country until the jobs are brought back. They sold the American people the great lie, a service sector economy.”
Celente believes that China is moving forward in innovation and manufacturing while the US undergoes the Greatest Depression.
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Another Ticking Time bomb in the realm of real estate bad behavior is bound to go off sooner rather than later, and it is likely to impede normalization of values of residential property...


  1. Bullshit, China's as screwed as the U.S. I thought technology was supposed to eliminate work. Why the hell do we need jobs then? I can find better things to do with my time than sit in a cube ten hours a day, five days a week reworking the same useless analysis in perpetuity.

    You should not have to pay to live. It's a scam. Don't feed the Beast. Feed yourself and other s around you, but don't give yourself away to corrupt and failed institutions that seek to inculcate and prolong human malaise, misery, death, and ultimately extinction.

  2. 12:06 I said the same thing to my son. He was astonished and furious. You are absolutely 100% right. It is a scam to control the sheeple and keep us docile.

  3. 12:06 are you a college kid full of ideology or some leftover love child from the 60's?

    What about trying to give your kids and wife a decent life? Or knowing what a nice vacation feels like...Or not having an old car that breaks down on you non-stop?

    Work as a whole sucks...People as a whole suck...But work puts food on the table...Gives you stability...Silly things like insurance and medical coverage.

    Things that you never think you need TILL you actually do need it...By the way I also take care of my mother..."Sorry Mom can't help you anymore on my way to the Phish Concert to sell T-Shirts as a living."

    You are right about living better without this materialistic ideology BUT as you get older you need more stability...Cus living in a van by the side of the river is no way to live.

  4. I think you've missed the point, 12:25.

  5. Why does Celente always have a worried look on his face like he might have just done something in his pants?

  6. gerald said buy gold.
    he craped gold bricks hahhahahh

  7. service economy, no wonder we're so...FAT and hooked on pills to stay afoot, alive

  8. "...By the way I also take care of my mother..."Sorry Mom can't help you anymore on my way to the Phish Concert to sell T-Shirts as a living."
    What an un-american attitude!
    Materialism ,self interest and the american way demands that you show a bit of parental care .

    Take along your lazy mother and grandmother and put them to work selling the T-shirts.

    American enterprise is required here.

  9. I lost my underwater home and live on the street in a 14 foot trailer. life has never been better because i have more time to read and relax. i still work some to pay my medical insurance, food and fuel. less, for me, really is more.

  10. No one knows the future and no one's forecast can be 100 % accurate. But I always ask Celente's critics. Can you show me a better forecaster than Celente ? I have researched all the great think tanks, and searched their past predictions. If they were better than Celente I would follow them. Right now, Celente is the best.


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