Sunday, September 5, 2010

If You Don't Fight for the Middle Class, Kiss It Good-Bye

America's corporate chieftains must love poor people, for they're doing all they can to create millions more of them.
They're knocking down wages, offshoring everything from manufacturing jobs to high tech, reducing full-time work to part-time, downsizing our workplaces, busting unions, cutting health care coverage and canceling pensions -- while also lobbying in Washington to privatize Social Security, eliminate job safety protections, restrict unemployment benefits, kill job-creating programs and increase corporate control of our elections.
It's said that the poor and the rich will always be among us. But nowhere is it written that the middle-class will always be there. In fact, it is a very recent creation in our society (and an unavailable dream for most people in the world). America's great middle class literally arose with the rise of labor unions and populist political movements in the 1800s, finally culminating in democratic economic reforms implemented from the 1930s into the 1960s.
Social Security, wage AND hour laws, collective bargaining rights, unemployment compensation, the GI Bill, the interstate highway program, civil rights laws, Medicare, Head Start -- and more -- provided the national framework necessary to sustain a middle class for the American Majority.


  1. Actually the middle class came in the roaring 20s when technology started taking off. 1800s? The Unions had absolutely nothing to do with it. In fact, the Unions have never done anything good! It was American brains that invented more convenient tools which boosted everyone up a level. The poor lived with higher standards than rich people in Europe, the middle class lived as kings.

    When Socialist scum saw this ugly predicament they panicked. Socialists always need to use poor people to turn a country into chaos, and the poor people were pretty happy. What did they do? They plotted. They had to take a different route with collapsing the United States.

    They secretly got into government, Hollywood, Unions, academia, and churches. As they were able to push others throughout the times to convert without knowing to Communism they became less secretive. They were also the creators of the Hippie Movement; spread drugs and ignorance in the youth.

    Today we have an entire administration of Marxists, openly! Union leaders are sucking up more wealth than ever before. Schools are a place that deliberately makes children stupid. Family anyone? Look at the divorce rates. And Hollywood continues to birth movies that make the masses even more stupid. Oh yeah they also are in major publishing houses (media not withstanding).

    So this little Communist = Socialist = Marxist = Progressive = Populist = Liberal = Idiot writer can go fuck himself.

    Fight for the middle class? Not with the kind of people who helped destroy it. Careful how they'll try to recruit you. This particular case of enemy of your enemy is only pretending to be the enemy of your enemy. They need you to jump in line and crawl to your grave, anything short of that they have nothing except their media outlets and lies.

  2. 12:48 it aint the Marxists; it's the GOD DAMS JEWS that fucked everything up. The JEW INVENTED COMMUNISIM and damn near evey ISM. YOU FUCKTARD!


  4. I swear you guys must get your political understandings from the back of a cereal box or from a rag like the National Inquirer ("that's where the REAL NEWS comes from, Fucktard". Did you know that the Marxists and the terrorists and the Women's Lib movement helped fake the death of Elvis, who didn't like to work and was therefore a fellow terrorist? Yes, the plot only thickens! Not only that but I predict Alan Thick will run for president in 2012 on the platform of free energy and cocaine for everyone and David Icke will be his running mate.

  5. "The poor lived with higher standards than rich people in Europe, the middle class lived as kings.

    "When Socialist scum saw this ugly predicament they panicked. Socialists always need to use poor people to turn a country into chaos, and the poor people were pretty happy. What did they do? They plotted. They had to take a different route with collapsing the United States."
    Our historian has heard that in the LATE twenties there were flappers and investors enjoying a Party on wall st.
    And the middle class done well with their investments too.
    (just like the past couple of decades in America)
    By comparing the state of the poor in the US with those of the poor in a Europe whose imperialist destroyed their industry and youth in an orgy of self destruction ,it is said that the poor in The US lived with a better standard of living than the rich of europe.
    The poor were said to be living happily in a glorious good time too .
    Even tho they never even understood they were all living like kings!
    (only a small ammount of profits of the middle class were profits of discrimination came from a very tiny sector of the working population existed , so everybody black and White was happy happy in this high waged golden age ?)
    Its been a downhill road ever since all this poor happily living like kings was undone . not by the collapse of profitability of capital in a non functioning economy but caused by communists ,markists ,unionists and the like PLOTTING sabotaging America and the middle class welfare system and the party on wall st creating the first great deppression .

    Learning from this imaginary history we can see that Obama is not realy implementing the costly continuation the bailout of capitalism put into place by Bush and the bankers that organised a coup for saving system .
    By setting up a Corporate State for robbing the middle class And Treasury ,but is a deliberate sneaky underhand plot by "marxists" to create another great depression.
    By turning americans into enslaved debt peons of capitalist usury.
    Funny "Marxists" running wall st. and the US treasury?
    Plotting ,plotting to engineer a second great depression!

  6. Gold "Could" go double in 5 years?

    High Unemployment
    Printing Billions / month to cover payments
    Food stamps $5B / month
    Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Insolvent - Billions and billions to cover the bad debt
    Housing still has hundreds of billions of bad loans (Neg-ARMs, Option-ARMs, etc) outstanding
    Wars in the middle east
    10-year chart of dollar shows steady decline
    Social Security
    Energy Costs
    US$ Hegemony at risk

    If the dollars loses its status as the world reserve currency, prepare to shocked and amazed at what gold does. It will become the ONLY STORE of WEALTH.

    People will be desperate to turn their paper into anything of real value.

  7. Um, um, um, things is good in the hood. Time for another vacation.

  8. Since august 25th, you have had:

    -another oil rig explode in the gulf

    -and a big earthquake in new zealand

    -and several quakes in Oklahoma

    And I'm not sure we're done yet...hang on to your hats.

  9. Bush's fault again cause we know the black man in the white house is too stupid.

  10. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
    Think about this... their debt will NEVER be paid off with anything of value.

    According to their latest 10Q filed in early August (links below), their debts are:
    Fannie Mae: $3.257 Trillion
    Freddie Mac: $2.345 Trillion

  11. Let's live it up while we can! Spend spend!

  12. I kove visiting this ite every so often.

    It never changes

    The articles ( written by ????? ) are always chock full of meaningful words like;

    It May

    It could

    This might

    I think


    And then there's the posters! Oh my ! they all just KNOW !

    Too damn funny

  13. Um, um, um. Trickle up poverty was my hope and change.



  14. 5:10 you're a high scool drupout. Follow da link ta see who rote it. DUMMY


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