Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mike Maloney: $10 Oil? Currency Collapse Coming


  1. Well. Thar you have it. I guess this pretty much nails everything I have read or researched.

    Thy FAT lady is waddling toward the stage fast enough to break a sweat now.

    BerSKANKY, Obummer, ole Pinch-faced Geitner and his moldy douche bag cohorts (Summers et. al) have known this ALLLL along.

    We're being played for the fucking fools that we are. The only slim chance America has now is to get into a SIZEABLE distraction: WWIII? Another Inside Job Terrorist attack? Don't youfind it rather funny the headlines I've been recently seeing pop up? And on ABC no less!:

    Terror Threat 'Most Significant Since 9/11'...
    Al-Qaeda likely to attempt 'less sophisticated terrorist attacks'...


  2. They're preparing us.

  3. I wonder if this guy is a "good guy" who definitely thinks a crisis is coming, or a shill for the New World Order who has gone to the other side of the world crying "the dollar is doomed" in order to create a financial/dollar panic.

  4. Like confused animals before the storm, I understand your fears. But realize many of them are as clueless and scared as you are. That's why there is no immediate abandoning the horseless carriage that is heading over the cliff.

    This guy knows what he is talking about but I cant say I agree with him that oil will go down so far. That is really going out on a limb and there is nothing to keep energy and food from remaining relatively high.

    If this were a scare tactic, and I doubt it is, it would be aimed at convincing russians to sell off all their oil cheaply, which of course would be a mistake, unless suddenly everyone stops driving and consuming petroleum products.

  5. 3:02
    Man rode his bike off the cliff thousands of years
    ago & he's been pedaling like hell trying to avoid the inevitable.This might not end well.

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if they take the price of oil down before letting it shoot to the moon. They want to break the Arab nations.

  7. 12:21 that is exactly what I have been thinking about many of these people who are supposed to be "helping" us, Celente, Jones, They too me are doing a great job introducing the NWO.. Fine by me let it come let's get it over with.. Then is when the real rock and roll starts..

  8. Oil production was keyed to explosive growth and consumer credit spending over the past 25 years. People buying petroleum based products in mass, full employment saw people driving more, etc. etc.

    Consumption will drop as will its price because oil based manufacturing will dwindle downward. No jobs, declining commerce, less driving, this all ties together leading to a global oil glut.

  9. Protect yourself from the falling economy, find a way to get to a secluded island somewhere with your family.

    I'm still here though, I don't have any money to leave lol.

  10. 7:27 makes my point from an earlier thread. When you hear advice on the need to purchase precious metals, check the source. Ask yourself: "Is this poster just being helpful, or do they have something to gain financially?"
    Think of how many times you've read the same post as 7:27 without the link attached and thought, "Man, that's some good advice. Thank's dude!"

    This one is obvious, but others are less so. They may just be individuals who personally own lots of PMs and want to do their part to increase demand, which will, in turn, increase the value of their holdings. It's not always black and white though. These people obviously own silver for a reason so maybe they are being both helpful AND trying to make money at the same time.

    To put this into another context: Has anyone ever tried to convince you to join Amway? Do you think they want you to join because they are trying to help you make a lot of money? Or because it's a pyramid scheme that's set up so that they receive a percentage of all of your sales???

    Follow the money folks.

  11. For the few of us who are "awake" and have been following "The Coming Depression" website, this is not shocking, as we have known the collapse is coming. Looks like its here, get ready for the ride of your life (literally)!

    Awake yet?

  12. This is 7:45.

    Someone deleted the comment that my post was referring to (there were two 7:27 comments) but they didn't delete MY comment, so now mine doesn't make sense. The comment that was deleted was telling everyone to buy silver and then had a link for where to buy it.

    I was not refrring to the other 7:27 comment that is there currently (there were two)

  13. Buy 1000 bottles of Jim Bean, no need to by JD, people won't them safely'll never go hungry

  14. Opec, Ven, Nigeria, russia etc will just cut production-for real this time, oil price goes back up..and if real mad keep production low..thinking '70's-rationing and gas lines, thus food prices will also be higher, meanwhile tv's will be stupid cheap and other stupid things people think of as "needs" and plenty of cheap houses as families will move back in together, thinking 2nd world where most families live in 1 house etc but homeowners expecting equity are doomed and many empties..thinking detroit but widespread


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