Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Poverty Really Showing At Walmart

Why would somebody buy baby formula at midnight?
Bill Simon, the head of Wal-Mart's U.S. operations, answered this question in a talk last week.
And you need not go further than one of our stores on midnight at the end of the month. And it's real interesting to watch, about 11 p.m., customers start to come in and shop, fill their grocery basket with basic items, baby formula, milk, bread, eggs, and continue to shop and mill about the store until midnight, when ... government electronic benefits cards get activated and then the checkout starts and occurs. And our sales for those first few hours on the first of the month are substantially and significantly higher.
And if you really think about it, the only reason somebody gets out in the middle of the night and buys baby formula is that they need it, and they've been waiting for it. Otherwise, we are open 24 hours — come at 5 a.m., come at 7 a.m., come at 10 a.m. But if you are there at midnight, you are there for a reason.
What Wal-Mart calls the "paycheck cycle" has recently been "extreme," Simon said, with lots of shoppers at the beginning of the month and fewer at the end.

Wal-Mart is also seeing an "ever-increasing amount of transactions being paid for with government assistance," he said.
This is what a rising poverty rate looks like.


  1. Busted!!!!

    8 arrested in Calif. city salary scandal
    LOS ANGELES — The mayor and former city manager of Bell were led away in handcuffs Tuesday, charged with six other officials with taking more than $5.5 million from the working-class suburb in a scandal that triggered nationwide outrage and calls for more transparency in government.

  2. mill about the store until midnight, when ... government electronic benefits cards get activated

    Here is a solution:
    Stop activating the cards

  3. Ah ,the 'anti Big government" class war ,Anti-social ,real value and reward for "work" or from the profits from P.M.speculation solution of "austrian economics"I believe ?

    Only those whom have saved silver or gold and guns should have the right to buy when things get tough , not the 'lazy" 'keynesian" underclass unemployed rabble.
    There will be none of this free baby formula stuff when "Real" capitalism and 'realmoney" rules .
    So ,stop activating the cards!

  4. The two people above me: There are no jobs to be had. All the good jobs are in China, India or other nations. You want people to starve?

    Go to www.silversnowball.com/3085 to protect your (ass)ets today. Dont wait for hyperinflation to destroy your wealth. Silver will be the best to use for food and other similar purchases, buy it now while it is still cheap. WWW.SILVERSNOWBALL.COM/3085

  6. Anonymous said...
    The two people above me: There are no jobs to be had. All the good jobs are in China, India or other nations. You want people to starve? "
    Capital owns these jobs not you. Ask your kind hearted banker for credit, not the government for handouts ,just cecause you have a bad credit rating and no decent assets left for putting up as collateral.

    Enough already of this "socialism" .

    The government has enough problems socialising the losses of the bankers and paying for Empire wars to save the system and for your economic security But cannot afford these free lunch handouts too.
    Accept a few sacrifices and a bit of "Austerity" for the good of the country and wall st.
    ask what you can patrioticaly do for capital not what your country can do to provide work for you.

  7. You can bet these midnight shoppers will NOT be voting Republican.

  8. To 4:43
    You've given up havn't you? You now believe the government's responsibility is to provide you with a job and paycheck. You personally have no responsibility to find a way to add value to society and collect a check for your reward. You are the new America and a very sad person.

  9. Funny, I basically do the same thing, only I wait for my commission checks rather than welfare to be credited in my account. At least I work for my money... though its not much and getting smaller every month..Hello tent city

  10. Have you seen the creatures that shop at Mao-Mart? Being "poor" and government dependent is a way of life for too many people.

    Fat cows "dressed" is PJ bottoms and wearing dirty slippers. They are certainly not starving and they are not buying milk, bread, eggs. They buy overly processed crap to load into overstuffed frames because they want to eat now and not bother to cook.

    Stop feeding these cattle, they're done. We've lost them and an entire generation of eaters. They don't produce a thing unless you consider the load of crap they flush down the toilet.

  11. Have you considered that the real reason they shop at midnight is because they are tweakers and sleep until mid-afternoon. They waste their lives and money on drugs and use their "benefits" to buy diapers!

  12. You guys should read the original article on NPR and look at the comments below it. Lots of talk of needing to "redistribute the wealth".

    Pay the poor to reproduce even more. Then their kids do the same thing- babies having babies.
    Then one of these kids out of 100,000 becomes a success story (i.e. a pro football player or a military hero) and the left uses it justify everything.

  13. Go to The Market Ticker website. Denninger also talks about this and says the economy is doomed because most people are broke. They cannot even afford diapers without government help. And he confirms what I have posted about for the last two years--high price inflation.

    If you have a job, great, but don't preach to those who cannot find work. And just wait--you too can be outsourced or replaced by a machine. I can't wait to hear your whining then about how you need help after all your savings have been exhausted.

    By the way, did you read about the unemployed people living in a forest outside of Los Angeles? Or the 14,000 homeless people living in tunnels under Las Vegas? Why don't you ask yourself why corporate television never reports that? Some of you selfish SOBs are pathetic.

  14. Jobs are there if you look 8:57, oh maybe not up to your high school drop out expected pay standard of $30/hr, to fuck around all day tweeting and facebooking. Check your bloated ego at the door and start on the ground floor. If you are worth your salt you will quickly move up the pay scale. The problem is the 2nd & 3rd generation welfare bottom feeders have no skills, mental or the physical ability to do more than watch TV and complain all day.

    I'm sick of the excuses you people make. Travel to the third world if you want to know what poverty really is. Having cable, cell phones, cars and any roof over your head is not poverty. Getting food stamps is not poverty. I'm talking about people living in dirt floor huts eating bugs with drug crazed cartels raping and pillaging the villages on a regular basis. Complete anarchy.

    You woe is me bottle babies would have never made it through the great depression and sure as hell will not survive when SHTF. So go cry me a river you slackers. You were not put on this earth to suck on the taxpayers tit. Put up or shut up. You've had so many handouts and hand ups, if you are still on the floor you are not worth picking up!

    Call me insensitive, I could care less.

  15. 8:57 Great post!

    I think the arrogant ones here who think they will never be unemployed or ever need assistance are living in a fog. They don't see what is on the horizon.

    These keyboard snipers will be on the Government dole too when; not if it hits them

  16. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAA the keyboard snipers hurt my fat feelings!

    Really, you people are the biggest bunch of losers in the world. No wonder Pedro comes here for work from Latin America. You fat asses can't get off the couch and do manual labor because it's beneath your social status of lifelong government tit suckling.

    Time to neuter the useless government tit suckers. They only bred more of the same.

  17. It is real easy to say oh you are cold hearted and evil. But let's look at a little reality shall we.The Demoncrats are running the country into the ground at breakneck speed. We have the Neo Cons running the military budget into outer space. We have both parties handing out money to every single country in the world. We have high unemployment cause you lazy people didn't listen to folks screaming from the rooftop years ago that NAFTA and GATT signed by Billy Bob Clinton would kill this country. Others have warned you stop supporting the Communist party in America that would be the liberals. Let them close off oil drilling on land. What did you reply will I care about the Birds and the Bunnies DUH wonder why Gas is almost $3 a gallon. Thanks Greenpeace you useless losers. Other told you warn you that the Spotted owl was a lie but you said save the owls so my deadbeat locked to the cell phone child might see a owl . Give me a break. So whole towns when out of business. Did you care then Nope you deadbeats said who cares. The list goes on and on and on. Did you liberal deadbeats stand up for the farmers in CA over the Delta smelt that shut off their water and skyrocketed unemployment to 41% in the valley nope you said the useless fake Endangered species was more important then American jobs. DUH you people think you should get free hand out for life? Keep donating to Eco Nazi and Animal right fruitcake so more American can lose their jobs. Time to grow up America you want jobs then tell the Eco Nazi to shut up. You want Jobs then tell that idiot OBOZO to open the oil wells in the Gulf, you want jobs then tell the Eco Nazi to shut up about ANWR? But nope you sit around and complain with no solutions and no critical thinking how jobs are created. Until you grow up and start acting like adults instead of children this country will only go down to 3rd peasants and it your own fault.

  18. 11:04 - Well expressed and absolutely correct. Unfortunately, these people will continue to support the eco groups and follow this Marxist administration, not realizing what impact it has on their own lives and ability to find work. The handouts can't last forever, but not many realize that small fact. Will be a sad time in America when there is no money left - sad indeed.

  19. Like Zoo animals these freeloaders cannot be released into the wild. They are completely useless and scared of their shadows.

    But end it here - No more welfare generations.

    No more single mothers - sterilize the immoral sluts and give their bastards u for adoption.

    No more welfare checks - you want a meal on the taxpayers then get out and pick up garbage and sweep the steets to earn it.

    Unemployment no longer a handout - make it a loan after 26 weeks and collect repayment with the full force of the government power.

    Send the illegals packing - Mexico, take care of your own lower class. We have our own useless cattle to cull.

  20. It's funny that we are all here on this board which educates people that our country is BROKE and we still have people wanting to give more money to the poor than we already are.


    Go rent I.O.U.S.A. and watch it. A Sundance selection starring the former head of the General Accounting Office. Shot in 2007. We were screwed then and we are REALLY screwed now.


  21. It warms my heart to see others are getting fed up with the liberal crap. It doesn't work, it hasn't worked and it won't work. I'm with the post above that said you want welfare, work for it. Scrub toilets if you have to. Or hell, just starve along with your offspring who will grow up just like you.

  22. There are more people than living wage jobs you idiots. If you cut the poor off do you really think they are going to sit and starve?

    Do you want your door kicked in by a group of nothing to loose men looking for something to eat? Your 12 gauge shotgun may take out one or two of them. Do you think the police are going to be there for you?

  23. Here's an example of welfare people 2 or 3 generations down. Think this family will EVER get a job? Think they want one? Let's throw this trash out and keep the illegials.


  24. I read this and felt horrible. Because I can remember both my husband and I 20-some years ago not having much money and having to buy groceries and baby formula for our kids...we were always in over-draft. Today we have one almost ready to graduate college just about debt free...one just starting. We have no debt, money in the bank and just our house payment. I feel for the children. They didn't ask for poverty or how their parents live or the choices they made. It's the children who always suffer. Right or wrong...I remember what a struggle it was to buy those diapers and formula. Stop being so self-righteous. My husband might not have a job come Jan. 1st...but he has several job possibilities on the back burner. I am losing my part-time job after Jan. 1st...we are both college-educated. You never know people's circumstances...I hope the children are getting enough food, etc.

  25. 251 thats my cuzin leroy. he aint got no job but he be makin money allright. shit.. mofo be rakin it it tax free.

  26. Inbred loser second generation welfare queens squealing like a pig.

    "I ain't got no job, I ain't getting enough food stamps, I need... I want." "The government owes me. Ain't no jobs so feed me. But I's gots me a pc so I can come here and tell all you uppity taxpayers to carry my fat ass."

    This nation is done, no intelligent life is left.

  27. Interesting about 3:56:

    3:56 speaks as if a college degree is an entitlement no different than illegals trying to get on welfare.

    "I am losing my part-time job after Jan. 1st...we are both college-educated."

    You believe yourself to be higher quality in comparison to others because you wasted time in school? So others who might not have a degree but could be smarter than those with should have their jobs lost before you?

    Not surprising how you defend people with the same primary mentality.

    The college focus is this - Don't work hard in life; go to college. Once you get a degree you automatically will have a high paying job and will never have to worry about anything again.

    Well the scam is ending. The 20 years of accreted tuition debt caused by an excess of vacuous sheep trying to find an easy way out of life is about to pop. It will be as bad, if not worse, than the housing and credit bubbles.

    The programming has been inculcated in our brains so heavily that no one even mentions the above. We talk about the credit cards, real estate, military budget, government handouts, etc., but we never mention the student loans/debt being a problem! Why?

  28. 5:29...

    You assume that I have not read that many kids are in debt to their eyeballs because of the heavy college debt/loans they took on.

    I don't regret my college education...I put myself through with $1800 being my total loan amount. No credit card debt. I do consider my college degree important because I know how hard it was to pay for it all...with no help from anyone else. Kids nowadays live high on the hog because they take out massive loans, live very comfortably and drive a nice car...in addition to their credit card debt. I starved, rode a bike or walked and didn't have the latest fashion like my peers.

    The college thing is only a scam if you MAKE it that. Start saving when you're five like I did. Find a degree that actually pays. Many make wrong choices in this regard. You really are not that intelligent. My kids won't have a debt problem...because of our influence on them.

    Also, I ran a business for eight years, and cashed out before things fell apart in the economy -- on purpose. I have a gob of money in the bank now and can work part-time because we have no debt. It's called freedom. Our bank loves our 800+ credit scores--that's both of us goofball...you're only a sheep if you are a slave to the system. We're not. The money I earn is either fun money or is put into savings.

  29. "..but we never mention the student loans/debt being a problem! Why?"
    Perhaps because total student loan debts are greater than the total credit card debts owed to private capital.
    Under the great Ponzi economy setup these dept Peons appeared to owe money to "Government" but they were really debt Peons to the holders of the govt Debt .A fine source of steady, little risk , government guaranteed income for the Treasury Bondholders.

    Future Government Tax revenues are promised and pawned to the owners of the national debt.

    The taxpayer is on the hook as the Guarantor.
    These student debts are for life ,they cannot be canceled by bankruptcy , or an inability to actualy find a job income still the debt to usury is forever.
    Debt Peonage for life !
    Capital likes that!

  30. I'm sorry...but most parents do not make their kids save their money. I've seen friends and relatives send their kids to college, taking out huge student loans, etc because they didn't make their kids get a job or save their pennies at an early age. It took me a while, but I put myself through. Kids these days eat out all the time, wear nice clothes, drive nice cars...they want it all now and cannot save for it so they are deep in debt. And they did not save and work. I know several nieces and nephews who owe 40, 50..100 grand. And I know they didn't work at a summer job or work 2-3 jobs like our kids. Ugh.

  31. 6:20

    We’re all impressed.

    Don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back.

  32. No, the reason I posted the above is because some goofball slammed me for feeling sorry for the children. I am ultra conservative and don't believe in a welfare state...but he's calling me some bleeding heart and slamming the college education that I worked my butt off to earn the money to pay for and graduate. Because I ultimately feel sorry for the children...and he was trying to peg me without knowing anything about me.

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