Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Next Housing Collapse Will Be Global

Though the housing bubble has mostly burst, the aftermath is far from concluded -- and the next wave of housing market pain will be global.
In the topics of recent weeks, we have talked about the housing bubble as something that has already burst. This might have encouraged a misconception that needs correcting.
To clarify, the fallout from the housing bubble is not done. There is more pain to come. And that pain will be global.
The U.S. housing market has another major leg down to endure. The fallout could be crushing.
Frighteningly too, there is new evidence that U.S. consumers have hardly begun to deleverage. According to The Wall Street Journal, the majority of U.S. consumer debt reduction thus far has come "the hard way" -- by outright default.
U.S. consumers have NOT wised up and started saving, in other words. Their spending habits have remained largely intact, right up to the point of hitting the wall. The next wave down for the U.S. housing market will be the wall that hits them first.
There is also more pain to come amid the housing burst bubbles of Europe, as we shall explore. And in China, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia, there are still-inflated housing bubbles that have not yet popped. Before all is said and done, these unpopped housing bubbles are virtually certain to bust.
This second wave of housing bubble pain will be deflationary. The crushing grip of debt and evaporated wealth will squeeze the world ever tighter in the coming quarters. Those who deny this are not paying attention.
Let's travel around the world and get a few snapshots of the existing housing market situation.
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  1. It's a socialist conspiracy. By guns, ammo and gold now before it's too late. Be prepared to duel with 20 megaton hydrogen bombs.

  2. 12:07 no its better to go deeper in debt, buy an iphone, a house, car and a boat, put it on your line of credit. Pay the banker his fees. Dumb phuck

  3. With so many mortgage failures (97,000 last month) there is no reason to build a new house for anyone. Repossed homes go cheaper nowadays and will for the nxt 5-10 yrs.

  4. The currency crisis began years ago.I know because I don't have any.

  5. Gold is really high now, and out of reach to really stockpile for most. Unless you're buying a gram or something at a time. Still, it'll be pretty expensive and you're buying it at a peak, unless you suspect it will get even higher

  6. I agree with 4:29. You are buying Gold now at peak. When it "goes up" you actually seeing the value of the dollar going down.

    For example: Today, I can buy an ounce of gold for $1300 or I can buy $1300 worth of food.

    Next year, the gold may sell for $2500 but guess what, that same amount of food will sell for $2500 too. You are really at no advantage buying gold vs buying something else you need.

    Now, if you had a choice today of buying $1300 worth of gold or putting your $1300 in the bank, you should buy gold. Your gold will be equal to $2500 in a year, but your $1300 cash will not buy IN THE FUTURE what $1300 will buy TODAY. Precious metals is a good way to carry your wealth forward.

    If all you are buying Gold for is as a store of wealth, than fine. But don't go into it thinking you are making a profit when it goes up to $2500 in a year.

    Now if we hit a SHTF scenario and food becomes scarce and crime shoots through the roof with rioting etc, your gold will be less desirable. You can't eat it and you can't defend your home with it. You may not even be able to trade an ounce of gold for a precious bag of grain.

    The 64 million dollar question is: How bad is it gonna get? You might just be better using your $1300 on a gun and grain.

  7. I think they are going to try and starve some of the population so they get ill and die from malnutrition.. Try to prepare yourselves so you'll have access to food in some way. I hate to think this way but it seems this is the direction they are taking things they want riots so they can let the UN take over with their troops.. All of this seems to be going this direction. Otherwise there was no need for all this to be happening.. It was all planned and set in motion.

    After seeing Glenn Beck I see they are more sinister than ever using him to use mental games on the people. He pretends to be the peoples friend when really the things he talks about are what he is really doing using the media. It's Psychiatric warfare.. People wise up quick.. They are using the Hitler tactics to control the people to get them into a dangerous position. I think they are using this Tea Party to get people involved in a movement for which will be dangerous they will be labeled extremists and rebels by the UN standards, If you don't get it by now the UN is taking over world ruler-ship... Fox news is at the root of this never trust what they say they will lead people to their graves

  8. Forget the Gold it will not feed people..

  9. 4:51 it's people like yourself that just don't seem to get it. That's why the transfer of wealth is happening as we speak. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer. The dollar is going down. GOLD is not going up. The elite are trading their fiat money for gold while the currency collapses. I think you would rather eat fiat paper money? Of course you can't eat GOLD dummy but you can trade it for his entire plantation and his gun, as well as his food, like they have been doing for 5000 YEARS. It has been going through all collapses since the beginning of time. History repeats itself.

  10. 6:11 Re-read my post (this is 4:51)

    You said "The dollar is going down. GOLD is not going up." That's the same thing I said. Jeez!

    You talk about being able to buy a plantation with it in the future. Your best bet is to do that NOW. At least it's a sure thing. Use your fiat to buy the plantation and skip the middle-man gold and the mark-up. Otherwise you risk a worst-case scenario where nobody wants gold (can't eat it) or nobody trusts that it's real and you're lucky to get partial value on it.

    Note to everyone else: When you read news articles from sites associated with the sale of gold (just look for "gold" in the web address or Kitco, etc), ask yourself, would these people have any reason to encourage me to buy gold that would work to their advantage? Or do they just like "helping people".

    Follow the money. If the author owns a lot of gold, then it makes financial sense for them to whip up a gold frenzy because it increases demand for gold, thus increasing the value of the gold they hold.

    Just saying. I have nothing to lose by giving you my opinion. They have something to gain. Doesn't mean what they are saying isn't true, it just means you should keep both eyes wide open.

  11. I just finished a personal audit. I don't have any currency & DAMNIT I don't have any gold either.

  12. 7:03 follow the money? INDIA and CHINA are the new superpowers they own the gold. The U.S owns none. Now change that to the ordinary citizens. nuff said.


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