Saturday, September 11, 2010

Silver Is The Perfect Bartering Currency For Food

The big news in the financial mainstream media during the past week has been JP Morgan's announcement that they will be closing their proprietary trading desks. JP Morgan is in the process of winding down their proprietary trading operations and will be laying off their 20 proprietary commodities traders, who NIA believes could be responsible for the current concentrated short position in silver. NIA has been receiving countless emails from members asking us if this means the silver manipulation is coming to an end and what this means for the price of silver.

One thing is for sure, this news from JP Morgan can't be a bad thing. NIA has long held the belief that JP Morgan's manipulation of the silver market is the sole reason for the artificially high gold/silver ratio of recent years, which currently stands at 63. Silver possesses all of the same monetary qualities as gold. There is no rational reason for gold to be 63 times more expensive than silver when only 10 times more silver has been produced in world history than gold.

The main thing Americans will need to barter for during hyperinflation is food, but gold is too expensive to be good for bartering for food. Silver is the perfect bartering currency for food. Assuming the gold/silver ratio returns to 16 during hyperinflation and food prices increase at the same rate as gold, it will be possible to feed a family of four with only 2 to 3 ounces of silver per week. However, just 1 ounce of gold will buy 6 to 7 weeks worth of food for a family of four, and most perishable food items go bad in just a week or two.

The only advantage of owning gold over silver during hyperinflation will be having the ability to pick up and leave with your entire net worth in hand. The average American currently has their entire net worth tied up in their house. There is already a 12.5 month supply of Real Estate on the market. During U.S. hyperinflation, the U.S. mortgage market will come to a complete halt and it will become nearly impossible to sell your house unless you are willing to lower the price to a level where buyers can afford it without a mortgage. With the U.S. unemployment rate likely to rise above Great Depression levels, the last thing you will want during the upcoming currency crisis and societal collapse is to have your wealth stuck in Real Estate. Americans will desire the freedom and flexibility that comes with owning precious metals.
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  1. While most of my PMs are in gold, I do have six beautiful green boxes of the silver stuff. Cheers!

  2. 5:39 Good for you ... you are your own Bank
    and you do not have to rely on the FDIC.

    According to the NIA "just 1 ounce of gold will buy 6 to 7 weeks worth of food for a family of four" then you have 6 x 500 x 7 = 21,000 weeks (403 years) of food. So I guess you have enough silver for all of your friends and relatives.

  3. Happy 9-11 aniversary everyone. What a waste of a nation huh? Did you know most aren't even aware? How fucking sad they love a life where they get robbed and raped everyday.

    Wow. I'm drunk right now and I care more than others who are sober. What the FUCK!?!?

  4. You're better off actually stocking the food slowly and hiding it in your basement. When civilization goes to shit why would owning a shiny metal be desirable?

    I would suggest owning some silver and gold regardless, but you don't need to have a room full of it. Just get about 10 1 oz. bullions of silver, about 3 grams of gold, and then get some silver coins and gold coins to round it out. I would suggest using the coins for most transactions, just make sure you know the value. It will go up.

    But if everything truly falls apart, how will you know the value? You won't be able to look online. Silver has more than tripled in the last 5 years, either you believe it will still go up more or you are buying at a bad time. It's currently about $20/oz which is not a bad price, it's definitely affordable. Gold is about $1500/oz, which is pretty steep unless you're sure. I would go grams for gold as a result. Also keep in mind most jewelry has gold content, so if your wife has jewelry that is a great source to have without arousing suspicion. Buy her more jewelry, just not from the major chain stores is all, try Indian stores.

    I looked at Platinum and Palladium, they might actually be the best prices. Gold has been on a bubble for awhile and silver is going to get onto that and is already kind of there. But the masses don't know about the other 2 precious metals.

  5. Gold has been on a bubble for awhile and silver is going to get onto that and is already kind of there. But the masses don't know about the other 2 precious metals.

    The other two PMs will never be 'money'.
    You need to do your homework on that "bubble". That "bubble" is still inexpensive gold on the path to FreeGold. The revaluation is approaching.

  6. In another world in another time, we would be more sane, yet we must look back to the past.

    Do you ever consider the mass amount of people crushed under this corrupt system? Supporting all corporations that support this system is ultimately leading to your death. Maybe you feel you are going to live a little longer in this SnoopState of being guilty 24/7 because like all the brain washed sheep you say... I have nothing to hide. But where does that attitude take you? You can see it on the faces of those being crushed... They never had a chance, but some of you do and you focus on supporting your own destruction.
    Keep buying into the TV because it was bought and paid for to brainwash you...
    Thats how it is and thats how it goes...

  7. oh boy !

    more rays of hope and sunshine !

    thanks all

  8. 8:57 - Please do your home before you post on gold. Gold closed at 1246.70 on 9/10; its intraday record is 1265. It's not even close to 1500 right now and it's NOT in a bubble. EVERY respected gold analyst in the world has said it's NOT in a bubble including Jim Sinclair whose article was posted here just a few days ago. Again, do some research before you give your opinions on gold.

  9. 6:02 rather than comment on the negativity on this site, do yourself a favor and read FOFOA blog

    You will learn from experts with decades of combined experience what hyperinflation really is, and that is coming to the US. You will learn all about gold and why you should have it, in easy to understand terms.

    You will learn the US dollar has no gold backing, but the EURO has a significant percentage of gold backing. Therefore the EURO will outlast the USD.

  10. The world in which we are heading will be the most important. Shiny metals in the end will not get you what you want. Given the choice to barter for a useable item verses gold or silver--I choose the usable item. Think "Little House On The Praire" and what they needed. And I say this having bought gold at the lowest of the low. Be wise.

  11. 8:10 I agree that "little house on the prairie" is where we are going. Bit if you don't have some precious metals in the mean time - you will not be able to afford your little house. What about the transition time...the several years it takes to get to your scenario, in which gold will be king. I say again, educate yourself at you will have wished you had some metals. I realize this is a stretch if your mind is made up.

  12. Hasn't Gold gone from about $500 in 2006 to about $1200 as others have posted above? The dollar has lost a lot of value but there is a run on gold right now. I believe gold will hit $1600 and a little bit after that the dollar will lose all its value.

  13. What are you guys buying for your PM?

    Gold Eagles seem pretty good, especially the 1/10 for bartering for food. Do you guys get rounds and bars, a specific brand name, or do you just get US coins? Is there a forum or anything anyone uses?

    For the coins it seems it's more a collection type thing, there is really no reason to have the coins in brilliant uncirculated when the goal will be to circulate them.

    How do you tell authenticity too? Is there an easy tool? I think we all should learn how to identify actual gold to avoid counterfeiting.


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