Sunday, September 26, 2010

SILVER to $436/oz and Beyond. Here's Why:


  1. nobody will listen to this. Money will always be here, if you think otherwise your irrational. everyone has no worries this badly like people in fear like people to think. Its time to calm down and be thankful that nothing like this will happen. We live in a good world people. it oly gets better. I watched ABC and learned from profesionals that things are fine. They have to tell you be law if they are not.

    - Sam

  2. $436 silver, sure. But the question is, what will $436 buy when silver is $436?

    I'm sure silver was 10 million marks in Germany during the Weimar Republic, but it took a wheelbarrow full of money just to buy a loaf of bread. So yeah, they could brag that they bought the silver for 20 marks before hyperinflation and now it's selling for 10 million, but really, are they making that big of a profit?

  3. 6:11 the point is that the silver will still buy something and the dollars might not. Look at Zimbabwe hyperinflated money that would buy the bread and they were out panning for just a little gold to eat.

  4. 6:42, yes. That is true. I think though, that some people see "$436" and think they are going to make a fortune. I don't think that many p.m. shills do much to counter that theory.

  5. For crist sake, this dis info/mis info stuff is getting out of hand. All it takes now is a spark, and wham its off. The more people keep clamoring for this stuff the more jump.

    I'm not sure how many "poor" folks have spent money om PM's that they should have used to buy food are out there, but its like when a Mega Lottery goes to a big amount, every body jumps on a ticket. The people who did buy, are hoping it goes up forever, just to keep fondling it.

    What ever monetary system is in effect, you can be sure your friendly "gov" will always make sure its gona benefit them. So if they want gold they'll get it, back from you if necessary.

    And at the price of gold per oz now, not many normal people with the usual bills and tax can even afford to go buy this stuff as it is. And if more jump on this silver thing than yea its a self fulling prophecy with that too.

    In a bad job environment with more people trying to make it, all this cryin about PM's only make them more crazy. There are a lot more of them out there than the few with bags of gold coins or safes at home to store all their gold and silver bars. Don't think a few guns and some ammo will save you, folks if things get to a road warrior type deal it will be the basic foods and water items that will be needed, not metals, metals are for gov to use to set up another monetary system. But there will most likely be WWIII before that happens in country.

  6. Owning PM's is not about making a fortune - it's about preserving wealth, ie keeping up with inflation. Most posters above have either missed the boat on buying PM's or are on the short side of the PM market. No one is saying that when hyperinflation hits anyone with PM's will be wealthy. Those owners will however be able to buy goods at the inflated prices with the fiat dollars that gold translates into. If the fiat dollars go bust, PM's will be barter and trade like money in the place of fiat dollars. It's not about profit, it's about survival.

  7. 8:54. That's right, "No one is saying that when hyperinflation hits anyone with PM's will be wealthy." However, the original video and many previous posts on other articles, implies it. Why else put a dollar value to it? It's all relative.

  8. Silver is alot better than to keep losing in my IRA thank you very much

  9. 9"09 when the dollar implodes, the value of SILVER stays the same. In other words when a new currency is introduced, silver will be at the original price of the last crashed currency. SAM keep listening to ABC you'll be one of the slaves in a camp pulling a cart around for the guards.

  10. Yes, I wouldn't touch silver let alone gold right now. This is one of the most volatile investments you will ever see. And most people don't have the stomach to ride out the highs/lows that come with this. Paper isn't going anywhere, it will always be a medium of exchange. You should definitely be saving all you can right now given the way the economy is acting, however.

  11. 1:16 nothing volatile about it. We all know the dollar is dropping so therefore Gold and Silver will head higher. Whether it's today or tomorrow PM's have a long way to go. You should NOT save any fiat money since it will be heading to ZERO.. I guess 99.9% of the public can't grasp it because we were only trained to hold fiat money all our lives. When the housing boom was flying did you sell your house every day?

  12. I don't know that it will go that high. It might go to just under $50 however. That's still more than double what it is now. I prefer investing in the American Eagles (gold or silver). It's a bit more than the bars, but there is almost always a market for it, and a higher premium.

  13. keep all your worthless dollars, hoard them, until the crash, dont prepare now, just keep thinking everything is fine, it really is lol, that is what they thought in rome, germany, argentina, zimbabwe, greece and every other place, the usa is a failed experiment that lasted over 200 years, but is now done, remember, keep all the fiat that is going down and WHAT EVER YOU DO, DONT WORRY EVERYTHING IS FINE!

  14. 1:16 Have you ever looked at the photos of Germany when their paper money devalued they were burning it for heat, using it as wall paper, kids played with stacks of money as a toy. Now if those Germans had gold or silver then they probably would be able to sue it to buy food or other needed items. Paper money can be the most volatile thing there is look at Zimbabwe for example. If they could go back in time do you think the people of Zimbabwe would keep their paper money or gold/silver?

  15. Every German family should have just saved 10 ounces of gold and 100 ounces of silver and stored it under the bed so the government or the commies did not steal it .
    And Everything would have been fine… right ?
    And americans too can easily afford to do the same today despite their huge debts and of running out of more credit ?

    The Weimar inflation was not caused by a stupid government crazily, insanely, choosing the printing of too much paper,but by a desperate government trying to pay off "reparations", war debt bills imposed on Germany by be the victorious imperialist powers ,including America ,at the Versailles “Peace” conference.
    Really a war debts imposition on Germany conference by the victors.
    The Germans were hit with paying ALL the cost of both sides of the war .

    The huge scale of the payments demanded and the taxation of the people required ,could not be met, without creating continuig poverty for the German People .
    The German Capitalist government faced with the threat of more war to enforce the reperation payments had no choice but to try and solve the problems by creating inflation as there was a great chance of a revolutionary communist worker revolt.

    Just as the cost of paying off the interest bill for the internal and external debts ,private and government for past deficit spending for decades of war against the Third world Peoples by America ,cannot easily be met now by a nation of already maxed out on credit debt peons.
    America was running on credit .
    Austerity awaits.
    Like Germany the US government must either default on its debts or try and inflate the debt value away.

    Whatever road the US chooses .

    Using the dollar hegemony for trade and currency wars Creating a cheap labor America?
    Thereby creating more profitable export jobs .

    Or An outright default by a devaluation of the dollar ?

    Or of continuing with more money printing inflationary bailouts for socialisg the PAST losses of capital ?

    That road too in the end must lead to Weimar style hyperinflation and poverty for its people.
    America has been de-industrialed for the profits of wall St Globalists attempting to get their profits fron the cheap labour third world.
    Apart from government /taxation, paid for war industries ,America now has little other profitable industries.
    The interest on past debts to capital invested at interest ,that is interest to past labor created wealth, dead labor value , weigh down on future of the people as a tax claim on future wealth production by living American labor and even of future generations of American debt peons.

    The blood sucking Vampire of Capitalist usury demands its dues and must be fed.


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