Saturday, September 25, 2010

Czech President Against One World Government

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 25 (Reuters) - Czech President Vaclav Klaus on Saturday criticized U.N. calls for increased "global governance" of the world's economy, saying the world body should leave that role to national governments. The solution to dealing with the global economic crisis, Klaus told the U.N. General Assembly, did not lie in "creating new governmental and supranational agencies, or in aiming at global governance of the world economy." "On the contrary, this is the time for international organizations, including the United Nations, to reduce their expenditures, make their administrations thinner, and leave the solutions to the governments of member states," he said. 
Klaus said that was a "mistaken assumption" and it was impossible to prevent future crises through regulatory interventions and similar actions by governments. That will only "destroy the markets and together with them the chances for economic growth and prosperity in both developed and developing countries," he said. The Czech president, a vocal skeptic of global warming, said the United Nations should also keep out of science, including climate change. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has made fighting climate change one of his top priorities. (Editing by Paul Simao) 

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America Is In Deep, Deep Trouble Folks 


  1. Greed plain in simple. Rich people richer, factory workers poor, till they rise up and rob the rich. It will happen soon

  2. 6:26
    Being robbed may not be the only thing that happens to the RICH.I try not to buy imported goods.At times I try to make the excuse that it's unavoidable.WHAT A FREAKING COP OUT on my part.
    The consumer has absolute power in that he has what everyone wants. If he stops spending would he get the attention of the PTB?

  3. Class warfare. Classic commie m.o.


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