Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Ten American Industries Which Will Never Recover

Here is the list of the ten jobs categories that will not recover based on 24/7 Wall St. research:

1. State and local government jobs. The level of unemployment in this sector continues to rise. Budget imbalances in a number of states have already caused mass layoffs as tax receipts have dropped sharply.

2. Construction. Nationwide construction unemployment was 17% in August, up from 16.5% in the same month last year. Over the course of the summer, government statistics have shown sharp drops in the construction of new homes and apartments.

3. Installation, maintenance, and repair. A set of industries related to housing and commercial construction and maintenance will also not generate new jobs.

4. Automotive manufacturing. General Motors has cut over 100,000 people since the beginning of the recession in December 2007. Ford has cut over 20,000 and Chrysler 15,000.

5. Pharmaceuticals. This industry has bled workers for three years, and that trend is likely to continue. The largest companies in the sector, such as Pfizer and Merck, have a number of blockbuster drugs that have lost their patent protection in the last decade.

6. Big Telecom. AT&T, Sprint-Nextel, and Verizon have passed their peak employment levels. Employment in the sector will not recover

7. Newspapers. The layoffs in newspapers began in the 1980s as presses became more automated and tens of thousands of pressmen lost jobs.

8. Airline Employees. The number of pilots, stewards, and ground crew workers is shrinking as consolidation and the recession have hurt the industry badly.

9. Realtors. The National Association of Realtors reports that there were 1,370,758 realtors in October 2006 – the peak of the market. By the end of 2007, the figure was below 1.2 million. The number is below 1.1 million today..

10. Bank Tellers. Long before the recession, personal banking had begun to become automated. Over the last decade, banks have provided increasing access to banking accounts online, through call centers and at ATM kiosks.

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  1. Errrrrrm still too many realtors.

  2. 10. Bank Tellers-bwaa haa haa haa! The NEW banking will be cash in a coffee can buried under a fence post like the old timers did. Looks good on ya, failing banks-starve the bastards out! What goes around comes around, assholes!

  3. You have that right about the realtors! If there was one realtor left, that would be too many.

  4. Yes,yes! I wholeheartedly agree with you guys re: The Realtors, alright. Used to be that if you were a dismal washout at your job-or anything for that matter-you`d go and flog real estate. Now the bell has rung for them-¨basement floor,get out you blood-sucking leeches!¨ lol

  5. Five American Industries that can't expand fast enough:

    1) Firearm manufacturers
    2) Loaded ammunition manufacturers
    3) Ammunition raw material manufacturers
    4) AR-15 customization parts
    5) Slings & holsters

  6. Eliminate corporate/business taxes. This would totally change the playing field. The U.S. would be a better place to own and run a business. Eliminate the petty and unnecessary anti-business laws and regulations. Thr burden on small and large business owners is enormous. Implement tort reform so the lawyers aren't able to destroy American companies. Reduce the size of governments at every level. Eliminate unnecessary departments. Balance the budget.

    Do these things and business will boom and we will have full employment again.

  7. Another business that is growing and can't keep up with demand is the dehydrated and long term food companies.

  8. 3:26-Agreed! Also, gonna need the rope manufacturers-can`t have enough good hemp rope (not the smokin`kind either) When the tables turn,and the bear shits in the buckwheat, it will finally be revealed who the ¨real collateral¨ in society has been (cough!, bankers,cough!)

  9. This one might perplex people, nursing is among those. Well, medical jobs in general. Nurses are getting layed off left and right, hospitals can't pay to keep them. People in nursing school now most likely won't ever get a job.

    This is strange to people because not long ago nursing was in demand, like engineers, obviously not sophisticated like engineers, but still in demand. (Engineering is done with for Americans.)

    When Healthcare kicks in the majority of doctors will be gone, all nurses will be removed except one for each hospital, and most hospitals will be shut down. The result will be hundreds of people crammed into one waiting room with a single nurse coming out each hour, "Number 685, the doctor can see you now."
    Do you think the people will take up arms and demand to go back to the way things were before? No, they'll be so depleted of any strength and will they'll become zombies. "I can't wait for Friday so I can flood my brain with beer!"

    The medical system is just a smudge of what Healthcare touches. In July there was a lady who had been a doctor for 30 years not be able to pay her bills. How? The Medicare was cut and she didn't have enough money come in from the insurance company to pay her employees at her firm. The result? She had no money.

    That is just a scanty example of what's to come. Now have this converge with everything else that we can somewhat calculate and what do you get? = FUCKED

  10. No


    Change !



  11. I'm enjoying the downfall of cable TV subscriptions, also the loss of audience/belief in the talking heads on mainstream media..how do you explain on resume' that your prior job was-talking head...gift of gab? hahahaha

  12. 4:32 Good one! Spot on indeed! lol lol

  13. 3:26...You are so right! Shall we add to your list?

    1: Guillotine manufacturers.
    2: Black hood and cape manufacturers.
    3: Corrupt Politician/Banker Wanted Posters Manufacturers.
    4: Tar, Feather and Rail Manufacturers
    5: To you AR…AK parts too!

    Rally Men and Able Bodies… save the Republic!

    P. Revere

  14. 4:32 Be careful what you wish for, though. If cable goes, so do some really good shows.

  15. New York sucks ass, let MS-13 have it. On the bright side they will clean out the rats on Wall St.

  16. Kotex production is up because more and more American men are sporting pussies.

  17. I trust MS-13 more than I trust the cops or the government. If they're all evil at least one of them is honest about it. MS-13 isn't hiding what they're doing and isn't extorting the public.

  18. Anonymous @ 6:24

    Thanks for the good laugh! I must agree!


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