Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thousands Face Job Loss When Part of Stimulus Act Expires

Tens of thousands of people will lose their jobs within weeks unless Congress extends one of the more effective job-creating programs in the $787 billion stimulus act: a $1 billion New Deal-style program that directly paid the salaries of unemployed people so they could get jobs in government, at nonprofit organizations and at many small businesses.
In rural Perry County, Tenn., the program helped pay for roughly 400 new jobs in the public and private sectors. But in a county of 7,600 people, those jobs had a big impact: they reduced Perry County’s unemployment rate to less than 14 percent this August, from the Depression-like levels of more than 25 percent that it hit last year after its biggest employer, an auto parts factory, moved to Mexico.

If the stimulus program ends on schedule next week, Perry County officials said, an estimated 300 people there will lose their jobs — the equivalent of another factory closing.
 “It’s very scary, because there’s just no work,” said Brian Davis, a 36-year-old father of four, who got a stimulus-subsidized job with the City of Lobelville after he lost his job of 17 years at an auto parts plant that shed hundreds of jobs. Now he faces the prospect of unemployment again.
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  1. Here we go again!

    Does anybody inWashington get it - or do we just sit back and wait for the inevitable ?

    THe factory


    To Mexico
    To Brazil
    To India
    To Tiawan
    To China

    Simple as that people - those that lost jobs will get them back when the factory comes back; until then - we just keep on paying and paying and paying.

    Pretty damn soon we'll have the 5 year plan - only problem with that is only ones left with a job are Gov't flunkies that make ----

    2 turds a day

    Biggest export FROM the USA in 2010 ?

    Wastepaper ( to to add at #2 our factories)- gotta love that!

  2. my idea is simple, make it a friendly environment for companies to mover their factories BACK here, ie make it easier. Then make it illegal for a U.S. company to move their factory out of the country. Would prices go up? That I don't know.....but the way things are going they're going to go up anyway, at least we'd have work for the people.

  3. The tea baggers drove away business with their demand of employer paid healthcare. They wont pay tax to fund a public plan they insist on a for profit system that is unaffordable.

    Why would an employer want to pay healthcare for a family just because he hires a file clerk? The Tea Baggers and their right wing friends use religion as a weapon. They want to force their narrow views on us. Id rather buy a car from Japan instead of a red state. The right has created a huge divide with their divisive social agenda.

  4. tea baggers 527?
    that was obama
    you are an idiot
    buy gold dummy
    maybe youll feed your family
    george bush bankrupted america
    tea baggers are just effect from the cause

    we are at war wake the f up
    the world will change more and more

  5. Umm... "Tea bagging" is where you bash your own country. By the very definition the Tea Partiers can't be tea baggers if they are supposedly dangerous patriots. Tea baggers are people like Obama. Stupid, go read some more George Soros articles 5:27.

  6. 5:20 you have the brain power of Gnat. Anyone blaming the Tea Party for standing up the Liberal Communist agenda is a fool. I guess you can understand what is in the bankrupt America healthcare bill right? That would take someone who can understand English and not just spread nonsense. Of course you understand Tax and Crap right? You know Cap and Trade that the Idiot Obozo wants for the country to make us third world peasants. Of course you understand what is going on. Are you really this stupid in real life or only when your drunk posting comments that a 12 years can see equal the Dunce of the class.

  7. 814 pull yourself away from Glenn Beck long enough to educate yourself. The right wing bigots want to take our freedom and push their white religous agenda. The christian Taliban are ruining this country. The top 2% use the low rent red staters to push their tax cuts and further gut this country. We will have no healthcare, unaffordable education and a mountain of debt when the rw is done.

    Republicans dont just hate hispanics and gays, they hate the middle class.

  8. Adam - You have it half right. Make it easy for companies to operate in the U.S. Cut taxes and regulations and reign in the unions. But how would you make it illegal for a company to move overseas? I have read the constitution and it does not say I cannot move overseas or move my assets overseas. You cannot force people to work for you it would be slavery.

  9. the start of that last paragraph states it all..scary because aren't any spend money for makework, jobs with no backing so unsustainable. NWO-level the playing field-lower the rich-raise the poor we're all happy now ah la communism/fascism/socialism as the top 1% reap and payoff the next 9% politians to pretend they care, so go vote. If they ever announce that the constitution is but a living document we are really doomed....did they do that?

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  11. A very bizarre situation , if the Congress stops the stimulus package thousands will loose the job, If it continues then the economy will take a Hit.

  12. Oh! i really confuse saw a some picture your site .


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