Friday, October 1, 2010

America Rising

It's Powerful. (Change? Forget It.)Watch It:


  1. What a waste of time.. The republicans are just as evil.. People were screaming to see Bush on his way.. The video has nothing really to offer other than to chose more dictators.. When do people wake up and realize it's a one party system and stop playing this game.

  2. We need to constantly overturn congress and change the rule to how campaigns are financed and we can do this if we blow up washingtons phones like we did with the healthcare law, and financial laws. Fact is we are safer as consumers today than 4 years ago. You want change OVERNIGHT, but that was never promised. And then u say thats what u were promised.. These leaders walk a tight line, the ulitmate goal is not to have anyone suffer, the ultimate goal is to get everyone or as many of those that want to participate in the global economy fed and employed. Its not a perfect system by any means and it does create a lot of stress and pain for the people, the planet, ect, but if you really stop and think what your going to get is better, just imagine a world without electricity, grocery stores, running water, police, fire fighters, hospitals.. Yes we might be better with the latter, but understand 7billion people cannot sustainable live without those necessities. The current system can make you wealthy if your smart, you manage what little money you have properly, and conduct yourself in this world with discipline. We may not have any privacy and the govt with a stick up its ass about every little thing we do, but say, for example in a place like Iraq or Afghanistan, there is no govt at all. You can litterly do whatever the fuck you want. You wanna go blow a car up, burn a house town, torch a village, well, u can. Good luck pulling that off in america without getting shot by the next person with more dignity, discipline, and responsibility than yourself. We need to temporarily get the economy going if even only artificially through inflation, then really begin working at the bigger problems and that is, ENERGY SUPPLY? If we have free or next to free renewable sustainable energy, we are an unstoppable economic force.

    Healthcare, before obama, healthinsurance will cancel your policy when your on the gurrney going into the hospital for a heartattack. What kind of healthcare is that. This is very dissapointing.

  3. Most people on these sites don't believe in the 2 party system. If they had a slickly produced video of how the federal reserve has destroyed the country, I'd give it two thumbs up.

  4. It is not a good thing for the world to FLIP OUT!!!

    The leaders need to do backdoor deals to keep everything working... Unless your ready for all out war, population destruction, 1 in 10 survive.... We might be better.

    We'll have a tougher, smarter, smaller, diverse population capable of bringing the human race millions of years forward... By simply lowering the population you eliminate greed. You eliminate religion. You eliminate the current system. The ecosystem finds a new balance.

    It will be easier to feed a smaller population electricity efficiently and very cleanly for almost no cost to society, We will still have a whole planet to enjoy from all the best coastal citys, ski resorts, cruises, bars, entertainment.

    Right now the majority of the human race spread around the planet so densely, urban sprawl. We cannot live.

    It will take the worlds oil some 3-5 times over the current supply to bring china, and india up the standards of america and europe.

    With the current amount of oil we have available, we're on track to raise the global temperature some 15* celsius in the next 100 years.... NOT GOOD.

    Where do most of the people in the planet live... Not here in the states at 300million. but china at 1.3 billion and india at 1.1billion.

    But even we're going to need a hair cut to about 10 % across the board. 30million - What are you going to do once the virus infects the population, write congress?

    either virus, or all out war/famine. Learning to hunt and kill is more valuable than gold. When a chunk of gold is worth ~ 1million, or maybe even 100millionUSD, Who are you going to be able to trust to cash out.. What kind of condition do u think outside your front door is going to be...Think, cars burnt to rubbish, burning rubber tires for warmth, flesh. Homes boarded up and secured. a zombie like crowd homeless, and other protecting their homes. Imagine having to deal with every ignorant person, every drug addict, every meth head, every gangster, every 23yr old mother with 5 kids, in the days and weeks into the final collapes of basic utilitys.

    It coming to a town near you.

    Following the turmoil, we'll find peace for thousands of years..

    There is no enemy, there is no good. Its not a war of good/evil. Just nature.

  5. Great long as we have Diebold voting machines the incumbents will always win by a 2-3% margin creating the illusion that our votes count. Just look at the recent AZ race where exit poll data showed McCain losing…and then…Ta-Dah…he wins, thanks to software…ever see the Robin Williams movie “Man of the Year” same scenario…thanks to a software glitch a Comic (similar to Cobert) wins by 2-3 points. What I fear most is the pending “RESET”. This Economic Plane is in freefall and the FED/PTB have no intentions of pulling out of this dive and have enough banksters on their side to “take it all down”. When we hit rock bottom…and we will…society will “RESET”…tribal colonies, serfdoms, regional empires, new republics it’s anyone’s guess. You can be assured while the majority of us are fighting for our very survival the elite will retreat into their underground complexes with 20-30 years worth of stores waiting to be our saviors(now you know where the trillions went). I only know of one Savior…as for the PTB…UP YOURS!


  6. Hey 7:30 Blow it out your NOSE you fricken Progressive! Do the world a favor and take the lead in population control you and the other progressive so love...start with yourself!

  7. Best Video ever posted on you tube well at least until the impeachment video gets made. The democrats no longer exist in the traditional sense and so many republicans have gone RINO, thank goodness for the tea party. I have never done more than vote in a presidential election, in the coming 2012 election it will be different, I will drive tea party members to the polls for free and so long as there within my state I dont care what the distance is. Our government is polluted and the time has come for change, the constitution is valid and we will not be walked on any more.

  8. A foreign observer says.

    America is overpopulated , because in a failed capitalist system they are unable to make a profit for capital.
    So millions of jobs are disapearing
    And it does not look like it is going to get better soon .

    I suggest those anti-social elements satified with the kleptomaniac run system but now worried about overpopulation , as in some of the Malthusuian comments above.

    Should cut their own throat now.

    For the common good .

    Starting with the rich to get a trickle down effect going?

    In fact most of the rest of the worlds peoples and the environment would probably breath a sigh of releif if parasitical America solved these overpopulation problems with a new civil war.
    Rather than continuing permanent wars against poor third world peoples to save their own way of life.As the ruling Elite appears to be planning now.
    With the satisfied on one side organised against food stamp dependents and for pograms against unmarried Moms and "illegals".

    But, till then,now is the time for all patriotic system supporters to ask themselves;
    " What can I do to save the American system" as the bailouts for banksters are endless and running out of puff.

    Got a razor?

    Still American made?

  9. Not sure why this sort of dung even gets posted, most less congratulated. How can you overlook 8 terrible years of Bushness only to chide Obama for the last 1.5? They are all despots. Wake up and smell the coffee my brainwashed brethren who still sleep.

  10. Wow. No wonder why we are in the spot we are in. People - please pull your head out of your ass. Stop blaming Bush, Obama and point the finger on ourselves. We voted (most don't) for these people and continue to vote for them at every election. You want change? Than take a stand, educate yourself on the candidate, learn if they admire socialism or quote marxism. Are they wanting to redistribute the wealth and want government to dictate your life? Most of these idiots say these things out loud in their speaches - you just have to care and listen. Then make your choice and vote. But don't dare bitch when you vote for Nancy, Barney, John B. and Mitch M. as they f-us.

    Blame only yourself if you walk into the booth and pull the "party" lever. That is not doing your civic duty. Representatives and Senators will get the picture when we will turn their ass over every couple of years. I bet they start listening and represent the people when the citizens do their part.

    As for the foreign observer comments go. Don't kid yourself that only the elite are Americans. The word wants what we have. Yet most consider us greedy. The United States is overpopulated with illegals and people who want handouts and take advantage of the system. We allow the world to come here for the opportunity to be free and to live under better circumstances. Only if they work hard for it. Nothing should be handed out including citizenship. Ask Asia how their toxins have helped the world all in order to make better margins for the owners of the plants in those countries.

    People want to blame greed on capitalism. Greed happens when we allow it to happen. Again, look no further than government which comes back to the voter. Capitalism works! That is why the world wants to destroy it. The strong survive and weak go hungry. Work hard, be honest, treat people with respect and never forget what our founding fathers started and shed blood for. Freedom with a limited government. Our kids need to be taught about hard work and the real history of the U.S.. The greedy will destroy themselves in due time.
    May God Bless this Republic!

  11. “Capitalism works! “That is why the world wants to destroy it.”

    The world does not have to destroy America; it is doing a good job of stewing itself in its own juice of insolvency.
    You are using the present tense ‘capitalism works" while you think romantically of the American past.
    The only capitalism “ working” in America today is the process of the ruling Elite massively increasing their profits by looting and eating up the middle classes assets in housing and pension funds and by seizing control of future govt. revenues for bailouts. So yes capitalism still “Works” even in a Corporate State.

    The old system of wealth creating American manufacturing, capitalism serving an internal market ,no longer exists.

    After the international manufacturing competition was knocked out of the competition in WW1 and then again in WW2 America had a “golden age” of profitability in the 50s and sixties when the bulk of its profits came from racial discrimination and government had a strong dollar and export markets and used military Keynesian spending first in Korea then in Vietnam in a attempt to control foreign export market share.
    The cost of those wars and deficit spending ended the strong dollar.
    Nixon was forced to default on the value of US debts by abandoning the gold backed dollar.

    With the success of the civil rights movement By Blacks and an increase of equal wages. High waged American industry, from the early seventies on had become unprofitable for capital.
    As a result” patriotic “ capital exported its jobs and industry to where it could find cheaper labor and profits
    So under globalized capitalism ,industrial wealth production is concentrated in the third world.
    Because of earlier export of capital for example to China and the dollar hegemony, Americans were able to maintain their living standards based on profits earned externally and by living on foreign credit.
    Capitalism indeed works well at creating profits from exploiting labor as we can see in capitalist China.
    Quality of life though as always is a different story.
    Especially because, under the dollar hegemony system, China exports its commodity wealth, as an export of wealth economy.
    So production in the Third world and distribution and massive consumption of near slave labor wages cheap commodities in the First world.
    In the end to export its dollars to finance its consumption America turned to Ponzi fraud ,exporting trillions of dud “AAA” rated bonds .
    Now as debt levels have mounted to un -payable levels in America especially for deficit spending on the first and second gulf wars as well as Afghanistan, there is little left in the kitty for peoples welfare with continuing war costs and continuing bailouts for capital.

    America has pressed its own self destruct button, a debt crisis of unprofitability.
    Because capitalism, over time, has a built in self destruct mechanism, precisely because it is driven by the need for profits, it must take not give.

    The massive accumulation of those profits creates a tendency to the fall in the rate of profit, as the growth of productivity results in both an overproduction of commodities that cannot be sold at the average rate of profit,
    And the vastly increased over accumulation of capital cannot be profitably employed.

    So we get overproduction of capital and overproduction of goods.

    This is sometimes seen as ”under-consumption”.

    Capitalism in so far as it ‘works’ only ever succeeds in delivering a good life for the minority. Today that is the parasitical rich world

    Better you say:
    May the paper god of dollar hegemony and the God of Usury continue to bless that insolvant republic!

  12. 5:47 wrong again dog breath - there is a HUGE difference - not in all of them but we fail to highlight the positive ones in our daily rush to eccentuate the gloom and the doom.

    Look what Chris Christie of NJ is doing !

    Why doesn't the ea of this site do an indepth article about that so we might show other politicians - hey this is what we want & Oh by the way it works !

    Oh no ! That would be too easy and we don't really want to hear about these good works around the country of which there are many

    We like the slobbering drool of complete morons like Nancy Pelosi - I mean; did you ever REALLY listen tothis woman speak? Then compare that to the VERY plain language of Ron Paul ?

    What part of ones an idiot and one has your best interests in mind don't you understand

    Keep voting them back in - the results will be quite predictable

  13. Forget it. The public will still vote for these 2 useless parties. Bet the farm

  14. Why do Eco Nazi hate people so much they want to kill off 90% of all the world population. That is why I call them Eco Nazi cause just like Hitler Final solutions these sicko's want to play God. All you uneducated clueless Eco Nazi lead by ecample and kill your self. The rest of us are sick and tired of your exposed lies.

  15. Yeah, this video is a waste of time. Yeah, yeah, go ahead, elect Republicans or tea partiers or whoever you want (Almost all of the electoral choices involve millionaires). The name of the game is "Get the money!) - our money and the tea partiers, already bought and owned by billionaires is simply another method of facilitating that goal. They're all socialists, all of them as they're all too busy bailing out their friends in corporate America with our money to notice what's happening down here in the trenches like they even care and that goes for Beck, Limbaugh, liberal commentators - the whole works. If one has half a brain and a full heart, one knows instinctively what has to be done.

  16. hey, im going to fight to the death to survive. YOU FIRST! If we run into eachtoher along the way, i will tAKE YOUR LIFEbefore mine.. i may not live long,but thats called survival of the fittest. And for some reason i have no clue why that facet of nature is more vibrant today.. just wait though.. Like a correction in the stock market, our global population will adjust accordingly and quickly.. its beyond my opinion, educated or not.

  17. Whether a gold or paper currency ,the ruling elite will still use fractional reserve credit usury to drive consumption and the economy.

    High waged America under globalist "free trade" will remain a de-industrialized unproductive of physical wealth services based economy.
    The old dollar hegemony ponzi economic cannot recover as America ,is saddled by the cost of past debts government and private .
    A gold currency would only result in a drain of real wealth to pay off the trade deficit and to the government bondholders.
    The bondholders owning the national debt naturaly hope to be paid off in gold not a fast devaluing by inflation paper money.
    Thus as the ponzi economy implodes in money printing inflation the ruling elite that owns this national debt may at some time themselves demand a gold currency ,as they did pretty well with a gold currency, before the fed was put in place.

  18. Survival of the fittest ,tooth and nail ,is the law of nature in the animal world.Hunting and gathering etc..
    As man is a social animal it uses human brains brawn and inteligence to developes increased productivity and economic organation in its relations between people and with the natural world.
    This ensures the collective survival of the Human species and its individuals .

    Survival of the fittest individual is no longer the law governing human survival.
    Humans have geneticaly more in common than differences.
    Darwin,a religious parson was one of the scientific develpers of an understanding of evolution in the animal world was a part of the English ruling elite openly said he was influenced by the parson Malthus and his elite population theories.
    He helped to identify the practical mechanism the interaction between changing genetic and a changing environment.

    Naturaly the Elite ,owning title to most of the worlds wealth and assets,imagining themselves as naturaly superior, pretend that it is all only about "survival of the fittest in capitalism.This was the political conclusion of people like Spencer .
    Some ordinary suckers think that they too will only survive by siding with the elite in killing off competitive people and then they somehow will be permited to join the surviving elite too ,if only they have managed to hoard a few ounces of gold +guns as a ticket.
    But, the Eugenic supporting elite control the state and have bigger guns.

  19. yeah I bailed on the "we trusted you" hahahahaha!! backroom deals..oh boy. Politicians, lessee, rep. gave us NWO, dem. gave us nafta. different suits in the same deck. think the suit maker is happy though

  20. I'm actually glad to see the majority of the comments on this video show that not everyone is as brainwashed as the maker of this video. What a waste of time and effort. The politicians are all just lackeys of the financial elite who are quite obviously raping the rest of us and then pointing the finger at whoever is in office...

    Sigh. It's just like Rome. We thought Clinton was bad, so we brought in Bush. We thought Bush was worse, so we bring in Obama. We think Obama is the worst, so we bring in.... Palin? Yep, that sounds about right...

  21. Darwin did not "invent the theory" of evolution or expain how life developed in a material universe.
    He only expained ,or demonstrated how differention between species occured over time and later the role of sexual selection and how this could be observed in nature and was used by man in a practical way such as for example breeding and improving cabbages.

    With the "survival of the fittest" of 'gods", or natures cabbages ,modified to be fit for man and cow to eat.
    All through Human intervention.

    Genetics for example was a science unnown to Darwin .

    Thus, the theory of evolution is not restricted to ,or dependent exclusively on Darwins own theories and research ,although much has been confirmed both by his own and by modern science .
    Evolution is no longer a theory but an established proven scientific fact.

  22. Palin getting in would be one million times better than Clinton, Bush, and especially Obama. Pick a better example to execrate 10:03.

    5:24, Darwin was a racist and helped start the foundations of Eugenics. His theory of natural selection was deliberately biased to fit his world view that white people were supreme and colored people were subhuman. Natural selection is known today that when the conditions for life are threatened - nature signals for a species to evolve by altering their biochemical hardwiring correspondingly. In other words when a species becomes threatened some among their kind have their protein signal for an upgrade. The cells begin to feel out the new energy entering the nervous system and the DNA molecules start mutating accordingly. Depending on the complexity of the creature this can bring about huge spurs in intelligence or sophistication of other sorts. Reptiles only built themselves up so that the superior dino was bigger and stronger, after natural disasters screwed their living conditions up their brains failed them. You could say the human brain will become obsolete the next time this happens. Perhaps the left and right brain will fuse together or a "whole" human will exist who utilizes perfect intuition, empathy, intellect, and has selfless ambition (controls impulse)?

    8:46, I agree. I watch Glenn Beck to watch him condemn various politicians but he has some obfuscated views about capitalism and an obsession with defending greed.

    10:58, that opinion is, perspiculously, not educated. Warm blooded animals; mammals in particular, will always work together for survival with their own kind. The only incongruency that takes place is when the alpha males might challenge each other to take leadership roles. [Fear = Aggression]

    You'd be even more amazed at what humans can do together. Read some stories from WW2, Vietnam, 9-11, Iraq, or whatever. Difference now is that there will be no identified enemies except lack of food... we'll do magnificent things this time around.

    The druggies, rapists, raCists, whores, and such will find their own nasty place to co-exist with each other. Once people around you detox from their stupor; television, cell phones, radios, porn, etc. they'll be ready to help you dig about 50ft for water.


  23. if failin palin wins, kiss this country goodbye forever, more wars, more debt, more death, and complete and total destruction of the country, something we would never recover from, ever. the quitter from wasiller, quit alaska, she would not even show up for the once great usa.

  24. if Obozo wins again, kiss this country goodbye forever, more wars, more debt, more death, and complete and total destruction of the country, something we would never recover from, ever. the loser from chicago, quit chicago, he would not even show up for the once great usa.

  25. 5:10am 5:47pm here.. What do you think your insults make you look right? Think again, you point out Ron Paul you actually think he will make it somewhere?? The one party system just tolerates guys like him. Sure he sounds good but thats all, Ross Perot sounded good too. But these guys have a chance in hell to get anywhere in this system. You think in error you have no idea what this system is made of.. Keep dreaming.. Every voting cycle the media steers the election, it's already been determined the voting system is a joke. It's people like you that actually believe there is a difference that makes people like me laugh. The song continues to go on and on.. It will never change it's a game they are playing on people like you. One in which you enjoy to participate in.. But unfortunately you will suffer the disappointment every time..

  26. Greed nothing but greed!!!

  27. evil..Nothing but evil!!!!


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