Friday, October 29, 2010

Celente: It's Getting Worse


  1. Gerald is so right.. Can't people see the conspiracy against the people? It's obvious to me what is happening. They are deliberately crushing the people. All to bring the NWO (aka UN rule)

  2. Yeah the crushing of the people has been an operation for almost 100 years.It started with Propaganda to manipulate crowds. Moving the masses with simple images, people wouldn't be smart enough to question if what they were being sold was real. Thousands purchasing it meant it was real, anyone who was smart enough to see differently was crazy.

    Schools were designed to have endless social programs so that children would be moulded to be like cattle. Children who were individuals were considered mentally ill, hence the plethora of psychologists in grade schools today. And an even bigger amount of teenagers being misdiagnosed.

    This was also a way of instilling peer pressure in people to make them consume more. They'd be so dumbed down by the lack of academics in the education system their whole reality would consist of competing with their neighbor. Buy, buy, and buy...

    Television, radios, magazines... all just ways of bombarding the human consciousness to create impulsive, unthinking barbarians. Eventually they pulled us so far into this dead zone that not elderly savants realize how debauched we've become.

    A huge portion of neighborhoods are meth facilities. Happy families are now a rare example. Young women with self esteem are rare, young men who are not abusive are also rare. Television shows mix violence with sex as if it's arousing. Greed and killing is inculcated on young minds as being cool.

    On a Friday or Saturday you won't leave your house without seeing everyone with drinks in their hands. Now you'll even see people during the weekdays buying alcohol. People are so intoxicated on crap they can't resist text messaging while driving. Five hours of television a day to make themselves even more intoxicated will help the problem.

    You can't even read a book, go to an online forum, a church, or a job without having a political agenda shoved on you. The civil disconnect is astonishing.

    So bad the damage these elites have done that even the Spirit is being converted into cash. Oprah is the prime example there. And if you're against greed, you must be a Marxist. If you're against Marxism, you must be greedy. No, don't believe it. Money and Marxism are both a great evil.

    The Corporate Capitalists are the Elite Socialists.

  3. Well he keeps on saying that before the clock strikes midnight on 2011 that we'll all know we're in the greatest depression.

    Gerald - you too are running out of time

    Ben is about to print another Trillion bucks for QE2

    Spreadin' the wealth around baby !

    How's it feelin' to you?

  4. yeah the country is full of functional alcoholics, those with jobs but always drinking afterwork and TV, babysitter for kids, friend to adults. add portable media's and people are hypnotised, with no attention span. the mind is a muscle but many only use it when something tragic is/has happened or their wallet is about to take a hit...then no more beers, fun, immediate happiness as substituted for true joy, no more of the things that keep them elevated in a hypnotic plane. perfect example is a teen goes to the ocean, they've never been to an ocean but what do they take onto the beach...earbuds and an ipod. half the ocean experience is the sound..but who cares I guess, that "drug" isn't as sufficent as media

    brainwashed we end up with schools with armed security, camera's, pat downs and fencing, even barbed wire. many won't think much about a means to track their kids and adults realtime, give up freedoms for safety.


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