Friday, October 29, 2010

How to Ditch Big Brother and Disappear Forever

So you've decided you want to drop off the map and leave Big Brother behind. It's harder than ever in our always-connected world, but if you're ready to plan your big vanishing act, here are a few tips to get you started.
Who hasn't thought about how nice it would be to start fresh somewhere new, preferably with nicer weather and cheaper drinks? Whatever your reasons for wanting to disappear—maybe you just want to get The Man off your back—with enough diligence and planning you can vanish and start anew somewhere else.
For the low down on disappearing and starting your life over, we turned to the book How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without a Trace by Frank M. Ahearn and Eileen C. Horan. Frank Ahearn is the grizzled grandfather of the vanishing act. After 20 odd years working as a skip tracer—an investigator who specializes in finding people who don't want to be found—he realized he could make just as much money and incur a lot less risk helping people avoid investigators like himself. We've culled a few of Ahearn's tips below, but if you're really serious, his book is a great pocket guide to getting lost. Photo adapted from the Australia edition of How To Disappear.
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  1. The rich Elite simply park a proportion of their wealth offshore in tax havens, in banks and hedge funds , some store a part of their money in hard property assets and gold .
    BP shares are a good example as it is a diversified transnational world player ,with assets from Russia to the gulf of Mexico. I think ,40% of BP shares ,are held by Americans.
    Dual nationals that have citizenship in countries that have no extradition of criminals arrangements with other countries are in the best position to loot and extract the wealth in this global financial crisis without any worries, if SHTF.

  2. With RFID technology, you can forget about disappearing......they will implant a microchip under your skin and will be able to track you ANYWHERE!!!!

    Disgusting and grotesque to see the arrogance and dominance of depraved men TRYING to act like God.

    Only the Living God has omniscience!


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