Sunday, October 10, 2010

Censored Gulf News: Human Body Parts Washed-Up, Covered-Up (video)

An hour after BP workers were told they had to shift from Destin, Florida to another location and to not discuss anything with anybody, human body parts washed up where they had been working.
Gregg Hall reports that a former BP worker contacted him under agreed anonymity because the contractor wanted to ease his conscience. The interview is below.
"I want it understood I'm doing this because there are some things that need to be told, need to be said. I'm not doing this for publicity. I don't want publicity," the worker told Hall.
"There are some things some people haven't heard."
"At first, we weren't allowed to dig at all."
Then, workers were not allowed to dig deeper than 6 inches.
"One hour after we were shifted out [of Destin, Fl], body parts started washing up," he said. "There were hands, arms, feet... a leg and a foot."
He then told Hall that there are lots of things people do not know.
The worker confirms that large, deep trenches were being dug. He explains in one incident, a 15-foot deep, 20-foot wide hole was dug and berm put around it. The workers were not allowed to know what went into it or other trenches before covered with sand.
"We were told at that time, 'Don't say anything to anybody if they ask questions.'"
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  1. welcome to the gestapo of the 20th centurey

  2. bad news for those living in golf, get out your getting nihalated by dictaters who want infinate powers. plug it in, turn off, turn on the beezwax, turn it off again. Destroy live cause noone there uses life. they should feel sorry, they arent. Help us good people. anyone see senaters they like thank them for working for us. get golf fixed, send money to people, build stores. this is the 1rst start to charity government.

    - Sam

  3. sam fuck off already you sound like your from planet neptune

  4. No proof..No Names...No reason why or where exactly.

    Not saying it didn't happen...Just photos, names and proof is nice otherwise it's just crap.

  5. i agree with 2:04 To much is written that hasnt any proof. Not that most of the things written here aren't true

  6. 2;24 yes only believe mainstream news, they are the truth..people love making things up...idiots

  7. why are there body parts washing up on shore. What else is going on out there in the gulf.

  8. Off-topic:

    Denninger got it...

    401K Raping
    Democrats in the Senate on Thursday held a recess hearing covering a taxpayer bailout of union pensions and a plan to seize private 401(k) plans to more "fairly" distribute taxpayer-funded pensions to everyone.

  9. 3:06pm is English your second language?...Because both 2:04 and 2"24 agree but want some lil bit of proof...Now I tend to go to other "Alternative/Underground News Sites."

    They sometimes blast huge storylines LIKE "OBAMA HAS ALIEN BABY!" Now I believe in aliens and I may believe that Obama is a bad president BUT without and proof I'm going to NOT believe anything online just because someone typed it.

    So NO pics/NO body parts saved/NO witnesses coming foward/NO video = Low credibility.

  10. Not that USAToday, Newsweek, or Time have any reliability, but the Examiner is downright frivolous.

    With "real" news sources you'll get a corrupt editor (and writers) that purposely skew the story to fit their agenda, lie about statistics, and have prejudices that contain double standards and mind bending.

    With the Examiner I've noticed many stories seem to be embued with hardcore activist writers that will make up stories to get credulous minds to believe it. They'll never give sources for their claims and will even pose as if the story is scientifically valid.

    One story they had was how scientists now believe two billion people have been abducted by ETs. Right... body parts coming up on the beach... hmmm. Why would body parts be falling off in the first place? Perhaps these people were killed by sharks?

    Even so the dumbass leftist media on NBC would love to show what oil has done to people... bodyparts!

  11. Guys, I assume the "body parts" are from the oil rig workers that were blown up when the platform exploded.

  12. It reads like it is written by a paranoid schizophrenic. However, I have family that live on the Gulf Coast and it is scary how many horrible events that are important to the whole nation are left untold by the mainstream media. What is written in this article may be true, but until it is substantiated by more evidence, it is suspect.

  13. This is the biggest hoax of the century. So where did these body parts come from? Alien space craft? Can't you people tell when you are being played? Do you really believe body parts just float in with the tide on cue? What a sad commentary on so-called environmental reporting. Can't they find anything real to write about???

    To anon 8:22 Give us your best example (with details) of one of those horrible events. I suspect it is little more then great imagination.

  14. If you want facts, go read the article in "Rolling Stone" magazine. Instead of repeating rumors, do the research.

    Yes the gov't is hiding the facts from us. And the mainstream media is controlled by big corporations that won't tell the truth (even Fox news). But the internet still has plenty of information.

  15. BP has totally cleaned up all the oil, the dispersant is harmless and the beaches are all very clean. There is no oil in the gulf seafood and it's yummy.

    Obviously the body parts are merely a Halloween prank.

    The mainstream news is very accurate and covered the BP oil catastrophe objectively. The oil has been cleaned up, so there is no need for additional "conspiracy theory stories". If there are people who are ill in the gulf region, they probably contracted the flu because the failed to take their flu shots.

    Now go back to watching your tv and SHUT-UP!


  16. the conversation on the video sounds fake. They mention the body parts like it was no real big deal then they go to the next subject.. Looked more like a G4T (George 4 Title) video, made up.. Just to get attention. I don't believe it..None of it fits the truth test..

  17. Out with the tin hats. This is nothing but a waste of bandwidth.

  18. Here is the news story that explains what really happened. You people really discredit yourselves by publishing urban legends about B.P. and body parts.

    July 10, 2010
    NEW INFORMATION Divers are attempting to reach the wreckage of a plane that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico today.
    Lauren Styler Online Producer/ Reporter
    Lauren Styler
    DESTIN, Florida - 3:30 p.m.
    The wreckage of a small plane reported to have crashed into the Gulf of Mexico at the Okaloosa/Walton County line has been located by the Okaloosa Sheriff's Office and the Fish and Wildlife Commission around 3:20pm.

    The plane is resting on the sea bottom about 3/4 mile off the coast of the Okaloosa/Walton County line. Divers will attempt to reach the wreckage.

    It is still unclear what caused the crash and how many people were on board.

    1:30 p.m.
    The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office received a call around 12:20 Friday that someone had seen a small airplane go into the Gulf of Mexico near the Okaloosa/Walton County line.

    Units from area fire departments, EMS, and the Okaloosa and Walton's Sheriff's Office have responded to the scene.

    Initial reports indicate two people were on the World War II-era plane when it crashed about 12:30 p.m., according to U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Petty Officer John Scott.

    The plane reportedly crashed into the water, caught fire and then sank about 1,200 feet off the beach behind Pompano Joe's Destin, Scott said. A search perimeter has been set up and officials from several agencies including the Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife are at the scene searching for the plane.

    Witnesses said the yellow plane had been flying in the area for about 10 minutes doing a few stunts when it crashed. Right after the plane hit the water, a lifeguard jumped on a jet ski to go to the area, but the plane had already sunk by then, Tompkins said.


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