Thursday, October 21, 2010

Debt Is Slavery


  1. When I made a decision to kick my three cousins from my homes after 40 years was the greatest day in my life. I finally took complete control of my life. Being broke and black is 50 times worse than racism. I am discovering that whites are just as bad as black folks. The only advantage that whites had on blacks was starting from 3rd base. Black start at home plate and spend years trying to get hit a home run. Often time, they get a single and stay at first base (credit card debt)and then they steal 2nd and spend 1/3 of their life (buying cars, looking good but broke) and never really get to third base. In the meantime, whites are stuck on stupid at 3rd base (boats, mac-mansion and vacations). No body (middle class) has hit a home run. It is so funny that 97% of america never hit a home run (debt free)
    Oh before I go, I forgot to tell you about my three cousins that I kick out of my house over 10 years ago. (They were call BROKE, DESPERATE AND STUPID). Let me know what you think (EVERYBODY) at

  2. America living on credit and addicted to debt.

    America has defined itself as a society of collective "drug people", pushers, addicts and associates, with our drug of choice being debt. We happily injected drugs worth 300% of our GDP straight into our veins, and made our international dealers filthy rich in the process. The constant influx of drugs into our bodies made us feel super-human, as we were instantaneously able to afford TVs, computers, cars and homes with the swipe of a card and the flick of a pen. Of course, as any regular drug user can attest, the human biological system becomes increasingly tolerant to the jolts of external chemicals and requires ever-larger doses to achieve the same effects.

    The economy rapidly became saturated with debt, since economic actors needed to take on more and more debt to simply pay off previous debts and maintain their current level of activity. In 2007-08, the private debt servicing costs overwhelmed the "high" produced from this mostly unproductive debt, in the form of artificially elevated asset prices and revenue streams, and the national body had no more financial capacity to absorb additional drugs. With no more access to their drug of choice after a decades-long binge, the addicts began going through severe withdrawal. The drug-induced mentality of happiness, trust and tolerance was quickly replaced with collective feelings of sickness, fear and resentment.
    More on a society with debt addiction @

  3. Americans consume more commodity wealth than they profitably create and are therefore as a result addicted to debt . Pre-crisis their consumerist lifestyles were dependent on foreign credit supply and cheap labor produced cheap commodities.
    The middle class often used their house as an ATM a source of more credit.
    But in the end the printing of money to finance government ,as well as the banking and personal finance sectors, were all maxed out on debts.
    And Americans were unable to spend at the old levels.
    The failure of the sub prime property bonds markets made it clear to all foreign investors, that America had turned into a Great Ponzi economy, unable to even keep up its dividend and interest payments .That economy was premised on a continuing property bubble expansion .But property asset value were falling.
    When the credit /money supply collapsed in 2008 so did the American Ponzi.
    Any ponzi unable to keep up its interest payments, that are paid out of new investors money, implodes.
    People need to face up to the reality of that. But it is difficult for some people to do.
    The effect on peoples minds of the continuing illusion that America and its labor and debts were highly productive .That Americans had an entitlement by virtue of being Americans to a god given right to credit supply and that an economy run on debts could last forever and will recover easily .

    But, Without a strong Dollar Hegemony system of exchanging printed paper for real things America cannot finance its trade imbalances wars or past debts

    Under the Globalist Dollar hegemony system in world trade and finance America was de-industrialized because high waged American could not create a profit for capital in a “free trade” world. It was cheaper and more profitable for American multinationals to invest in and produce commodities in the third world and realize a good profit selling those commodities in Wal-Mart Etc .
    Because the dollar appeared to be strong and could be used as the international currency America was able to provide a market and other countries used this market as a basis for economic development by creating ,like China an export of cheap labor created wealth economy . They invited foreign capital to set up factories in China.
    Often the foreign capitalists owned the factories and the output and also controlled the retail end too. The profits realized as cash in America were huge from this near slave level paid labor for companies like Wal-Mart.
    The profits, the cut for the Chinese cheap labor supplying “communist” elite ,were good too. But the bulk of the profits from the cheap labor were realized in America as Americas profits and counted in the American GDP .
    The wealth circulating was mostly value derived from retail and distribution networks helping in making real profits on the sale of the imported commodities.
    America was converted into a Shopping on credit, Mall economy , with lawnmowing ,fingernail painting ,financial services king a services based economy. Its workers were exchanging valuable services with each other. But on the whole as the Presidents report on the economy in 2007 shows ,after tax company dividends , were only equal to imported credit supply.

    America exports are corn and porn ,Disney holywood culture and software licences, not many industrial products other than non-labor intensive agricultural products. Ipods are made in China.
    The biggest export for the last decade was selling trillions of dollars in dud fraudulent bonds, securitised debts ,scams “rated” AAA quality, enabling the finance sector to get 40% of all profits in America from dud bonds and fees.
    That economy, as foreign credit supply dries up and purchasers of the fraud bonds are starting to demand their money back, cannot simply” recover’ by injecting counterfeit money paper and selling treasury bills to re -blow the bubbles with fake profits.

  4. Blacks, Whites and Hispanics it doesn't matter. Its begins with what we are taught(or not taught)in the public school system. Then compounded upon by the 24/7 television. Once you understand how money is created and actually used, then things will start to fall in place. YouTube 'Money as Debt' and then 'Debt is Slavery' for a beginners course.

    "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." -Henry Ford

  5. Yep. Debt is bondage.


  6. Freedom of Expression; Charlie Gilmour swinging from the flag and Debt Equals Slavery....

    When your stuck inside a system and there is no way out !You have to reach HIGH Above a Symbol.. to touch the core Values so you can express and provoke there idea of freedom, which is not synonymous with individual choice but rather a economic manipulation of ones choices to be dictated and controlled under the system of HYPOTHETICAL Wealth .The truth Shall Set you Free!Don`t be ashamed in protesting against Hypocrites.Continue on with a cause that shows Evolution and Solidarity is more important then a symbol of economic slavery and lies .Socrates teaches that a Balanced evolution gives you as an individual the right to exist.That is what you have done......Feel proud and don`t apologies it won`t change a thing.EXIST for freedom and the truth shall set you free!... The Otherside of the COIN is that there is no Free Lunch!!!


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