Thursday, October 21, 2010

Doomsday Denial: Collapse 2.0 looms as UK calm before storm


  1. "Gathering..?" WTF? The storm" is HERE Bro... And for a LOT of us we're in the very middle of it -- things seem like they're improving in some areas.. the government and the media keep cranking out their lies and propaganda.. but any of us that have REALLY been paying attention know that all that just means we're simply in the eye of the storm.. we can even look up the funnel and see a spot of blue sky here and there.... But watch... By late this year or early next... you WILL experience the fury, in full, once again and this time -- being already weakened by the first blast -- we will see it all come tumbling down. Canned Food, Handguns, Ammo, Seeds and Silver!!

  2. Amen 10:08 are you in the N/E? want to buy
    some land together?

  3. I wish I had some allies near me that weren't mentally children. I know when everything happens I'm going to have to hold their hands while they detox from the television. Their whole lives are spent watching television. When I mention what's happening they get scared and shout, "Oh no! Life is going to be so hard. Should we just kill ourselves if it happens?" Well, if you consider watching idiots trying to get famous on scripted "reality" shows life... son of a bitch.

    You all know that's the majority of Americans? We are really fucking screwed. It isn't so much because of the predicament, that's only half of it. The other half is the people who will be left to rebuild everything. These same morons are teaching children in schools. They teach children at home. They teach children while they watch Disney.

    Holy Shit. We are fucking screwed. The poison that Americans have breathed in mentally these last 20 years or so is enough to turn curious, sensitive monkeys into cold, spaced out fish. God Damn.

    Emulating the common person in the modern USA takes three simple steps:

    1) Get married and have a baby with someone you hardly know or like.

    2) Get a place to live that you can't afford at all.

    3) Live life = Drink beer, eat crap, watch football, get fat, don't read, watch more t.v, and ignore your children.

    Sign to Europeans immigrants: "America up ahead! You shouldn't have bothered coming here!"


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