Sunday, October 3, 2010

Las Vegas Suffering Like Never Before

Gambling revenues have hit the skids, accompanied by the collapse of the construction industry. Confidence that the return of tourists will revive the city and the state is absent.

The nation's gambling capital is staggering under a confluence of economic forces that has sent Las Vegas into what officials describe as its deepest economic rut since casinos first began rising in the desert there in the 1940s.
Even as city leaders remain hopeful that gambling revenues will rebound with the nation's economy, experts pro- ject that it will not be enough to make up for an even deeper realignment that has taken place in the course of this recession: the collapse of the construction industry, which was the other economic pillar of the city and the state.
Unemployment in Nevada is 14.4 percent, the highest in the nation and a stark contrast to the 3.8 percent unemployment rate there just 10 years ago; in Las Vegas, it is 14.7 percent.
August was the 44th consecutive month in which Nevada led the nation in housing foreclosures.
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Mortgage Market Predicts a Collapse 


  1. wait till their water supply is cut or limited cause the water is needed more to grow crops than let a bunch of high flyer's sit around in smoke filled rooms in some 5k a night private suite.

  2. Couldn't have happened to a sleazier place.

  3. Thank that damn Marxist Obama. His plan to destroy the country is working... What a scumbag!

  4. It wasn't Obama's plan, he is just the one they put through to do it.

    This is more than just a massive coalition against humanity, it's more complicated than that.

    100 years ago Progressives and Eugenics took form. Not all of them were the same type. Down the line Communists came into the country and added their agendas to the Progressive Agenda (Left and Right).

    The country acquired an excess of materials people became unhappy, greed and egotism have spread at the cost of morals and satisfaction. Destructive music is mainstreamed as well as cartoons which give kids no message other than stupidity being something funny.

    The whole country is being shoved around by not just high powered wealthy people but also discontent people from both the sober working/middle class and the bum class - junkies and government freeloaders.

    The rising economic problems (destruction) is more or less the offspring of the increasing polarities in mankind. Information spreads faster today and this equates to accelarating polarity/turbulence. This is what Lau Tzu called the Age of Confusion (Biblical End Times).

    Bible's version - "Many false prophets will come before the End and lead even the Elect astray."

    Tao Te Ching's version - "In the Time of Confusion, too many to count self proclaimed masters will walk the markets and add to people's delusions."

    He also said about the "Time of Confusion" paraphrased: "... humans then will create so many sounds to the ears it will make the brain numb, so many things to eat that gluttony will take over, so many images the person will become exhausted keeping up with them, so many discoveries will spawn that intellectuals will become stupid, humans will procreate so rapidly with no moral concern that the quality of life will become degraded... There is something those of virtue can do in those days, ignore all distractions and focus on the one reality and no aspects of its illusions."

  5. Just remember that Sharron Angle is against gambling. So if she gets elected, I wonder what industry she proposes to replace it? Or did she even bother to explain how she's going to save Nevada?

  6. Nevada (and the USA) will begin to save itself when Harry Reid is voted out of office. That's the first and most important step.

  7. big -oh well-to downfall of vegas. Good state for mining. don't have to use strip and chemicals. sustainable jobs, labor intensive. don't believe the lie it-has to- ruin enviro, there's been mining for-ever, u've probably walked over several old mine sites and never new it

  8. Thanks to The TSA , I'll fly to Las Vegas with Microsoft Flight Simulator . Their touching of people spreads Venerial Disease .


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