Sunday, October 3, 2010

US Poisons 8 Gulf Aid Workers

News of the United States poisoning eight American humanitarian aid workers in the Gulf of Mexico region continues to rock human rights groups. Florida Oil Spill Law compiled and released a video of this news (below).
The entire Project Gulf Impact film crew have been hospitalized with life-threatening poisoning symptoms.
Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana (CHSL) radio program show host, Joannie Hughes is hospitalized due to being poisoned.
Kindra Arnesen, the Venice mother and independent researcher is very ill.
Vicky Perrin of CHSL are also very ill with symptoms of poisoning.
The video does not include the poisoning of reporter/filmmaker Gregg Hall, the first noted front line aid worker to fall.
This attempted murder - or genocide - continues daily throughout the Gulf Region and now up the east coast with credible reports including photographic evidence from victims in Tennessee and Ohio, impacting people of all walks of life.
The petrochemical-military-industrial-complex is still spraying one of the most lethal chemicals, Corexit, onto water and land, now from skiffs going further inland spraying it,
Human pathways of exposure to Corexit include inhalation, ingestion, skin and eye contact.
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  1. 99% of the sheeple have lost interest and forgotten the Gulf, now that the 'leak' has been 'capped'. A new TV season is starting which will occupy all their attention.

  2. WoW! who did it? Did they catch him? did he put it in their coffee? Why is he called U.S.? Did he use Arsenic? Or is this some wild ass attempt to grab headlines?

  3. BP has plugged the gusher, cleaned up the oil, and everything is fine now. Corexit is not toxic and is not affecting the wild life or human life. The seafood is clean and good to eat.

    Now go back to watching your sports on your tv and SHUT-UP!

  4. Move along now. These people are obviously hoaxters out for a quick buck, or suffering from psychosematic illness. Just like the 9-11 responders.

  5. bp is part of the nwo, they are a british crown company, the british never left the us, they are in the process of a total takeover. Your rights as you know them are gone forever, get used to being like nazi germany, within the next 10 years, it will be complete. Enjoy your slavery!

  6. Bring out the tin foil hats!
    Reports of reports that were reported by reporters who read the report of the report by someone who saw the original report.
    Jez, there are enough issues to deal with on the spill without this garbage.

  7. BP is owned by the Rothschild family. The United States does not own a single oil well and would not have the expertise for dealing with a complicated oil well disaster.

  8. 12:54 an article in the Rolling Stones mag supports this article, so give it up

  9. What's really sad, is the fact that the average illiterate, unemployed, undereducated, joe six pack, knows better than to set foot anywhere near the area that the cleanup was going on. Old joe had enough common sense to not believe a single word the government said. Now, all these researchers, scientist, environmentalist, and whatever other specialist you can name, are going to come to what any person with a lick of comon sense knows already. That's some bad shizz they put in the water, and are spraying in the air to cover up the mess. The government knew it was toxic from the beginning, and they let those recovery workers eat it up.
    Now, we are seeing the true results, and the government an BP will get away with murder. Did anyone with common sense expect any other outcome?? I certainly didn't. That's what sheeple get for believing the government is here to help you. I'm just sad for the families of the workers involved.

  10. “Long live free money for banksters and long live the American taxpayer” says:
    I do not understand all this critsism of fraud.
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  11. to 2:59 PM:

    I checked out the people who run BP via Wikipedia and not a single name is Jewish. You are a nut case.

    Read the Rolling Stone article. It has all the information you need to know that the government is complicit with BP in covering up the disaster.

  12. The "United States" - does he mean Unc. Sam? Or who, exactly?


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