Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pat Down or Full Body Scan? Security Gets More Personal at Airports

Next time you pass through security in some airports around the country, you may face a difficult dilemma: Would you rather have a revealing, full body scan or what some are calling an X-rated pat down? Some passengers opt out of the full-body scan, concerned about the low doses of radiation emitted by the high-tech body scanners that are being put in place in many terminals. The machines also are able to see beneath clothes, creating a photo-realistic picture of the passenger's body.
But for those who refuse the scan, the alternative pat down is about to get equally thorough.
Watch "World News with Diane Sawyer" for more on this story tonight on ABC.
Starting Friday, the TSA is changing its pat-down procedure. TSA officers used to pat down passengers with the backs of their hands, but now they'll use the fronts of their hands to search more than ever before, in some cases touching body parts that once were off limits.
A security expert who demonstrated the new procedure on a mannequin for ABC News explained the changes.
"You go down the body and up to the breast portion," said Charles Slepian of the Foreseeable Risk Analysis Center. "If it's a female passenger, you're going to see if there's anything in the bra."
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  1. I wonder if they'll have the same amount of thorough enthusiasm when the pat down leaky colostomy bags and a boat load of Depend-wearing seniors.

  2. They say pat downs will be done by the same sex, well then I demand to know the sexuality of the grouper. If some homosexual TSA sissy grabs my tool they will need to extract my size 14 boot from the ass.

    Let's just see how a jury handles a case of sexual assault.

    This is not my country!

  3. F the MF airlines, I hope they all loose money and travelers. This crap is getting nutty. I'll take a bus if I don't drive.

  4. The only Terrorists are the ones in our own US Govt, they are having patsies doing all their dirty work, ever wonder why bombs are always badly made and never go off? Underwear bomber, did not work, ny times square bomber did not work, this way, everytime the US patsies fail, the govt can implement new tech that makes them money, and takes away our freedoms, 911 controlled demo, and the sheeple become afraid and let the govt take our rights away, Im not afraid of any terrorist, Im afraid of our terrorist USA govt. I dont fly anymore, I will not submit to any of their nazi tactics, JUST Say No to all of it, Bankrupt them, dont buy their products, JUST SAY NO TO ALL OF IT AND PROTECT YOURSELVES AND FAMILY, YOU DONT NEED ANY OF THEIR PROPAGANDA, TURN OFF THE TV, LEARN TO BE SELF SUFFICIENT.

  5. 10:27 the only way to bankrupt the government is to put your savings into GOLD and SILVER. If every person bought 1 oz of either, that would end our currency slavery. The government unit would fall.

  6. alot of people left germany in 1938 and 1939...saw some old film with hitler parades...the droves. the droves and droves of screaming-worshipping peoples with children in tow. reminds me of today, rockstar polititians and blind people who want, need, to feel belonging to something big, famous, important. witness the chanting masses today who think little of pat downs and armed security and camera's throughout their cities. freedom for safety, and promises of prosperity. they call what is evil, good

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