Thursday, October 28, 2010

Foreclosure Crisis Is Spreading Nationwide

The foreclosure crisis took an ominous turn Thursday as a new report indicated that foreclosure activity is spreading from states that have been at the heart of the problem into places like Chicago and Seattle.
And a backlog of foreclosed properties may chill the housing market for years to come. Rick Sharga of RealtyTrac, which released the data, said he expects home prices to remain fairly stagnant until 2014.
Everyone is being touched by this now.
Eleven out of the nation's 20 largest metropolitan areas saw increased foreclosure activity in the third quarter compared with the same period last year, according to the foreclosure listing firm.
The top eight metro areas for foreclosures were in Nevada, California and Arizona, said Sharga, a senior vice president.


  1. The annointed one an abject failure?

    An outright distorter fo known truths ?

    No ! It cannot be true ! Tell me otherwise I shall surely kill myself -------------------

    Oh the Pain ! The pain !

    His half brother over thar in Afreak A meanwhile has just wed a 3rd wife ( he's an admitted Mooslim don't cha know ) and his brides mother was a might pissed because the poor girl was not allowed to finish high school by Mr. Obama

    He did stae " we can just wait no longer"

    Yeah - right asshole - and your fucking brother is running my country ?

    YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. notice they don't bother anymore hiding the graft..a sign of the fall

  3. I am not an USAan.
    But personally while I may think that Obama should be impeached as a lackey of the ruling elite in aiding in the robbery of the US treasury .
    That is not a racial viewpoint .
    It seems to me though 3.37 , You are blinded by an irrational White Settler amerikkkanist skin color/genetics point of view and unable to analyze logically what you yourself are saying has happened in ‘my" country.
    A white criminal Bush fronting for the ruling elite , that was “elected” President of the US because of a decision of the supreme court for not counting votes properly , was seemingly acceptable to you because he had a white face.
    Perhaps in that time of the Bush Presidency you did OK as the great Ponzi was still functioning ?
    The cost of the wars and government deficits coupled with the criminal frauds of Bush’s mates in the elite on Wall St created a Great Ponzi Economy ,that had already financially imploded into insolvency before Bush even left office.
    That is the fact of it.
    The White Bush frontman of the republicans arranged a financial coup with Bernanke Paulsen Geithner and congress with the bi-partisan support and the agreement of both presidential candidates Mc Cain and Obama.

    The financial crisis collapse was so great that the ruling elite even decided the best manager for them could even be a blackface actor.
    As a convenient demonstration of American democracy.
    The problems you raise about the “Afreakan” birth or some other details of the mans secret past who was put in place by the ruling elite may even be true.
    But ,how was that possible? That an obscure “ community organizer”, with a old CIA connections could be promoted by the money power and elected with MSM media support to be a black face actor President?
    But that only proves that the democracy of “your America” and its two party system is a fraud.
    So your real problem is developing rational logic ,by breaking with racial prejudice, in getting a real understanding that the democracy of “your America” and its two party system was a manipulated fraud.
    Blackface or white face does not matter to the elite only to you
    So it is not really the "race" problem as you see it ,of having an actual BLACK face actor as President as he is only the elites “Dog” as he says.
    A management skill of the elite has been in dividing Americans on racial lines for generations . Born into that system of rewards in making a living by seeking middle class privileges along racial lines , your Pappyand class position taught you how to hate.
    In the election Mc Cain spoke for ‘traditional America”, for preserving the money power elite, preserving the bush tax cuts for the elite and continuing the wars for empire and of promising to preserve the privileges of wealth for the mostly white labor aristocracy and upper middle class .
    Bush received the majority of the White votes. Already though, the majority of the rest of America including the more liberal sector had had enough of the costly wars and bailouts for wall St . Obamas promise of ‘hope and change’ succeeded in getting out to vote a combination rally of left liberals together with an underclass including Blacks and Hispanics.
    The bait /bribe was hope and change , affordable healthcare and an end to expensive war-mongering.

    In the end, Obama like all presidents of the two party system ,served the plans of their masters, the ruling elite that elected them.
    The wars continued to expand and the promised healthcare bait, turned to bait and switch, into a costly system of healthcare profits and benefits for insurance companies and big Phama.

    But for you a black man elected by the power of the money of that same elite to manage the bailouts becomes a convenient racial blackface scapegoat ,because he was unable to achieve an impossible task of achieving a recovery of the Great Ponzi Recovery of ‘your America”

  4. The appointed one was w loser bush, the supreme court, illegaly appointed that loser who fixed the election in florida, he should have been impeached for lying us into two unwinnable wars that have bankrupted the country, and made it impossible for obama to correct it.

  5. My America is a Republic - not a democracy.

    My America upholds the Constitution; written by the bravest, smartest MEN to every walk on this planet and none of them will EVER be duplicated

    And oh yeah ====

    They were all white; so sue me or something.

  6. Isn't that what you have got now?

    In modern terms they call it a Corporate State.

    But ,the corporate state still has internal factions and sectional interests and so still uses at this time a surface appearence of Democracy.In order to get "public opinion" on side with this or that economic factional sector and the small time hangers on to this or that faction contending for the spoils of office or corruption and bribes handouts .

    The elite can now manipulate the congress and the courts as well as the old constituion at will.
    The money power controls this election process from lobbying to financing advertising for the candidates .
    So yes ,in your ideal 'my america it has nothing to do with any 'real people" Democracy as it is a democracy for "corporate persons" .

    The financial sector after a financial coup in treasury by an allience with the banksters at the fed ,is the dominant sector in control as it controls the public purse and future government tax revenues that it can dispurse as 'bailouts" .
    Whatever candidate or political party is "elected'it will follows the instructions of the establishment elite that appoints the 'leader' as the public face political manager of the talking shops.
    But for some strange reason , perhaps from irational racial predjudice reasons ,you object to a blackface actor as the constitutional semi-monarch being selected by the ruling elite.
    is he a representative for Chicago bull front faction , a different tammany hall economic faction than your prefered political faction?

    And you do not like the way the crumbs from the table are currently being disbursed in your america today.

  7. "And oh yeah ====
    (The writers of the constitution Ed. )
    They were all white; so sue me or something."
    National independence and republican democracy is in general a great and progressive thing .

    But, the fact that the Anerican elite that oposed the control of the ruling British elite and fought for national independence were all white ,were like for you merely an accident of birth in skin colour .
    Their place as white Americas elite was established because they were the benificieries of the earlier british colonialist occupation who happened to be white anglos too.
    While demanding British common law rights for themselves as whites ,they wrote their own wealthy white America constitution in the blood of Indians and black slaves .
    Tis is understandable because their "smart" white leaders ike Washington a former general of the crown ,who made his fortune as a land surveyor of Indian lands and land specultaion as well as the "Democrat" were wealthy landowners of large estates and slaveowners.

    Many "loyalist" whites were forced to flee to Canada and elsewhere from the new terrorist military lynch mob republican faction of the white american elite.

  8. You twist in the wind like a piece of twine - I do not recall anybody here mentioning fascism and will digress to write you a 6 page essay on the huge differences between aforementioned.

    You also are adept at interjecting things that are not stated: now become as your own factual basis for argument.

    Do you have brothers? You would know then, that genes have an amazing way of following predisposition - in it's most basic traits - it is the way of nature.

    That is why 2 brothers can be separated at birth; live 5,000 miles apart for 60 years; be reunited and find out they both married blondes,
    love peanut butter and bite their lip when they are nervous.

    We have a President who happens to be black. Understanding who his friends are, who his family is and what his education was will tell
    you 90% of what you need to know about him.

    Every single document I have read on this man says he should not be in the highest office in the land and I will not go into his predessors.

    Which brings us back to: the Republic For which it stands; One Nation UNDER GOD .

    We have lost our way; I can only wish I was John Adams or Thomas Jefferson but I'm not and it would appear one is not coming forth anytime soon.

    Where does this leave us ?

    Arguing about shit like this and babbling on and on like the bunch of raging lunatics we have become - knowing everything about anything




  9. 6:25

    Your comments remind me of The Pa. State game Commission here in Pennsylvania.

    They now are the single largest landowner in the state and shove all kinds of crap down our throats whether we like it or not. They have one president and employ around 250 persons.

    Meanwhile we have hundreds and hundreds of local sportsmans clubs, who actually do the bulk of the wildlife work from stocking fish, to feeding turkeys in the harsh winters etc.

    problem being - the same thing that made us great ie: that rugged individualism; gives these
    elite ruling types chances to make lasting inroads into our freedoms - if all these sportsmans clubs would unite into one, they would really have something.

    same with this current healthcare debacle - every damn poll I've seen says well over 60%
    don't want it ! and yet they are ramming it down our throats

    All related I think


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