Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Retiring Judge: We Covered Up Market Manipulation

NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN THE CFTC SCANDAL: On September 17, 2010, CFTC Administrative Law Judge, George H Painter, issued a "Notice and Order" announcing his retirement from his position. In this notice Judge Painter wrote of a conspiracy at the highest levels of the CFTC (within the ENFORCEMENT DIVISION) where a long time judge of 20 years has been conspiring with past CFTC Chairs to RIG THE ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAW by NOT finding ANYONE guilty of market manipulation. Here are Judge Painter's own words:
"There are two administrative law judges at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission: myself and the Honorable Bruce Levine. On Judge Levine's first week on the job, nearly twenty years ago, he came into my office and stated that he had promised Wendy Gramm, then Chairwoman of the Commission, that we would never rule in a complainant's favor. A review of his rulings will confirm that he has fulfilled his vow. Judge Levine, in the cynical guise of enforcing the rules, forces pro se complaints to run a hostile procedural gauntlet until they lose hope, and either withdraw their complaint or settle for a pittance, regardless of the merits of the case"
A copy of Judge Painter's letter can be found below with a stamp proving that it was received and filed by the CFTC on October 13, 2010. – RoadtoRoota
Dominant Social Theme: Please don't look at the man behind the curtain.
Free-Market Analysis: We are well aware of the corruption that inevitably arises when regulatory democracies persist and like tumors begin to swell. The United States is perhaps the world's most powerful regulatory democracy, and likely its most icily corrupt. Nevertheless, it is absolutely startling to find a senior judge (see article excerpt above) at one of America's most important financial regulatory agencies – the Commodities Futures Trading Commission – bluntly accusing a former CFTC Chairwoman (Wendy Gramm, wife of former Senator Phil Gramm) and a fellow judge of deliberate malfeasance, apparently over decades. Sub dominant social theme: "This kind of thing doesn't happen in the US!"
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  1. The game has been rigged from the start, and everyone keeps telling us so. Still we have all these apologists who attack the common person for "not playing by the rules" and blame them for all the problems; but even when they do they often get the short end of the stick. Such self-righteous idiots need to realize they are mere brainwashed pawns in the rigged game of life. To them I say go choke on a hundred dollar bill.

  2. If the public has any brains they would buy every piece of Gold and Silver in every coin shop and mints around the ounce at a time. Make them default

  3. So the Judge played along for twenty years following the normal career path.
    As another cog in the STATE machine.

    Legally licensing frauds, of the official banksters and unofficial Madoffs as approved by the SEC.

    Then after building up his own asset base and qualifying for his pension he apparently felt a little twinge of conscience in retirement about his useless life in the law. A life conspiring against the people and justice in favour of the rich business establishment.

    “Justice” the rule of law is now only one wing of the Corporate State that serves the kleptocrat “corporate persons”, in putting them above the law.
    The APOINTED members of the Supreme Court recently declared in favour of these corporate persons to “donate” to the political parties and political lobbies as somehow their ‘human” an “democratic” right to free speech = ($) to control the political process and law.
    Common law ,habeas corpus ,the common good etc?
    Hey ,forget about that stuff ,the Semi-Monarchy has good old fashioned ‘Star Chambers law” torture and assassinations if necessary, to “protect America” and its corporate persons .
    All legalised by Patriot Acts and run by executive order decree.

    Constitutional contract law and fair property law enforcement in America today, means justice is only to be found in the exception, in the cracks. As this Judge statement proves. And we can see the reality of that ,endemic in the ‘foreclosuregate” frauds

    Perhaps ,it is not a twinge of conscience ,but that the Judge is more worried about the end result and panicking that the value of his own pension and share values might be inflated away by counterfeit money printing ,after a financial coup by the very same gang he has served all his life ?
    He knows after a lifetime of personal experience
    they are a bunch of Usury Ponzi criminal frausters !The Ponzi coup means they either
    inflate, or default including possible default
    on the states pension entitlerments.
    Including on Judges pensions ?
    They have it seems, betrayed him ,their loyal servant and the entire middle class ,that is now being looted by the dictatorship of the kleptocracy for their retirement savings and asset values.

    But too late for conscience now, the Great Ponzi fraudsters with property and equity
    law in the hands of “judges” like this , have already bankrupted America .

    Dead Constitutional law and order and Austerity for the debt Peons awaits.

    Got some Gold or silver insurance ,loyal servant of the law ,"judge" ??

  4. rule of law? rule of money, it's all been window dressing this supposed justice and laws applied equally. the tide always goes out, then people see the muck that is the foundation of the system(constitutional foundation thrown out yrs ago)
    as long as we keep paying our yearly tribute to the king(s) and his system they won't burn us out, rape the women..pray your potatoes don't get the blight and your milking cow gives good for the kings man comes for his due...

    didn't original income tax? was to be temporary, also was for gains(not payroll) then payroll tax came along in later 30's..something in const. saying labor income not to be taxed vs gains income...

  5. YES

    GREAT IDEA 6:46 !!!


    Economic Analyst said...
    If the public has any brains they would buy every piece of Gold and Silver in every coin shop and mints around the ounce at a time. Make them default

  6. conspiracy theories now conspiracy facts.

  7. One can fantasise all one likes About American soldiers federal and state and the good ol boys being unwilling to fire at Americas peoples .
    Heros always prepared to defend justice and the constitution!
    As long as one does not look at their real actual history and class role of always fighting for the ruling elite.
    From breaking treaties with sovereign Indian nations.
    To the civil war!
    How many Americans died then at the hands of American armies?
    Plus the odd bit of murderous strikebreaking and the enforcement of Jim Crow laws after the civil war.
    And Atlanta ‘law and order “ tanks but no food or water supply till much later?
    Remember how the military boasted that they were sending in troops experienced at suppressing third world peoples?
    Need one mention the tanks and murderous suppression of War Veterans ,ex soldiers seeking their promised bonus payments in a Washington demonstration during the last depression ,“the Bonus March”, an attack on unarmed veterans led by military heroes McArthur and Eisenhower ?
    Patton led the Calvary!
    ARMY Patriots all!
    They got higher paid promotions later!
    Read about this here.
    The self-named Bonus Expeditionary Force was an assemblage of some 43,000 marchers—17,000 World War I veterans, their families, and affiliated groups - who protested in Washington, D.C., in spring and summer of 1932. Called the Bonus March by the news media, the Bonus Marchers were more popularly known as the Bonus Army. It was led by Walter W. Waters, a former Army sergeant. The veterans were encouraged in their demand for immediate cash-payment redemption of their service certificates by retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler, one of the most popular military figures of the time.
    The war veterans, many of whom had been out of work since the beginning of the Great Depression,..."

  8. 12:41,

    I am indifferent emotionally to soldiers. I'm not gung ho for them nor do I bash them. Let me suggest rather than the general statement, "soldiers will always fight on the side of the elites", a more accurate conclusion.

    People have a biological capacity, the human limit. This determines how much matter the mind can outdo. Mind is matter of course.

    An example here that most will probably shy away from admitting: Say one is surfing the net watching random things. He comes across something that is sexually enticing. He may not really want to watch the silliness but if he has little mental discipline he will be controlled by electrical charges acting afferently on him. If these bother him so much and he doesn't abstain from watching further videos that may be linked he will at some point need a release. That of course is masturbation, especially if he is not married.

    In that example the sexual imagery manipulated his mind along with his failure to realize it was "pulling him in" and costed him a good half hour of his time.

    If the soldier is not a thinker he will be easily controlled by a commanding officer's orders. He's conditioned to follow them instinctively without analyzing what he's told.

    Being controlled by things is being impulsive, or unaware of your own self. People who become aware of self ask why they are doing something and think about what they are feeling before acting. Those who are not self-aware do things because of the way they feel.

    For the latter scenerio watch how millions of men will actually tune into some girl's video on youtube even though it has absolutely nothing to do with anything in their lives. It is mass hypnosis. Amazing.

    A really cool example is when people in the audience of a talk show will clap at whatever the host says. They will not even think at all about it. He could have said the most beguiling thing but the audience is tuned into to his bullshit. He owns their brains.

    Conclusion: Soldiers are just people, they will do what humans do.

  9. Throw the judge in jail

  10. Hey, 1:08, I appreciate how you can analyze something to death like that, but you must be excruciatingly boring to your family and friends. I wish you had commented on the article. If this country is to survive, then a turnaround must take place, and that means having the guts to find, charge, and prosecute these elite criminals. Too bad the tattle tale judge never had the courage to rock the boat while he was on the bench. Yellowbelly.

  11. 1:08, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are a W-A-C-K-O. Please stop embarrassing yourself in front of thousands of TCD readers!

  12. 11.25
    I hate to tell you this 11.25 but You are the real bad news embarassing W_A_C_K_O here.

    Personal attacks on someones opinions and contibutions with assertions that someone has an different from your own opinion ,is a whacko ,is not real critisism ,or discussion.
    You contibute nothing in your comment except abuse and only an assertion of high personal opinion on yourself ,that your own views are somehow more correct and superior .

    Without telling us just what your own views are.

    Perhaps they are too whacky to mention?

    People who have empty minds and nothing to contribute often simply resort to name calling like Whacko, Moron, Etc.
    Only displaying their own embarrasing ignorance in an inability to discuss facts ,to exspress their own views only by name calling , as true "morons" that get their own "individual"considered opinions from the MSM often do .

  13. 12.41 said;
    "As long as one does not look at their real actual history and class role of always fighting for the ruling elite."

    That is ,to look at the military as they are and with a examination of actual current and past practice and as their historical role proves.
    Their current practice, is as a paid all volunteer fighters for Empire force ,a military invading other countries with pre-emtive wars 'to save America".
    Wars where the "normal" Geneva conventions rules on treatment civilans , of prisoners or even "suspects" as we saw at Abu Graib where the following of illegal orders to torture is accepted as normal especialy when it is given an American cultural sexual orientation.
    As this is their current training thinking and practice ,in the event of civil disturbance riots or civil war in America, it is to be expected that the military will adopt internaly the same practices they use externaly,what they are trained to do to "defend America". All under the command of highly paid educated officers usualy from the elite or the upper middle class backgrounds.
    Objects to examining the actual role and history of the military in defending the elites and the status quo in this way.

    And suggests " a more accurate conclusion."
    Its all in the mind!
    Its all a biological problem of sex and the individuals inability to thing logicaly etc.
    "People have a biological capacity, the human limit."
    And thinking and logic is then portrayed as a purely biological matter.
    They are just doing as humans do the way that dreams and sex etc is hardwired into the mind .
    That is His idea of a permanent "human nature"a view of soldiers as just natural selfish mindless criminals.
    That never fight for an elite , so forget about practice history etc ,its all only the psychological problems of the mind .

    All biologiical problems ,not human social problems or class problems.

    Human thinking therefore in his mechanical materialist view is reduced view to the biological as evolutionary process.Supposedly a scientific view but really a psychlogical world view of the individual as mankind.
    Not the interaction of the 'spiritual" human mind with the biological body and human society.

    No doubt the 'scientific" survival of the fittest" view, especialy the fitness of the educated elite to rule.
    Or of amerika on the world psychological stage?

    With the soldier as pure biological driven only by individual animal needs and dreams .

  14. 1:08, 5:04, and 6:11... YOU are the uppity strange person posting here. I don't hate you, but how about just GOING AWAY. One thing I know for sure about you... If your life was in danger by terrorists or whoever, you certainly wouldn't be "indifferent" about soldiers then, would you? I am sure you would be the first in line to kiss their anuses after you were saved. If there is a god up there, could he please spare one lightning bolt and croak this guy? Thank you lord.

  15. 7.06
    Yes ,God bless America and its military that will protect us from all evil foreign terrorist plots .
    Its no good hating thats not Christian, you good and faithful servant of the Lord.
    You have no doubt read the parable of the Talents? (invested money )

    But please God we pray for you do your your job with a lightning bolt to "croak" any persons holding a different critical opinion.
    But, if you have not got a spare (non hateful) lighning bolt ,we hope can rely on the military (kiss their ass) to keep law and order as the real financial usury terrorists from wall st continue to loot the assets and savings of the middle class.
    The miltary, may I also pray, be used to maintain the Law of the elites SEC rules and to preserve law and order for Usury rights moneys just incomes ,to keep any revolting against the financial coup Debt Peons, in place as may be required to save America .
    As Debt Usury with its property/money assets incomes rights is the true American God .
    Any other opinion is heresy!


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