Wednesday, October 20, 2010

11 State Pension Funds that May Run Out of Money

Here's a shocker: The most immediate state pension crises aren't in New York or California. They're in Middle America.
When it comes to state pensions in the most trouble, do places like New Hampshire come to mind? Probably not, unless you live there, and maybe not even then.
After all, it makes sense that the biggest, most populous members of the union, where budget follies are fairly common, would be facing the most urgently needed fixes. The truth is considerably different. The Granite State claims the No. 11 slot, and it's not the only unexpected name facing pension woes.
Hawaii, Kansas and others made their way on to the list. Now, these pension plans aren't going to be obliterated tomorrow -- New Hampshire, for instance, is estimated to see its plan run out of money in 2022, so they've got 12 years to rectify the situation.
For some other states, the matter is more pressing, and no more so than for the Land of Lincoln.
Illinois is just 8 years away from exhausting its pension fund and creating a yearly $14 billion hole, according to data from Joshua Ruah an associate professor of finance at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


  1. Hto worry about going on right here, right nowoly worry about 10 years from now batman.

    You MAY get struck by a bolt of lightning tomorrow too.

    Stick to the current facts; there's plenty without resorting to future conjecture.

    Damn - give us a break already

  2. I'm in Cali and I would agree to give up my state pension before we state workers sink the ship...I would rather pay into SS even though I know both won't have any money when I do retire.

    No more furloughs which actually cost the state $4 dollars for every $1 they save in my department...Fire 10%-15% of the personnal...Make everyone pay into SS...Cut Cut Cut...Caltrans, Schools, Welfare, Medi-Cal, Community Colleges, State Universities, aid to non legal immigrants.

    Everyone has to take a big bite of this sh*t sandwich...Legalize pot quit wasting so much money to it...Tax the crap out of it and fine people who grow it without a license...Return the water back to the Central Valley.

    Will it ever happen?...Nope people are too greedy and will kill the Golden Goose before giving in to cuts and common sense.

    Back to bullets, beans and band-aids.

  3. 2:42 are you some kind of ignorant retard that lives paycheck to paycheck? No wonder the country is bankrupt, we have tards like you walking around..

  4. 5:25,

    He's the kind that does things without knowing why he does them. Such a fantastic mentality... who cares what happens in the future just don't pay attention to today.

    Right, the whole mentality contradicts itself. So just live for today, yet, suggest that worrying about stuff 10 years from now that is being experienced today doesn't need to be focused on.

    Fucking stupid. Typical idiot. Don't worry about anything next year just smoke pot today.

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    You know they're going to legalize it in California for asses like him.

  5. its OK 2:24 will wake up sooner than he thinks .
    The real word has a habit of bringing cocky people back down to earth ,as the reality of a falling house economy falls on him about the head and puts a hole in his pocket.
    Then Confucious say:
    "cocky Man whistling in the dark that later gets hole in empty pocket is forced to play with cocky all day and usualy stops boasting"

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    He who live for tomorrow, soon forget about today and step on own memory that has not been made yet.

    Tomorrow comes and cocky man has new day

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