Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Federal Reserve To Cause A Civil War If Not Worse?

What is the most likely cause today of civil unrest? Immigration. Gay Marriage. Abortion. The Results of Election Day. The Mosque at Ground Zero. Nope.
Try the Federal Reserve. November 3rd is when the Federal Reserve's next policy committee meeting ends, and if you thought this was just another boring money meeting you would be wrong. It could be the most important meeting in Fed history, maybe. The US central bank is expected to announce its next move to boost the faltering economic recovery. To say there has been considerable debate and anxiety among Fed watchers about what the central bank should do would be an understatement. Chairman Ben Bernanke has indicated in recent speeches that the central bank plans to try to drive down already low-interest rates by buying up long-term bonds. A number of people both inside the Fed and out believe this is the wrong move. But one website seems to believe that Ben's plan might actually lead to armed conflict. Last week, the blog, Zerohedge wrote, paraphrasing a top economic forecaster David Rosenberg, that it believed the Fed's plan is not only moronic, but "positions US society one step closer to civil war if not worse." (See photos inside the world of Ben Bernanke)
I'm not sure what "if not worse," is supposed to mean. But, with the Tea Party gaining followers, the idea of civil war over economic issues doesn't seem that far-fetched these days. And Ron Paul definitely thinks the Fed should be ended. In TIME's recently cover story on the militia movement many said these groups are powder kegs looking for a catalyst. So why not a Fed policy committee meeting. Still, I'm not convinced we are headed for Fedamageddon. That being said, the Fed's early November meeting is an important one. Here's why:
Usually, there is generally a consensus about what the Federal Reserve should do. When the economy is weak, the Fed cuts short-term interest rates to spur borrowing and economic activity. When the economy is strong and inflation is rising, it does the opposite. But nearly two years after the Fed cut short-term interest rates to basically zero, more and more economists are questioning whether the US central bank is making the right moves. The economy is still very weak and unemployment seems stubbornly stuck near 10%.

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  1. These stinking, criminal bankers should be strung up by their greedy necks and let the buzzards eat them. Self serving scum have brought this great country to the melting point. If they are aiming us toward a civil war, then I hope that they are armed, because they will be the first targets.


  3. I live about 30 miles from Los Angeles. Once the unrest begins, I'll expect the Goldman Saks building in LA will burn baby burn. Bank of America branch offices will also burn. The property damage will be so extreme that the insurance company's of Goldman and B of A will cry and demand a bail out from the government. Executives will be followed home and Lord have mercy.

    It will need to happen on a large scale, nationwide and then Obozo can declare Martial Law across the country. I hope those soldiers refuse to deploy, because those who do will be killed by the citizens of America, who out number them 100 to one.

  4. Martial Law will never happen in America. Cops are losing their jobs not increasing in number. Soldiers in this country are much different than other countries.

    In other countries the elites in the military get huge mansions and never see combat. Here our elites get nothing except the most dangerous combat situations and die in large ratios. It's called patriotism... why our guys are better than the others in not just technology but spirit as well.

    You won't see them falling in love with government trash. You might see it from corporate generals and shmucks like that who never see battle but you won't see it from any real soldiers here.

  5. Some one is being a fear mogul who keeps on writing blogs on just a week economy.ITS NOTHING!

  6. 1:14 care to elaborate on that? At least in between commercials of your soap opera, come back to your computer and tell us how the economy is NOTHING.

  7. 1:14 oh yes and let me know how that spelling course is coming, in between text..k? lol

  8. When the Civil War breaks out, and it will, it's only a matter of time, my belief is the cops who have families will stay home. Members of the military who have families, will also stay home.

    Stepping outside ones home could be very dangerous. I have a few neighbors that together, we could set up a decent security perimeter to protect the 220 families in our neighborhood.

    Those who fail to prepare, by storing up extra food, water and juices, (V8 juice is an excellent choice) bottled fruit juices, boxed tea bags, freeze dried coffee (not great, but better than nothing) dried milk, Kool Aid packs and such, if you don't have an emergency stockpile, you don't deserve to be protected.

    These days, rather than spend $800.00 for an LCD TV, it would be better to invest it in a small solar power system. You say, why? As long as you have grid power, you think a small solar system is a waste of money, until you lose your grid power.

    I have a lot of survival stuff, my neighbor has a truck. We would surly need each other when things get out of hand.

    Consider a one burner, propane stove. I saw one at a Sporting Goods store for $20.00. You won't need it now, but when it's too late, how you going to cook that pack of freeze dried vegetable soup?

  9. Well, according to you and most others here; ya take the soup ya see?

    Ya find the latest building burnt down by all them nasties ya see ?

    Ya git yerself some coals scraped together ya see?

    Then ya cook yer soup !

    ya see !

  10. Gay marriage? Abortion? the Mosque? Come on, how out of touch can you be...? How about our pig-like government entities that continue to encroach in our lives and on our civil liberties, and make stupid decisions. The disheveling of the poor, corruption, criminal corporate fascism, and last but not least resource depletion. These are some of the more likely hot-spots as things continue to get worse.

  11. africa, with it's history of riots/revolutions..zimbawe..with it's currency yet no revolution why? military got 1st a 300% raise, then next yr a 900% raise...people, americans too as just people the same as any, do awful evil for money, status, maintaining even just the lifestyle their used to. if people are thinking their company will increase pay to inflation, somewhat yes, but why are the official gov numbers cooked? for big business and to quell the populace, and has pay kept up? consider the last 50yrs, used to be 1 worker could support the family, buy a house and 2 can barely afford it, thus credit, and we became a credit fueled economy..a lie/ponzi based on false wealth and it's simply over now as it should be. doubt we'll see hyperinflation, but inflation that'll hurt badly, whatever chaos ensues from that and other legislation coupled with lower standard of living and pay failing to pace inflation peoples wallets will finally be hit, and that's what so many americans care about, their wallets, take away their freedoms who cares as long as their wallets aren't hit to badly.
    80-110$'s a barrel oil coupled with high commodities metals/agri as money runs to hard assets and it's just more of the same we've seen but higher and chaos ensuing eventually...a slow march to perdition

  12. the article claims :
    Usually, there is generally a consensus about what the Federal Reserve should do.
    And enters into "debate" noise!
    This is nonsense.
    A " consensus"as reported in the MSM amongst Economists and politicians to repeat the views of The Fed.The same gang that has been blessing the Fed robberies for years.
    Was their "conscensus from the People for the financial coup TARP 1.
    Or massive opposition ?
    Followed a whispered threat to congressmen to impose martial law with Patriot Act decrees by 'bazooka" Paulson Bernanke ,BUSH and the Kleptocrat gang if they did not vote according to orders?
    And all this with suitable bi-partisan subservient ass kissing and cheersquading by both Mc Cain and Obama.
    The same bi-partisan "Consensus" that will go along with TARP 2 bailout as necessary to save americas TBTF corporate persons from the result of their own criminal Ponzi Frauds?

  13. let's get the war going. bitchez

  14. Now I know why my computer got a trojan virus at that shut my computer down and required me to reformat the entire hard drive. It's because, apparently, they have gotten on the government's list, as evidenced by being written about in Time magazine and ridiculed. If they're so ridiculous, why is Time even taking what they're saying into consideration and writing an article around it? Because - it's an effort to discredit them. Paint them with the "crazy" brush, let them get a reputation for being unsafe for your computer, and fewer people will read them - thus negating their influence.


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