Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ron Paul, Revolution Is Coming: Soviet Style Collapse

Prior to appearing before the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention in Richmond, Paul called a complete implosion of the U.S. currency system "95% likely... [because] right now the whole world is racing to beat their currencies because they think it's going to help trade...But let me tell you, if the bombs started to fall on Iran, hold your hat, because that would be, I believe, the end of our dollar system. And we would have a real skirmish to find out what we're going to replace this government with."

The President's Nun: Obamacare Scranton Scandal Explodes
A mushrooming political battle over ObamaCare involving the White House, two incumbent Pennsylvania congressmen, three Catholic hospitals and a nun has just exploded in, of all places, Scranton, Pennsylvania. Charges from the Scranton medical community of intimidation by the Obama White House and its allies are filling the air.


  1. When the hospitals close and people are dying in the streets, what will the liberals do? They will have no one to blame but themselves. Big, important changes could of been made in healthcare reform and yet for but a pen we're all doomed!

  2. I thought doctors claimed they were in it to save lives? If they're ignoring people dying on the streets at least that element of hypocrisy is gone.

    In most countries in the world the government provides health care. In this shitty country the government just pays for it so the costs spiral out of control. This is the same shit they've done for student loan lending, housing costs, government private contract jobs (construction etc.) and a plethora of other things.

    This shitty government needs to be completely scrapped and rebooted. We need another constitutional caucus. It's right in the constitution that we can do that too.

  3. 6:02, you should go look into other healthcare systems instead of conjure up fiction as truth.

    The United States had the best one in the world until Obama killed it. The one they put through to replace it immitates the British one. In Britain people die in waiting rooms, there's one doctor for a thousand people, and the government decides who can have what kind of treatment based on... costs! Hence, the government provides it for you.

    The condition of France and Britain today, total anarchy, is the road the USA is on. We may even end up worse. Funny how they followed those same steps before ending up the way they are now.

    Their governments took and took, now they have nothing. The government controls everything there, even prayer. No gun rights in Britain, so revolution is not an option for them. Cops don't even get them which equates to increased crime. You think criminals are scared of cops there? If they're alone with a cop trying to arrest them there is no protection for the cop against a person who wants to beat the crap out of them then just handcuff them to a pole and leave.

    I guess we may be have taken a different trajectory here. Soon there won't be cops. So you better get your own gun.

  4. 6:02, you should go look into other healthcare systems instead of conjure up fiction as truth.

    Now here is the american dream bulldust from that type of fat (non-food stamp) contented cows .Satisfied because they personaly could afford the past arrangements.
    Maybe a Unionised subsidised car industry worker? Or perhaps federal government military industrial complex job worker or a worker with good municipal taxpayer provided health and bloated pension entitlement scheme ?

    No waiting for the priviledged labor aristocracy in a Corporate state ?

    Maybe a nice bonus from Goldman Sach too?
    Healthcare the best in the world!!

    "The United States had the best one in the world until Obama killed it. The one they put through to replace it immitates the British one. In Britain people die in waiting rooms..."
    Its thanksgiving 'god bless america"time soon right!

    Only brainwashed American ideological dumbos or propagandists beleive this America is the greatest country in the world "anti-socialist" propaganda.

    Tell that to the tens of millions without any healthcare benifit ,those millions without job related healthcare benifits ,those in poverty living on foodstamps etc.

    The American health system is in fact the most expensive in the world.

    In america the actual problem for the poorer people was often not finding a waiting room they were allowed to use without entitlement benifits ,or of getting thrown out even without getting good care.
    With care only available in emergency care stich ups .
    Did i miss something here?
    Did they actualy have "no waiting"stitch up ER rooms in america?
    Where were they?
    Most CIVILISED ,rich, first world social democrat variety of capitalist countries where people free from exessive americanism, actualy socialy care more about each other have a better healthcare system .japan, canada Australia .some even have free dental care too.
    even the olde Soviets were famous for free dental care too.
    but they dont have Thanksgiving do they?

    Strangley ,after all these years , The Obamacare system was set up to enforce incresed taxation payments for the interest of private insurance and drug companies.
    It took an economic crisis and the realisation that millions would be thrown out of work and lose job related healthcare benifits.
    A worker in America has to first find a responsible capitalist as a master in order to get healthcare benifits.
    There is a fear of a revolutionary backlash in the economic crisis.
    The Obamacare was simply a desperate bribe to the un-working people that they would still be O.K.even if they lost their jobs.
    So, The bribed "left" shuts its mouth now about the cost of Obamawars and bailouts for socialising the losses of the capitalists.
    The price of keeping the poorer people patriotic war and bailout supporters was the healthcare bribe.
    That is why the 'socialist"Obama was given the job of Prez by the ruling elite.

  5. Soon all we will be left with is the bleating of 6:02.

  6. 3:42 I believe you are a government plant. You with your smartass comebacks. A #1 economic depression blog was bound to be infiltrated sooner or later. You are a socialist pig. Your probably the one contributing all the socialist propaganda to this site. Who are you? Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, Van Jones? I take care of me and my own. Not enough of anything to spread around. How do you think government healthcare is paid for? Through taxing the people. They take enough already. Leave enough for food already.

  7. Too much anti republic government propaganda on this site. Been coming to this site for two years now. Won't be coming back no more. EA you sold out.

  8. Great idea, Ron Paul. Let's become isolationists and take care of our own borders... And the Constitution???? FUX News has nerve to even talk about following the constitution... Vote the Repubs in - then BOHICA...again

  9. to 6:57, you don't know what you are talking about. The U.S. doesn't have the best health care system. All studies show that countries like France, Germany, Canada, Scandanavia, etc., have better, cheaper systems than us--and those systems are national health care, not pay-or-die like ours.

    I read the long article about the Scranton hospitals (I live in PA) and the article contradicts itself. It blames Obamacare but then admits it's the cutbacks in Medicare payments that the hospitals are afraid of--and further admits it's really the controversy over abortion. Obamacare doesn't pay for abortions, by the way, but the Catholics are afraid that the government will not allow them to discriminate against non-Catholics when it comes to abortions.

    Yeah, there's a lot of anti-government sentiment, but there's more stupidity in the comments than anything else. I don't know if anybody actually reads the articles or even understands them. Thanks to TV, reading comprehension is a skill most of you don't have.

  10. Wow! some of the comments here about the Obama health care system are so totally off the wall I can't believe it. I am a Canadian and we have socialized medicine. Everybody is covered, not matter how rich or how poor. Nobody dies in waiting rooms. Everybody gets the health care they need. We have enough doctors and hospitals to go around. The US had a health-care crisis long before Obama was elected. He is trying to fix it but is obstructed at every turn, especially by big pharma.

  11. 9:37 are you from outer space? I am CANADIAN and we have to pay monthly for doctor services. $102 a month for 2. Try getting a hip replacement or an MRI it takes MONTHS. Sit in a doctors office, it takes HOURS. In Ontario there are NO doctors. In BC you have to use a clinic. If you have CANCER you will die because it takes months to see a specialist.

  12. That's what I really like about this site.

    The posters here a re all genuine and forthright.

    NOT !

  13. I love how these die hard republicans label anyone outside of their world purview socialist scum. It speaks of their political understandings. Obama is not a socialist. In fact there is little real socialism today.

    Healthcare today is a rather subjective matter. I try to avoid seeing any DR. whenever possible. I know that here in the US I am but a number, a dollar sign waiting to be met, processed, and sent on my way as quickly as possible and with the maximum amount of charges tallied up. This is not even speaking of the negative effects of mainstream medicine here, including over-exposure of x-rays, too many toxic medicines, over-use of surgeries, and bacteria laden hospitals.

  14. 9:42 is right -- Canadian Medicare is rationed health care. In my small province, 10000 people are on a waiting list for a family doctor. 6 hour min. waits for out-patient care. 6 - 8 months to see specialists. One year wait for elective surgery or MRI. Yes, people are dieing in these queues. And it seems to be deteriorating with very budget cut. USA, be careful what you wish for.

  15. Canada. You may get the healthcare you need, but is it the healthcare you want. there is no choice!!! Folks come from all over the world to get awesome care here. We send our Docs out to help with disasters as well. Do they go to your country? Must be nice to enforce you border laws though...


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