Saturday, October 2, 2010

Things Will Unravel Faster Than You Think

Submitted by Chris Martenson
Prediction: Things Will Unravel Faster Than You Think
By my analysis, we are not yet on the final path to recovery, and there are one or more financial 'breaks' coming in the future.  Underlying structural weaknesses have not been resolved, and the kick-the-can-down-the-road plan is going to encounter a hard wall in the not-too-distant future.  When the next moment of discontinuity finally arrives, events will unfold much more rapidly than most people expect.  
My work centers on figuring out which macro trends are in play and then helping people to adjust accordingly.  Based on trends in fiscal and monetary policy, I began advising accumulation of gold and silver in 2003 and 2004.  I shorted homebuilder stocks beginning in 2006 and ending in 2008.  These were not ‘great' calls; they were simply spotting trends in play, one beginning and one certain to end, and then taking appropriate actions based on those trends. 
We happen to live in a non-linear world; a core concept of the Crash Course.  But far too many people expect events to unfold in a more or less orderly manner, with plenty of time to adjust along the way.  In other words, linearly.  The world does not always cooperate, and my concern rests on the observation that we still face the convergence of multiple trends, each of which alone has the power to permanently transform our economic landscape and standards of living. 
Three such trends (out of the many I track) that will shape our immediate future are:
  • Peak Oil
  • Sovereign insolvency
  • Currency debasement
Individually, these worry me quite a bit; collectively, they have my full attention.

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  1. I wish someone could tell me when things were going to happen. All the watching and reading of reports has gotten to me. I wish whatever was going to happen would just happen and we could get past it and start rebuilding America.

  2. 10:01

    Here's an analogy for you. The US is like the Titanic. 2008 was when it hit the iceberg. It's been slowly sinking for the last 2 years. Soon, the front of the ship will start to head under the water (some say it's already there) then one day, WHAM! the ship breaks in half as its sinking.

    See, it's a process.

  3. The US is like a big tire with multiple leaks connected to a big air compressor barely keeping up with it. Smart people hear the hissing leaks and see the compressor coming apart. It can't roll but from a distance it looks normal to the sheeple, so all is well.

  4. 10:43 most can't hear anything above the text bleep and cell phone ringing. The TV's too loud with Glee blaring and with one eye on facebook, how the hell can anyone see anything coming, now that pot's legal.

  5. i havent been able to leave a comment for a while "CENSORSHIP?"

  6. You just left a comment now dillweed. Perhaps if you make thoughtful posts that are germane to the article you will be permitted more often.

  7. a frog in a slowly heated pot...
    I been watching oil, peak I dunno-don't really care-higher prices per barrel bottom line. debased doller, national debts food inflation, commodities index up, and everything has oil products in it's manufacture

  8. My wife and family are prepared right now to survive off the grid for 3 years. let er sink!!!!

  9. 7:01 Don't think for one moment you are safe!!!

  10. Yeah. Ever seen the movie "The Road Warrior"? Those guys with the refinery thought that they were all set. Had it made. Well, Lord Humongous had something to say about that! You got it, they'll take it. Like the law of the Jungle.

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  12. 4:51 What will you have to LIVE THROUGH before you are saved? People go through some pretty horrific things before they die. Keep that in mind!!!

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  14. Wow, we went from when this country is falling apart to when Jesus is returning! Let's stay on topic here. What I wanted to know is when...I know that things have changed dramatically. I was just hired at a new job in 2008 and one week after training, they let us all go. The phones did not ring! I worked at Caremark, here in Phoenix. They are a prescription benefits provider. Not as big as Medco. I worked there in Las Vegas, too, but, they should have been busy. We were stumped!!! This had never happened before. I decided to get my surgeries out of the way and get out of the wheelchair that I was in. Did that, am walking. Recovery takes time. I am going back to college. I get money for going, too. Sure, I have to pay it back later. But, there are benefits to going back to work for the government. Don't know if I want to. It feels like welfare, mostly. In Phoenix, there are no tent cities, but the Mexicans have left and gone back to Mexico. Rent is really cheap here. Colleges have low tuitions. Good all around in this regard. My son is back in college, too. This next year, I want to buy a truck that is in good condition and used with a camper shell on it. I want to be able to be free and move about as needed. I was living in Las Vegas, and told my son we had to get out of there, a big crash was coming. I did not want to be there when the bottom hit. Down-and-outers are dangerous. Vegas is not where you want to be when the chips are down. Desperate people do desperate things. So, we moved here to Phoenix. Busniesses are just closing up, like everywhere else. Marie Callendar's, a fine restaurant, used to be on the corner of our block. It closed several weeks ago! I was shocked!!! That is like Betty Crocker going out of business.

    Wonder if there are any people here in Phoenix that want to form a survival group? We can get together and share ideas for resources. Maybe we should start a chapter in each city. Just information for people. Networking, ya know?

    I do think that it is going to be slow. If it goes fast, they will blame Obama, so he wants to make it go slow and happen on someone else's watch. Bush dropped this in his lap, and I thought it was a political move to ruin Obama's residency. Well, Obama did that for himself. And, I think the kids in college that voted for him have woke up. The sentiments are turned against Obama.

    I lost my home before 2008 and it took me a long time to get over the bitterness of losing it. All the memories and items that are gone took their toll on me as well. I am a great deal more compassionate to people who have lost theirs. I am also shocked to see people with money, real money, lose stuff, too.

    I guess living as if we are already there is the best thing to do. When it gets here, it will find us ready and not surprised. Perhaps, it is just going to get daily worse. On the regular news, they are talking about getting into gold. Can you believe that? Everything that we have been reading for years on this blog, they are now talking about, and as if they were the ones who became aware of it first!

    I am disabled, my son is disabled, and we live in the city. I don't think that we are going anywhere. We have relatives and wonderful neighbors in northern Arizona, where we used to live. I would go back there if anarchy broke out. I don't think that will happen until there is an austerity program slapped on Medicare and Food Stamps. Now, the government won't be a part of that Austeriey program. I used to work for the gov and now about too many ways that they spend money. They will keep it going for themselves, but not for the others. That is when the Shit will hit the fan. That is when there will be shot-guns coming out of the closets and marches that will be revolutionary. I guess that is what people are getting ready for here.

  15. Peak oil is now a theory and will eventually be a myth again until it pops up again in 35-40 years. Oil is not peaking out. Here is a new theory, Chris Martenson will be irrelevant in 5 years and his flash-in-the-pan PowerPoint will be made fun of. Didn't we also hit peak oil in the 70's/80's?

  16. We have tons and tons and millions of tons of coal in this country, we collectively don't want to burn it to produce electricity, because it's "dirty". In the old days, we kept a Canary in a cage, in the mine. Canaries sing and won't ever stop... until they die. The dead Canary in the coal mine was the alarm to get out. It seems the explosive gas that killed the Canary should be what we mine and use for energy, not the "dirty coal".

    Just a simple idea.

  17. 5:48 coal gasification is widely used now. it is clean burning and is liquified for fleet vehicle use. Just a couple problems politicians and eco idiots. For some reason they feel co2 is bad. We produce it ourselves and my garden seems to love it. However a few think it should have a tax attached. That's the story on coal in a nutz shell.

  18. PS. Sooner or later all the coal on this planet is going to burn. Not from global warming but from plate shift and volcanic activity. It really is a miracle it has not ignited yet. When it does there is no stopping it. You bring the weenies I'll get a stick.


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