Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unfunded Public Pensions Crippling US Cities

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Of the variety of issues plaguing America’s economy today, unfunded public pensions are perhaps one of the greatest. CNBC News reports that a study expected to be released today shows major American cities may be faced with a $574 billion funding gap as a resulted of unfunded public pensions.
Research at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and the University of Rochester shows that the funding gap is in addition to billions of dollars in unfunded liabilities already estimated for state-run pensions.

Researchers at Kellogg studied 77 pension plans of 50 major cities and counties, covering nearly 2 million workers. CNBC explains that those examined are “estimated to be the two-thirds of workers covered by local pensions. Researchers then extrapolated the results-an unfunded liability of about $5,300 per worker-to come up with the total estimate of $574 billion.”

Of course, given the staggering figures determined by the Kellogg School, one big question remains: “What is yet to be seen is how this burden will be distributed between state and local governments and whether the federal government will be called upon for bailouts,” questions Joshua Rauh of the Kellogg School.

He adds, “The bondholders would be competing with the pension beneficiaries for scarce government resources.”

For example, cities like Cincinnati, Ohio, and Jacksonville, Florida, will not be able to continue to pay the promised pension assets through 2020. Others, however, are even worse off. Philadelphia is only prepared to pay for current pension assets up through 2015, while Boston and Chicago can maintain the pensions a bit longer, until 2019.

To get a better grasp on the staggering figures that make up the unfunded pension funds, New York City, San Francisco, and Boston owe more than $30,000 per household in pension funds.


  1. Yup we're a fiat nation. But other nations are in the same boat, too.

    This is an unusual depression. Quite different from the last one.

  2. Well, this is a good sign. Those civil "servants" should not have had these fat pensions at the expense of taxpayers in the first place. Now they are collapsing. It's a good thing that Nancy Mussolini' and Berry Soetoros of the World would not have a dime when they retire. Nor do I believe that bus drivers in Seattle (King County) deserve a salary of an engineer. (as was reported in the media they retire with 120K annual salary which makes their pensions ever so high + benefits). Where does the money come from? Property and other taxes on those who actually generate the wealth, which creates inflation. If one buys a house in KC for 250K, pays a property tax at $5000 a year, at the end of 10 year it is $50K. If one were to sell the house that number should be factored in. And we haven’t even discussed inflation created by the crooks at the Federal Reserve by washing off the dollar.

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  4. This is what happens when you allow rubbish to dictate the status quo.
    Rubbish in,Rubbish out,The mantra of the
    Rothschilds,Rockefellas,Duponts,J.P.Morgan,and the European Black Nobility.
    Banking bullcrap that should have been "EXTERMINATED"Centuries ago.

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    The real cancer is Usury, a capitalist economy that runs its production and distribution of wealth dependent on credit supply of capital.

    The idea that money somehow grows in value automaticaly.
    Even printed paper.
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    where or what is its real source of its profit ?

    "Jewish" Trickery?

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  7. I blame the Indians who came here on visas to steal jobs

  8. Are we really all Jews now?
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    Got Gold?
    Christian story tellers say that the peaceful “turn the other cheek” Jesus was so outraged that he used violence against the “Money changers” daring to make profits in the very “Temple of God”.
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    And now we will take the fall for the Jews because we insist on being stupid and letting them move our puppet strings until we are destroyed.

  12. currency's deathspiral then crash, new currency with "resets" involved to cover or similar? things would have to get real bad for the the world to except it but...

  13. 10:16,

    Jews have been hunted and prosecuted since Medieval times. They had to go underground to remain a race. Being so small a race and scattered they managed to be responsible for 80% of all inventions/discoveries.

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    What if?


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