Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Warning: Second American Revolution Coming

     Warning: Another revolution will cost investors 20% more losses

Yes, big warning, the Second American Revolution will extract painful austerity, not the “happy days are here again” future touted by tea-baggers. For years it’ll be impossible for most of America’s 95 million investors to develop a successful investment or logical retirement strategy.
Why? Political chaos will translate into extreme volatility and a highly unpredictable stock market. Result: Wall Street will lose another 20% of the value of your retirement portfolio in the next decade, just as Wall Street did the last decade. So if you think you’re “mad as hell” now, “you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”
Here’s the timeline:
Stage 1: The Dems just put the nail in their coffin by confirming they are wimps, refusing to force the GOP to filibuster the Bush tax cuts for America’s richest.
Stage 2: The GOP takes over the House, expanding its war to destroy Obama with its new policy of “complete gridlock,” even “shutting down government.”
Stage 3: Obama goes lame-duck.
Stage 4: The GOP wins back the White House and Senate in 2012. Health care returns to insurers. Free market financial deregulation returns.
Stage 5: Under the new president, Wall Street’s insatiable greed triggers the catastrophic third meltdown of the 21st century Shiller predicted, with defaults on dollar-denominated debt.
Stage 6: The Second American Revolution explodes into a brutal full-scale class war rebelling against the out-of-touch, out-of-control greedy conspiracy-of-the-rich now running America.
Stage 7: Domestic class warfare is compounded by Pentagon’s prediction that by 2020 “an ancient pattern of desperate, all-out wars over food, water, and energy supplies would emerge” worldwide and “warfare is defining human life.”          
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  1. This loser lost credibility right when he said tea-baggers. I guess this is the desperation of democrats, pathetic.

    Are many 'democrats' still that stupid? The democratic party is gone as well as the republican. We have a president who is trying to annihilate the country, not help it. He isn't even a real democrat! The regulations this guy loves so much are only sucking up money from EVERYONE poor and rich and giving it the the government.

    More regulations please! Make us poorer! Pretend your redistributing the wealth and giving it to people in Africa or China. Don't tell us that your just using it to throw parties at the white house or for Michelle to go to Spain with her rich friends.

  2. In 2020 !

    Give us a break allready - I'm worried about
    my unemployment running out on 11/07/10

    Not 2020 !

    Do not speak Ill of the annointed one as the above poster

    He has our best interests in mind and has "only" been on the job for a measley 19

  3. The Teaparty attitude does realize that our fiscal house wil get worse before better. But we must change course to get to the better. We must return to Constitutional conduct in DC and we must change the tax structure to bring equity in trade between domestic and imports in America. Today, federal taxes are built into the price of Made in the USA products and service. Imports are tax free and most duty free. Fairtax.org explains and gives you a place to support our rreturn to prosperity in the USA with JOBS Jobs JOBS~

  4. he says, "...Wall Street’s insatiable greed triggers the catastrophic third meltdown..." what? does he think greed is something new? Surprise its always been there, what's changed is government intervention messing with the natural market forces. Artificial interest rates is the main cause of the crisis, and money printing and spending is the cause of the next crisis.

  5. Whats up with all the lefty bullshit articles lately? Did they get to the site owner?

  6. This guy expects donations for posting this drivel by angry libturds trying to turn "teabagger" ideals around to sound like their own but still slamming them?

    Yeah right...

  7. There is no Repub or Dem. They are the same thing. Two puppets controlled by the same greedy hand. Your watching a puppet show and you cant see its not real. Americans are doormats. Go watch more TV.

  8. EA posts articles related to the Greater Depression from a variety of non-MSM sources- left, right, and center. He leaves it to the reader to discern the truth in each article and disregard the rhetoric and hyperbole. In is naive to infer that RA agrees with every article entirely. There are many other blogs out there that present only one viewpoint if you are merely seeking validation, not thoughtful inquiry.

  9. It's a little early for April Fools.

  10. The Tea Party deserves more respect that this.

  11. They still claim to not understand the TEA party message. They are tired of being screwed by the greedy Democrat politicians and their greedy union buddies. Yes it will be bad but thank a Democrat. The Democrats are still pushing higher taxes. Go figure!

  12. I don’t gather from the Tea Party that “happy days are here again” or will be when the people take back their government. They are for taking the pain NOW rather than kicking the can down the road until we go over the cliff.

  13. 152 teabaggers was a self named term by that loser movement, they named themselves without knowing it was a gay sex act, typical of an ignorant breed of sexually repressed republicans. That is what your bowel movement is, angry, racist republicans, not a new party, just a radical wing of the repug party. Your Island of misfit toys nominees, including angle, palladino, mcdonell proves how out of touch you are and how delusional your candidates are. When bush was spending out of control on fake oil wars, where was the teaparty, crickets! Hypocrites is what your party is.701 733 no one needs to give your fake ass party respect, because your bowel movement is a joke, for sure!

  14. I thought it was the Republicans who ran the government for 8 years who screwed us? They gave us two wars. They gave us TARP. They gave us the "patriot" act.

    Bush even gave us corporations running government agencies, like the ones in charge of mining and oil exploration--you know, the agencies that took bribes and sex to overlook what Massey and BP were doing?

    The Tea Party has no new ideas for solving our problems. If they had brains, they'd realize the liberals are just as pissed off and actually agree with them on certain issues.

    I don't think we can wait until 2020 for the revolution. We need it sooner.

  15. Any writer who uses the term "teabagger" has just identified his true beliefs. Liberals are always the first to resort to disrespect and name calling. I, on the other hand, am waiting quietly and happily for the coming breakdown. It is then that I will see my gun barrels glow bright red as I mow down every living thing in my path. I have amassed so much ammo, gold, and food that I just can't wait much longer!

  16. Hmmmm rude liberals using rude comments making themselves look like idiots

    Conservatives talking about "Can't wait for chaos to happen to shoot people"

    Teabaggers may NOT be the answer but at least they as a whole LOVE America and show a little more respect than the other two idiotic, lying, bought off parties.

    Plus as seen by polls and the surprise victories over both demos and repubs people do like them...Racist? Nope just tired of illegals on social programs they didn't earn.

    Anti-Money? Nope just tired of the government that has been obviously been bought off making policy for businesss instead of cuts and helping America.

    When the time comes...I see bad things for both major parties...That's why they're trying as fast and hard as they can to steal, make authoritative laws and hide...They know their time is coming.

    Does having a billion dollars matter if the dollar crashes?...They actually killed the golden goose by their greed and soon all they'll have is worthless green pieces of paper and stock options in companies that are worth nothing...Beautiful homes and things in places they can't protect nor use...Idiots.

    At least Cheney and Bush bought land in Paraguay with giant homes planned...Those evils fucks did it right...The upper enchelon of both parties knows they can never lay their head down to rest without security.

    Lets see Dodds, Bush, Cheney, Pelosi, Ubama or Franks etc etc try to walk anywhere without security...It really is like V for Vendetta.

  17. 5:28 I post stuff from Islamic sites, Socialist sites, Left Sites, right sites and in between sites. How did you decide on what I believe in and by which site? Thanks 6:06 for putting it straight.

  18. 1031 yeah teabaggers really love america, it really showed as they said nothing, did nothing as bush raped us of our rights forever, started two fake wars to bankrupt us and enrich his oil buddies, and enacted the single biggest rights grab in world history with the patriot act, those teabaggers and bush were just swell for the usa.

  19. bawhahahaha..."thoughtful inquiry" from people dissing the Tea Party movement as "teabaggers" is an oxymoron.

  20. Hey ,they only want the good times back abnd their own social security guaranteed.

    But not for those socialist welfare bludgers.

    Whats wrong with that?

    Its just patriotic support for the old American dream a Ponzi economy that should be lasting forever ,if it wasnt for mismanagement by both parties.

    The trillion dollar cost of past wars that bankrupted america and the lack of jobs and continuing bailouts result ,is not to be complained about Lefty!

    Get with the American way.

  21. 2:52 you do know bush has been out of office for awhile right?

    You also know that Ubama has had the chance to reverse all that stuff that you're crying about...And that he promise he would do and he hasn't...In fact he's double budgets, spent spent spent, pulled troops out but put mercenaries in and squashed and and all opposition...So think in the present not from a whhhhhhhiiilllleee back.

  22. Global govt..
    no America or any other nation state..except..
    London,(Bilderbuggery) Washington ( corporate head quarters)Vatican ( Life behind the deviant walls..)..
    Global Religion..no Jesus ( refer back to Vatican :)and
    no other religions..but..The Holy Sea of Suicide bombers and terrified virgins and young boys :)..
    Global communism..No freedom..
    global dictator..no rights..
    Ah progress..
    No NRA..
    No guns..
    no oil..
    no currency..
    no health care for anyone ..Docs all moved to Washington, London or Vatican, like the good little mercs they are...:)
    No pay..
    no jobs..
    no welfare :)
    1200 3 million man women and child slave gullags..oily smoke every where.. screams of anquish..starvation.. genocide, well..
    things pretty much the same ever where same same ol..
    no gaps between haves and have nots.. everyone impoverished..
    only the rich- newly poor will notice the changes..
    everyone else already numb from life times of losses..:)
    no forests..
    no lakes..
    no mountains..
    no rivers..
    no life..
    just death..lots and lots of death..:)
    5.5 billion of them, brought to you by a corporate govt near you..
    now global..
    blackwater will be wealthiest ..oh is already :)
    Are they still hiring sociopaths yet.:)
    I need a job. :) oh..military redacted..all corporate mercs..
    I need a job..
    I said that already ??


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